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Former NFL Cheerleaders Compete for Spot on NBA Dance Squad

Former NFL Cheerleaders Compete for Spot on NBA Dance Squad

>>We’re finally here at the
Wizdom dance team auditions. First five. The biggest fear
is just the unknown. Are these people
entertaining to watch? Do they have fun personalities?>>I’m nervous.>>Can they move?>>This is harder than we thought.>>Definitely, yes/no. We’ve got a lot of people.>>I had to step up my
game to try and make this team. [Wizdom Dance Team]
[Road to Wizdom] ♪ music playing ♪
[Wizdom Dance Team Auditions,
Washington, D.C.] ♪ music playing ♪>>We just finished learning
the choreography, and they’re about to be judged. What I’m looking for for
these auditions today is people, obviously, who can dance. They don’t have to be perfect,
but who are entertainers.>>Chris: It’s going well.
I’m learning most of the moves. I’m feeling comfortable. I think I may have a chance.>>Wanda: I think there’s going
to be tough competition. But I think I can do
my best to hold my own.>>I think the challenge
for them is just getting over their nerves and really coming out of
their shell.>>Anna: I’m just trying to
keep myself calm and go through the steps.>>Showmanship, I think, is the
biggest thing we’re looking for. The showmanship, the
personality, the energy. They’re going to come up,
say their name and just kind of just tell us why they want to
be a Wizdom dancer. For this group,
with it being the first year, it’s definitely yes/no. We’ve got a lot of people and
we’re definitely going to have to make a lot of cuts. So, just write yes or no
and any notes that you have. Anybody got questions? Let’s go, let’s do it! ♪ if you get it, get it,
if you really want it ♪ (cheering) ♪ you do what you’ve got to do
you can come to life ♪♪>>Cindy: I feel a little bit
anxious when I’m looking at the judges. There’s nothing but pure fear.
So I’m really not really looking at them,
I’m pretending I’m looking
at them.>>All right, go ahead and tell
us why you want to become a member of the
Wizdom dance team.>>I’m here because, like, when
I hear music, it is like a drug.>>Theresa: I am here because
I’m going to show that at 64 I can still freaking dance,
and I’m a breast cancer survivor and I want to rock it! (cheering)>>Olga: As my grandson would
say, it will look good on my résumé. (laughing)>>Wanda: I’m here
because I’m on a life discovery, of myself. I just retired from
Prince George’s County schools. So, I’m about doing anything
new and exciting.>>Chris: I’m here
because I love to dance, I love the energy,
I love seeing people smile.>>Good luck, everyone. Have fun. Do your best. ♪ come to life, come to life, ♪ come to life ♪♪
>>Woo!>>Amazing, amazing job.>>Today at the audition, we
have some of my current dancers’ grandmothers and aunts. One of my dancers’
mom is actually trying out, so that’s amazing that we
potentially could have a daughter who is a Wizards dancer
and a mother who is a Wizdom.>>Taunya: I’ve always wanted to
be a dancer. Now that I’m 50 and my kids are older,
it’s time for me to channel my inner Beyonce. ♪ keep dreaming out loud,
I take what I need ♪♪>>We also have some former
Bullettes dance team members. We have former professional dancers.>>Anna: I was
a Bullette back in the day. (cheering)>>Diane: I was on
the original Bullettes team.>>Dreana: Bullette.>>Kristina: Bullettes.>>Jeanne: Former
Washington Redskins cheerleader.>>Pam: Redskins cheerleader.>>Janet: I’m a former
Washington Redskins cheerleader. Actually, I’m a professional
bodybuilder and I am 57 years old.>>She’s 57?
Her body is bangin’. ♪ music playing ♪ ♪ dreaming mad ♪♪ ♪ music playing ♪>>Laveta: It would just mean
the world to me to be back on a squad, because I
still, in my head, am a dancer.>>They are killing it. (cheering)>>Auditions are going amazing.
I’m really shocked at the level of talent that is here today. These people are making it so
difficult for us to make this
decision. I have, like, so many yeses.
This is so difficult. They’re having fun.
They’re showing us everything that we want to see. Personality, energy.
They’re really good picking up the steps.
(yelling) All right!>>How are you feeling?>>Sharon: Excited, anxious and
hoping that they see something in me, and selecting me today. ♪ music playing ♪>>I like 652! ♪ music playing ♪>>I love 668. Yes.
♪ music playing ♪ (yelling) Oh! I knew it! I knew it! Somebody was
going to give it to me. The Wizdom dance team is going
to add to our fan experience by just giving them
something different to watch. I think, because this team is
going to be composed of individuals who are 50 and over, it’s relatable to other fans
that don’t relate to the dancers or don’t
relate to the kids’ team. It just shows that we have
entertainers from age 6 all the way to whoever knows
how old our oldest Wizdom dance team person is going to be.>>Lenora: I’m inspired
by my grandsons. I want them to say,
“You go, Nana!”>>(yelling) Hey! Amazing job, everybody! (cheering) That was the most fun
I have ever had on my job, in my whole career. Y’all were awesome!>>Pam: The audition went great.
I had a wonderful time. Met some new friends.>>So, I know we have this, I
know we said 15 people, but we need 40. How can we make this work?>>How hard is this decision
going to be?>>It’s going to be …>>Uh, it’s tough.
I have, literally, like five noes and all the rest are yeses
and maybes, so it’s going to be tough. But even just by showing up,
I think they’ve achieved their goals. Whatever they had, whatever
personal troubles they had going on,
they achieved that just by coming today and showing up
and having the courage. Oh, my God, I’m about to cry. I think what was tugging at my
heartstrings at the judges’ wrap-up was just,
you would think people would come here for selfish reasons,
for the glitz and the glamour, and it was not that at all. There were so many deep-rooted
feelings as to why people wanted to do this, and that,
that’s what I think was the most amazing part about it.>>Dottye: It was just awesome
to see so many people doing what they want to do at this
stage in their lives, and still have years and years more left to go.>>We will send emails out and
letters out to those who made it and those who didn’t
in the next couple of days. I think the challenges that lay ahead for me is picking a team. Now it’s time to get nitty and
gritty because we can’t take everyone.>>If I don’t make the team,
I’ll be disappointed. But I understand there was a
lot of great, talented people here.>>I put my best out there, and
that’s all anyone can ever do.>>If I don’t make it, I’ll be
back next year.>>So, we’ve got the talent, and
we’ve seen them do the choreography, they all were
amazing, but we’ve got to make
some cuts.>>Next time on “Road to Wizdom”:>>There was so much talent,
but we only have a select number of spots. So, I’ve got to cut half of these people. Good Lord.>>No to 682.>>Really? If they don’t cut the mustard,
they may not make it. That was an amazing audition and I have no idea how we’re going to cut this down to 15 people. This is definitely the hard part. Be sure to subscribe to AARP’s YouTube channel so you can see who makes the cut. Do it now! Like, right now!

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  1. At nearly 48..i find they're all amazing and they all deserve to be on the team๐Ÿ˜€โค๐Ÿ˜œ so make it a big team Lol.

  2. I love it it looks like they all are having the best time of their lives I wish I could dance like that yall have fun..


  4. Reminds me of when the last WNBA All Star game in DC. Mystics Mayhem were great, but the New York Libertyโ€™s Timeless Torches stole the show with their routines which are the same as Wizdom.

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