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Former trainee Han BoReum masters cheerleading for drama [Happy Together/2018.01.25

Former trainee Han BoReum masters cheerleading for drama [Happy Together/2018.01.25

Alright. These two are very close too. Hyunkyung and the passionate Han Boreum! Hello. Boreum is a star that this show produced. Did Hyunkyung give you any advice? She’s a variety show veteran… She said I should prepare something for the show. So you talked about it. Since my friend is here… She’s more excited than I am. We talked about what we could do together. Boreum, people loved your girl crush role as Yun Boreum in “Confession Couple.” I hear you’re actually like that character. Yes, all the other roles I’ve played have been mysterious girls or first loves. But the way I act around my friends is just like – how Yun Boreum acts. / – You’re similar? That was my second time working with Heo Jungmin. “She won’t have to act. This is just like her.” – Since you’re the same. / – That’s what he said. You got cast for that drama because of us? Before the director cast me he called the production staff of Happy Together and asked about me. And you guys said I was charming and diligent. Our production staff must’ve said that. That’s how I got the role. That’s great. Your cheerleading was great in that drama. You practiced that for 6 months? I asked the cheerleaders how long it took. Just learning the steps takes 6 months. It takes a year of learning just to perform on stage. I had some time during the shoot… I learned for a month and then I practiced constantly by myself for another month. (Amazing) Let’s see the cheer that Boreum practiced. (Such refreshing dance moves) (She’s so precise) She’s good! (Jaws drop) She’s good. (Her movements look flawless) – Like a real cheerleader. / – For real. (Anyone would think she’s a cheerleader) She’s good. (Such passion and effort just for one role) (Girl crush) (Let’s go) She’s so good. (Powerful) (She’s been waiting for this moment) (Showing off what she learned and practiced!) (Her cheering ends here) You were great. – You didn’t run out of breath. / – That was great. (Of course she’s out of breath…)

39 thoughts on “Former trainee Han BoReum masters cheerleading for drama [Happy Together/2018.01.25”

  1. For cheer in America you learn maybe 4 half time cheers 2 -3 dances and basic cheers all in one day you also learn stunting as well. Then you practice maybe once or twice a week before a game 😫😫 this version of cheer sounds so much easier

  2. Omg she slayed, I loved her character in Go Back Couple

    Does anyone know the music they use for cheerleading? They play the same during music shows with kpop groups when the year is going to end.

  3. How does this compare to cheerleading in America?
    It looks quite different and much easier but I have no cheer experience so…
    There are no flips or stunts or throwing people in the air?

  4. Now I know why Hongki dated her before. She is definitely his type of girl, gorgeous woman with voluptuous body 😏😏
    Heh.. Hongki and Heechul type is exactly the same. Obviously spot on 😎

  5. What was the title of the song they used to play when dancing at Go Back Couple (Cheer leading dance)

  6. I want to thank Happy Together and its staff because now I saw Bo Reum and i think im inlove with her she's very pretty and a good actress.

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