100 thoughts on “Former Vice Lord Sets Kids Straight”

  1. Last Chance High takes viewers inside Montefiore's classrooms, and into the homes of students who are one mistake away from being locked up or committed to a mental hospital.
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  2. Dude in the blue coat is back to gang banging and shooting shit up… hes a Vice Lord from west side chicago named Lil Spark hes got a fat "VL" face tat now

  3. This city as a whole is full of lames❗️ they raise they kids to be this way, they kill kids and innocent people, they can barely hold a conversation, they all sound slow. Smh what makes it bad is that they think it’s cute

  4. It's like Luis. J. Rodriguez (former gangster) said: gang violence and troubled kids are a social justice issue. You cannot handle it as a solitary problem by mentoring these kids. That's like hacking at the branches instead of working at the root. The root of the problems is poverty. This is why their parents are in trouble, get their kids in trouble and become the next criminal behind bars. Start working on the entire community. Work on proper housing, build a youth center for kids to hang out, provide jobs (or education for parents). It starts with jobs. And pay them well enough so that the drug business doesn't tempt people back on the streets.

  5. When I was growing up I never cared for black folks,,,but I ended up in the Camden County jail and I met some of the most talented and smart men and they were all walks of life no matter what there troubles were and I'm still friends with a lot of those guys…..YOU DON'T KNOW A PERSON UNTIL YOU LIVE WITH THEM IM GLAD I HAD THAT EXPERIENCE IT WOKE UP MY PSYCHE TO THE OTHER RACES OF PEOPLE AND SHOWED ME HOW MUCH WE HAVE THE SAME THOUGHTS AND OUTLOOK ON LIFE

  6. Please understand that Cortez has mental health issues that have not been fully addressed. Many of these kids are dealing with depression, anxiety, etc. He is on respirol, his own teacher noticed the difference when he began taking his medication again. It is so important to not pass judgement on these CHILDREN. They are a product of not only their environment, but their genetics. Stop trying to "set kids straight" and provide long term therapy, summer camps, after school programs, family assistance. Treat the disease, not the symptoms.

  7. WTF!!! why aren't these kids teaching dancing lessons to other troubled children?!?!? the beginning of this video had me shocked and i've seen every other troubled kid video prior to this from VICE. im honest blown away that, us as a society hasn't provided a successful means and place for these young men to release energy, let alone become successful entrepreneurs for a dance business owners or dance instructors. wtf is wrong with society?! these kids aren't the ones to blame. they need the right direction and opportunities like the middle class and the rich, plain and simple.

  8. UPDATE This school eventually got shut down, Cortez was thrown in jail for a felony, Crystal went missing, Melvin James Jr is dead, Coach Williams, though eventually able to collect the money the school owed him, is now almost broke due to spending them for medical expenses for his own son, Spanky apparently works for Burger King, and Keontay is now in the hospital after having been shot more than a dozen times

  9. Black classroom= beating on desks like drums, rapping idiots with bo talent, fights, constantly insulting each other, 10 minutes at beginning to quiet down

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