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– Is it because I’m wearing a skirt?
That’s why we not getting the points. – (laughs)
– Watch it be the backflip one. – Stop. There’s a blackflip one
in here? – (all shouting)
– Oh, they’re going at it! – What’s up, everybody?
Welcome to Challenge Chalice. I’m Tori.
– I’m Alex. – And we’ve got some guests
over here with us. We got Will
from Teens React. We got Brooklin
from College Kids React, and Jayka from Teens React. If you have a challenge
that you guys want us to do, you can suggest it across all
of our social media, in the comments,
anywhere you see @FBE, @finebros, wherever it is.
Just do it. Today, though, we’re doing
the Fortnite Dance Challenge. – Yes! We are super excited
about the Fortnite Dance Challenge. It’s a very special episode,
not just because a lot of us like Fortnite.
By the way, you can catch Tori and me on Fortnite Fridays
on our Twitch at every Friday at 3 PM Pacific Time.
Very special for today, the people over here
know what we’re talking about. – Oh yeah.
– But you at home don’t know what’s going on.
We’re actually streaming this live on Instagram Live.
It’s not live anymore for you guys. But this is the first time
we’re doing this. We’re actually going
to have, over there– show yourself.
– (all laugh) – We’re actually going to have
the audience on Instagram Live vote for the winners.
So this is the first time that you guys truly
get to choose the winners. – There’s more pressure on us.
– I know. – It’s live. I can’t mess up.
– There’s more pressure, and there’s less pressure on me,
’cause now I don’t have to choose and get flamed in the comments. We’re gonna split you guys
into two teams. We’re gonna have Jayka
and Brooklin, and Tori…
– Give me the dancer. – AHHH!
– …and Will. What’s gonna happen is
you’re gonna have a representative for each team for each round.
And we have a bowl. Inside the bowl is a dance
from Fortnite. One of you is gonna go first,
attempt the dance. The second person’s gonna go,
attempt the same dance, and then the people on Instagram Live
are going to choose who is the winner for this round.
– Who did it better, ah! – The first team
to get five points wins. – You wanna go first?
You should go first. – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Okay.
– Okay, I’ll go ahead and just choose it. Shoot!
This is embarrassing! I don’t know how to. Shoot.
This is embarrassing. I hate this.
I hate everything about this. Wait, turn away
the Insta Live real quick, so I can flip off
the camera. (giggles) – (all laugh)
– Okay. All right, ready? ♪ (upbeat dance music) ♪
– Witness, ay! Ay! Ay! That’s good!
That’s talent. – I hate myself.
– (Alex) Yeahh! – You got this, Jayka.
– That was good. That was good. – Jayka, it’s your turn.
– She’s ready. ♪ (upbeat dance music) ♪
– Shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo. – The sound effects. (chuckles)
– Okay. – (Alex) All right, Instagram Live…
– Oh no. – (Alex) …I need you to decide,
Jayka or Tori? I think we got the winner right now.
– Oh no. – (Alex) According to
Instagram Live, Tori. – Yes, yesss!
– Yay! – (Alex) That’s one point
for the left team. All right, moving on
to the next one. – All right. (giggles)
– Groovy? – Oh! Let do it!
– Ooh. Which one’s that one? – It’s basically
the Napoleon Dynamite dance. – I’m actually glad both
of y’all got this one, ’cause at least you guys
kinda have some sort of idea of dance.
– Brooklin, you go first! – Oh.
– Yeah! – I guess.
– Ooh, ooh. ♪ (mellow dance music) ♪
– Ooh, yeah, ooh. – Work those shoes! Ayy.
– That’s the best I’ll go. – I’m proud of you.
– I’m ready. – Kill it! Get it!
Kill it! (giggles) Yes, Will!
– What? – Ooh. See? Perfect.
– What the–?! – Look at him go. Ayy!
– There it is! – I feel like this
isn’t even fair. – (Alex) It looks like Will…
– (Tori gasps) – (Alex) …gets it for that round.
– Yes, yes! – (Alex) There’s still time
to come back. We still got a lot more dances.
All right, next two. – You got this!
– Jayka, I chose last time, so you do it this time.
– Electro shuffle! I know this one.
I learned this one. – Oh no. Stop.
– (Will) Oh! – I’m Mexican. My hips
can do things. My legs can’t do that. Nope. This isn’t–
– (Alex) And then do the little… – Can I go first?
‘Cause I’m gonna embarrass myself. How much worse can this get?
Oh no! Oh no! Here comes the spin!
– Get it! Ooh. – Ay! You know what?
I’ma count it as that. – (Alex) All right, you ready?
– No. ♪ (EDM music) ♪
– Spin happened right away. – Ohh.
– What the heck? Oh, and he adds
some arm movement. – (Alex) Wow.
– That footwork, though. Wow. – (all clap)
– (Alex) All right, it’s looking like Tori has won again.
– No! This is– wait. Hold on. I even told
my Instagram followers to come over and watch the live.
– Jayka had a plug in here. – (Alex) All right, next two. – You pick this time, ’cause I picked.
So I’ll hold it for you. – Ride the pony.
– Ah, that one’s so easy! – Is it because I’m wearing a skirt?
That’s why we not getting the points. – Wow, that’s really fast.
– You got this, Brooklin. – (Alex) All right,
who’s going first? – Yeah!
– We should do it at the same time. Yo, you know what?
– Oh my god. – I’m doing this, ’cause my mom
would want me to win. – (Alex) You ready?
– (Brooklin and Will) Yeah. ♪ (thrilling music) ♪
– Ooh. – Come on, Brooklin!
– Let’s go! – You got it, you got it!
Oh, oh! They’re going at it!
They’re going at it! – (Alex) All right, guys.
It’s really close, but Instagram has given it
to… Brooklin! – (Jayka screaming)
– (Brooklin) Let’s go! Yeah. – (Tori) That was good.
– (Jayka) You didn’t take off the skirt for nothing.
– Nope, or the belt. I almost left you hanging. – (Alex) All right, you know what?
We’re gonna be switching some things up.
We’re gonna have Jayka and Will. – Okay.
– (gasps) Nooo. – You wanna pick it out? – (raspy) Give me some water!
– Make it rain. – Oh, that’s easy!
– A little one. – Ooh, you got water? – (Alex) It’s this one.
All right, get it! ♪ (hip hop music) ♪
– Ooh, she’s making it rain. – Yo!
– (Alex) One, two three, make it rain!
– No, no, no, no, no. – He added the flair to it.
– Pass it all around, ooh. – I had more rain.
I had more rain. I was smarter about this.
– (Alex) All right, another really split one.
– Uh-oh. – (Alex) But it looks like
it’s going to Jayka. – YEAH!
– Okay, Instagram Live. I see you guys.
– Okay, Tori. Let’s do this.
– Oh, okay. You open it.
I’m scared. – It says fresh.
– Which one’s that one? – What’s fresh? – OHHH!
– YES! I got this, bro! – Oh shoot! Okay. ♪ (cheerful dance music) ♪ Oh, shoot! Okay,
let’s switch it up. – Yeah! – (Alex) All right.
– (claps) – Ay, ay, ay! – Oh, shoot!
– (Jayka squeals) Okay!
– This isn’t fair. – (Alex) The winner
of that round is Brooklin. – Ayyy! We got this!
– That one was deserving. – (Alex) 3-3. – Oh, let’s go!
– Wait, what is it? – Let’s go!
– What is it? Orange justice? – (screams) Okay. Easy.
– Let’s go! – Thank you for choosing this one,
’cause I can’t do this. – (Alex) You guys ready?
– Yes. – Of course.
– We’re ready. – Okay, you go first. – Oh.
– Yo! Hair whippin’. Four points.
Bonus points for hair. This is long.
– Yeah, it’s long. – I gotta go ham then!
– (claps) – (Alex) Good job, Jayka.
– (Jayka) Thank you. – (Alex) All right, Will. – Ooh! Okay. Can we even–
Is this a competition anymor? – Look at my man Will go! He’s bringing the energy,
the expression. – Come on, Instagram.
– (Alex) Instagram Live… Winner for this round is Will!
– (Will and Tori) Yeah! – Let’s go!
– (Alex) It is currently… – You put us back in the lead agian.
– (Alex) …4-3. We are going to have Tori and Jayka.
– Watch it be the backflip one. – Stop! There’s a backflip one
in here? – Best mates? What’s best mates?
– Oh, best mates! Okay. – Oh! I know this one.
– I can do it. I can do it. – I can do it.
– I got bigger arms. You gotta choose me.
– Come on, Tori. Go, Tori. That’s my Tori! Yes! Work that hair, Tori!
– I’m still going! – (Alex) Work it, work it,
work it, work it! – I wanna win!
– She keeps going! She’s still going! – This is a big workout. – (Alex) The winner
for that round is… Tori.
– WHAT?! – (Alex) Left team wins.
Congratulations, left team. – Yeah!
– (Alex) That was a lot of fun. You are the challenge champions. As always, with every episode,
the losers have to do a punishment. – Cat food!
– I had cat food already, though. – Ugh.
– Yeah! – Morgan Sordoll– Sorsdoll,
“You should make someone eat a whole can
of cat food or dog food.” – I knew it!
– I did this already! – Hey, if Brooklin already did it,
then we can’t do it. – No, no. It’s happening.
– (Brooklin laughs) – Maybe a different flavor
than the last Challenge Chalice? – We have absolutely delicious
made with real chicken and turkey and gravy.
– Oh, god. That reeks. – Like that. Just like that.
Yeah, like that. Go, eat it! Go! Go!
(squeaking) – Did you eat it?
– I’m eating it. – Oh, I know you ate it. – You know, it’s good,
but it’s hitting me in the head that it’s cat food.
– She likes it! – All right, while Brooklin
and Jayka are over the trash can eating their cat food,
let’s do some shoutouts from my notification squad.
If you guys wanna be in a shoutout
for next Challenge Chalice’s episode, you gotta join the squad.
You gotta subscribe, hit the notification bell,
and then maybe you’ll get a shoutout. Shoutout to Crista Zamora. – Shoutout to gaming with K. c. – Shoutout to Kawaii Kittens.
– Shoutout to Mr. Mystery Moon. – Thanks, y’all,
for dancing with me and eating some cat food.
Sorry, Brooklin and Jayka. – This is a victory royale
for the audience. – Yeah!
– Yeah. ♪ (distorted, slow dance music) ♪ – Wow, this is talent. I feel bad for everybody downstairs.
– Best boyband since One Direction. Ahh!
♪ (mid-tempo dance music) ♪ Ah! I’m already losing it. I can’t. I was a cheerleader
back in my day. – “Back in my day.”
– (Alex laughing) – (laughs)
– Woo! – I think Tori
won that one, guys. – Wait, wait, wait. – Yeah!
– (laughs)


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    3.(My favorite) Electro Shuffle
    4.Ride The Pony
    5.Make It Rain
    6.Fresh (Old Dance since 190s)
    7.Its said its Orange Justice at the TOP (Orange Justice) (My Favorite)
    8.Best Mates (I always Dance it)

  3. GHETTO AVENGERS CHALLENGE when y’all have to dress up as Avengers characters and learn a dance in like one hour and every now and then we see how they’re doing and we compare their dance to the real ghetto avengers

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