From Tigers to Ravens

When I was 17, I googled “best dance team
in the country” and found Towson University first. It was so incredible
that when I found the dance team at Towson the next best thing that popped
up was how incredible the education program was so it was kind of a win-win
for me. Well, I tell people all the time the amount of internships and
opportunities is incredible. I feel very connected in my classes and the people
I’ve met. I think the dance team helped. I felt very at home right away. A lot of my
time is spent with the dance team and those girls that made up that family –
having that experience and like technical support. Our coach Tom Cascella was amazing and I give him every bit of credit for helping me get here
today. This is my first year as a Ravens cheerleader. I wanted to be on the Ravens
since I was a little girl going to like football games and watching them on the
field. It still even is surreal going to games
and my parents have season tickets and when I’m in their section and I get to
like look up at where I used to like sit and watch like the cheerleaders doing
everything and now that’s me so it’s pretty surreal. I think making the team
the night I saw my number on that sheet I was in shock. I was taken back. I
was so thankful and it’s been amazing. Just having that accomplishment that a
team and organization that’s so respected – that I was a part of it that
they wanted me out of 400 girls to try out it was a surreal moment. What we do at
Ravens is so unique because we’re the only NFL team with male cheerleaders so
I can still do all the flips and the high tosses so I love doing that in a
stadium full of like 70,000 fans. We have a lot of opportunities on the team and
it’s so much more than just performing and dancing on game day it’s led us to
meet a lot of interesting people in the city and our community and and it’s a
big family. We are constantly in the community at play 60 events,
Ronald McDonald House, there was a military send-off at the airport the
other day. I feel like we make a really big impact on the community and the ones
that I love the most are the ones that we get to see with kids at the
elementary schools. They scream like we’re super stars every time we come in
and so that’s really exciting. And it just makes you feel great knowing that
you can give back to the community that like I’ve grown up around and in. Go Tigers and Ravens

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