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FS A8S Flysky Receiver Mods Antenna Range Booster

FS A8S Flysky Receiver Mods Antenna Range Booster

Hello guys and today I’m going to show you how to receiver mods boosting the range FS A8S Flysky Receiver that also can bind to the turnigy evolution radio to extend the range of this micro receiver short antenna remove a little bit of heat shrink disconnect the old antenna and buy a longer antenna that delivers more range from the spare part list that come’s with the same connector and just simple click on buying is easier than clicking it on it’s so tiny it’s difficult but possible your hear a clicking sound and feel a vibration you can add a little bit of hot glue to keep the antenna in place you can knock it off in a crash and lose it

15 thoughts on “FS A8S Flysky Receiver Mods Antenna Range Booster”

  1. hello, thx for your video 🙂 sry for this stupid question maybe but can i use this antenna to boost the range on the fs a8s? :

  2. The length of the cable doesn't do much for the range, it's the exposed antenna part that you should be looking at. If you did achieve a further range, it's probably because the exposed antenna length is closer to 1/4th wavelength (ca. 3,12cm) than the stock FS-A8S antenna. My FS-A8S antenna was a completely random length like 2,2cm. I just cut away some of the shielding, exposing more of the antenna until the right length was achieved.

  3. I tested : A8S receiver has absolute max range about 300m. And that's with a good unit. Another of my A8S can't do more than 200m. Swapping antennas doesnt seems to affect it much – if at all.

  4. i've done the range test with FlySky i6S tx, and A8S RX, very good receiver. on an open area i got 1,2 km of range. do not need to replace the antena, just increase the opened antena distance to 31mm (in stock its something about 23 or 24mm) thats bad for flysky transmitter. my i6S transmitter has 1 stock antena left, the other replaced with 5dbi 2,4g SMA antena. RANGE IS 1,2 km, i fly 10m from the ground with no interference! just do the range test with fully charged batteries in your transmitter. 😉

  5. first of all. everybody from usa go ** yourself u incompetent immature trash.

    second – Yes this makes a difference in range. Basic stuff.
    300/ wavelength of the frequency equals the length you will need to expose. approximately 3.1 cm for a quarter of 2.4 GHz. (Not inches u sad morons) Dipoles are even better. basically doubles the "receiving" "area".
    Grate video. Thank you for not showing all the boring "range check"
    These people clearly need to figure life out for them self.

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