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Full Spine & Surprising Pelvic Adjustment – Female Chiropractor St. Augustine, FL

Full Spine & Surprising Pelvic Adjustment – Female Chiropractor St. Augustine, FL

Let’s get to work that right show left shoulder left shoulder pain, right? Yeah, it’s left this is right, Yes, some say it’s right OK, this is Ansley…take 1 Hi Guys! All right uncross your legs for me. I was trying to be a lady Alright, right there on the right, here we go Chin up for me, relax right here You’re going to be tricky. No, nothing. It’s like….stuck Nah…it’s OK Right deep breath in… all the way out deep breath in /all the way out Oh my goodness That was such a sound Bleh! Deep breath in…and out Dang Get your face instead Hey, I want to be famous Alright, here we go, arm down…I don’t want to get your bad arm No that’s fine Lean, head back That’s it, bottom leg straight deep breath in, head back look back That’s it, there it goes There we go, other side I’ll have to edit that part out! I will go from that. I’m going from this angle you can’t see anything. Oh I’m sorry It’s up to you! I’m gonna back away like this there. We go. That’s it right there All right, no no no I can’t. It’s just it’s mostly right here the angle is at no, I would never keep this g g-rated Face down for me. Let me check something Does that hurt when I press on it? This is the posterior side. Does it hurt? There it goes! Nice There it is Oh! Gross No, we done? Sorry guys! Rackin and Cracky okay, how about your ankles oh? We got some crack there guys All right you are gonna push out Am I recording. Yes I am. push out push out. Oh, you know what this one is I? Have I done this one to you? No you haven’t. Push in…squeeze Oh my God! Ouch! You didn’t know that one was coming! Actually have a good comment for them, but I can’t put on the internet I didn’t know that was possible just knee pain swollen right here. No running you haven’t been running? right there There it is! Whoop! There is is No I think you cracked it all today.Okay. You’re just cracking me up Okay, good Hi, everyone. This is Dr.. Brenda. Mondragon here in St.. Augustine, Florida. I’m going to briefly go over the last adjustment that you saw One of the last adjustments um this is the pubic symphysis right here And that’s the joint that I adjusted on this patient There are two there’s three joints at the pelvis. There’s one here here these are known as the Si joints Sacroiliac Joints Si joints, and then there’s one on the front Here so I don’t encourage any of you to self adjust or to self crack, please Seek out a professional cracker no, not a professional quacker a Professional chiropractor to adjust your joints. We study the planes of the joints in which way the joints are designed to move With a lot of times I see people trying to twist their necks like this and that just goes against the plane of the joint If you see here the joints are angled this way, they’re not meant to be popped and twisted that way Yeah, it’ll give you a nice clean pop and a sound and for a second it’s it’s satisfying to the patient that’s why they keep doing it, but over time you grind away, the joints It creates little grooves in there, and you’re grinding away your facets they’re meant to go in a certain plane, and they’re designed to go in a certain plane and Really you shouldn’t be adjusting a joint that’s moving around too much as chiropractors. We always search for the ones that are fixated fixated meaning stuck Anyway, if you haven’t already click the like and subscribe button and once you’ve subscribed go ahead and hit the bell That will notify you of when I do release a new video. I’m really about my channel Please let me know anything that I can do to make it better Be sure to check out my other videos until then this is Dr.. Brenda, Mondragon, St.. Augustine, Florida

100 thoughts on “Full Spine & Surprising Pelvic Adjustment – Female Chiropractor St. Augustine, FL”

  1. Cute and charming Florida gals. Love the St. Augustine area and the people. I go to Fla several times a year and I'm always treated very well. Love Tampa too!

  2. Great video! Question does chiropractic training vary in each country? I used to see a chiropractor for some upper back issues and it helped tremendously. Recently I switched pillows and the mid back issues have come back. I am going to China for a few weeks. I am curios about their chiropractors there? Watching some YouTube videos their techniques look more aggressive? I wasn’t sure if they are trained the same? Thank you!

  3. So I have a question, I will be sitting down for a while, I am a cab driver by the way, and my back will get tight. About seven inches down from the top of my neck down my back is where I get the tightest. I just push my back into the seat and sit up straight and I feel a pop in that area. I have been known to slouch and I have had back surgery. Also my grandmother and great aunt had curviture of spine, or small humps in their upper back as they got old. Will I? I'm scared.

  4. They're giggles and laughs made me giggle the whole time this is so hilarious it looks like they had so much fun I want this chiropractor 😂

  5. My back hurts so bad that I've been binge-watching a bunch of these chiropractic videos just hoping for some kinda secondary pain relief effect that others get while doing the treatment.

  6. I need to give you guys a visit. I live in Jacksonville and can’t seem to get over some back pain i have been having for years. Ever since I got a tumor removed back in 09 my back has been messed up. I was told I have arthritis in the spine. Please send me some info if you can 🙂 [email protected]

  7. I do that with my neck. I know it's not good but it gives me so much releave. It's blocked there and I get a huge headache from it until it's popped. It won't move all the time so I am stuck for days with a thumping head. Heating pads and a hot water bottle don't help right away yet the only thing I can do.
    My chiropractor is called Andrea and I always say that I wished I could find a girlfriend/partner like that, so that she can pop me any time I need it and I would hand out my love to her. Really ur profession is the best ever. Especially when u find a good one 😍

  8. As a runner and 1 who has had an acl repair, I was intrigued by the knee adjustment…of course, my knees 'adjust' just about each time I get up from a chair 😉 (wink)… What did the knee movement align? Cheers.

  9. Why does my chiropractor keeps ajusting always the same never does a different approach, I do feel a better but my recovery ongoing very slow, and after adjustment feel sharp pain and slot of pressure build up on upper back neck and sacrum coccyx. Any advise? thanks.

  10. Whole video is a kick but I especially like the first 10 seconds ! Most of your gal clients and you really ham it up and have fun! A big lol at :33 too!

  11. Wait I crack my neck and back all the time by myself, is it really that bad cause it feels so good?

  12. No chiro can adjust me the way I need to be adjusted. My pubic bone constantly moves and pops I've been going to chirps ecsessively a few times a week for years and no relief. I constantly need to squeeze my legs together and pop my pubic bone so it will unstick. I give up I'm tired of searching for a cure from Dr's and no help or relief. @mondragon

  13. I crack my neck obsessively 😂 and my sister an I take turns pressing down on each other’s backs (not on the spine but on either side) and crack each other’s backs, it’s addicting

  14. buenas, por favor la explicación de la vertebral en castellano, please, me gusta mucho lo alegre que haces el video

  15. I neeeeeed that pelvic adjustment. No chiro I’ve seen has done it for me. I’m pregnant with our third child (2 in 2 years) and my SI joints and all that are a WRECK! I wonder if my chiro would do it if I asked? It seems like it would provide sooo much relief.

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