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Galaxy S6 Download Booster – Androidizen

Galaxy S6 Download Booster – Androidizen

Galaxy S6 Download Booster Hi everyone. So we continue our look at
the specific features of the Galaxy S6 that maybe aren’t making its
way into the main reviews. Now in this particular
video we’re going to be looking at Download Booster. This is a feature that Samsung has
released on numerous devices now but it’s well worth checking out if you
are new to the Samsung range. Now, Download Booster works very simply – it’s literally a booster for the speed of your downloads. Now what you might be aware of is if you
happen to be using 4G and wifi and you want to download something
normally you won’t be able to use both data streams simultaneously. Effectively you’ll either have to use wifi or 4G. With Download Booster what Samsung have done
Galaxy S6 Download Booster is given the device a way to essentially use both systems simultaneously. So what we have to do to get into Download Booster is go to more connection settings,
Download Booster and then turn it on. It’s as simple as that. Now essentially what will happen is any file that’s over 30meg in size will use, if you’re connected to both
simultaneously, the wifi and your 4G LTE network. Now you have to bear in mind that if you aren’t on an unlimited 4G plan that essentially you will be paying to
download the data or using up what’s bundled with
your minutes.
Galaxy S6 Download Booster But this does provide a very substantial
boost to your download speeds. If you happen to find that your 4G broadband is actually faster than your home wifi
based broadband then again combining the two is going to
double your speed in most cases. Do bear in mind though, like I say that this
is the sort of thing that will quite easily use your data cap if you
happen to have one.
Galaxy S6 Download Booster

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  1. I just got my Samsung S6 Edge this morning and I do not have "Download Booster" in my setting.  I have At&t and I have looked and it is not there.

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