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Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin – “ROAD TO REDEMPTION”

Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin – “ROAD TO REDEMPTION”

Welcome back fight fans to another video here
on The Fight Game. Who is Gervonta Davis? He is the youngest
ever two-time world champion after claiming two titles in the super-featherweight division.
He is 25 years old, signed with Mayweather Promotions and tipped to become the next big
thing in the world of Boxing. To become a big star in boxing you need an
assortment of qualities, you need to be young, you need to be confident, and you need to
be good, three qualities Davis covers abundantly. Being
a protege to Floyd Mayweather has kick-started his career with impressive popularity, and
Mayweather has expressed great confidence in him to become the next superstar in the
sport of Boxing. At age 25 many fighters are still climbing the ranks,
but Gerovnta Davis stands as more than just a ranking. Guided by Floyd Mayweather and
managed by Al Haymon, his rise has just begun. What we’re seeing now is the birthing of a
new superstar, a new icon. In this video we will dissect the caliber
of Gervonta Davis, take a look at what his future holds and question if he has what it
takes to become the next big thing in the sport of boxing. His nickname is Tank, a pseudonym which was
given to him by a former trainer with relation to his resembling build.
He grew up in a high crime rate community in West Baltimore, and at age 5 he took his
first steps into a boxing gym. 12 years later at age 17 he won the national
golden gloves amateur boxing tournament and the following year he began
his shift into the professional ranks. When you consider where he’s from, he’s already
a winner. 22 fights later he is here, 25 years young
with everything to gain. He’s got it all, the speed the skills
and the swagger, poised and game ready to take the boxing world by storm. Offensive
by nature, defensive with caution, his style showing shades of the Floyd Mayweather
that was Pretty Boy. His name is common among modern pop, and more importantly
recognized with great respect. He’s fought domestically and internationally, defeating
unbeaten world champion Jose Pedraza in 7 rounds
at the Barclays Center in New York, then trekking to the UK to defeat unbeaten Liam Walsh in
only 3 rounds. We see that he’s fast, but we also see that
he hits like his name suggests, a Tank. With a 95 percent knockout ratio we get the hint
on what to expect when Gervonta Davis steps into a boxing
ring. He is a southpaw with power in both hands that go along excellently with his
slick defensive skills. His style is fan friendly, entertainment is
always guaranteed when Davis fights, so far it’s been glory and fame and only time will
tell if it’s the beginning of something great,
or simply another attempt at reaching the top. So what kind of style does Davis have, well
you can definitely see hints of similiarity between himself and Floyd Mayweather when
he was younger. Davis has revealed Mayweather is a big source
for his inspiration. Floyd of course keeps his left hand low to block shots to the body,
and uses his right hand to block jabs. But one big difference
is Davis is a southpaw, which means the infamous philly shell style isn’t going to work the
same way for Davis. While Mayweather uses his shoulder to block
straight rights, Davis uses a high guard. Davis has that incredible sharpness to his
punches that few fighters translate from the pads into the ring, he has a good ability
to remain calm under fire, a quality few fighters possess. He has a good
defensive responsibility, always protecting himself prior and post combinations with blocks,
footwork and head movement. Another quality I like
about Gervonta Davis is his ability to hold the centre of the ring, with his positive
positioning he’s able to dictate the pace of his fights, in turn
setting up his monster left hand. He’s definitely a flashy boxer but he still
retains boxing fundamentals, and with his brilliant capability of staying calm when
trading shots he’s able to pick apart his opponent in close distance
with clinical power shots, while his opponent struggles to land effectively themselves.
This quality will work incredibly in Davis’s favour especially
in the professional domain of boxing, in a 12 round fight your energy consumption efficiency
can be vital as the fight goes down the stretch. Because Davis’s punches are so sharp they
land with tremendous accuracy, which can really only be appreciated when we slow the footage
down in slow motion. When watching a fight in real-time you can
miss the true effect of the punches as they’re landing, in some of these slow-motion shots
we really get to see Davis’s technicality at work. Davis’s style
is surely to change and evolve as the years go by but as a 25 year old he’s got a pretty
good basis to build on for the next decade or so. As for what mistakes Davis tends to make,
there are some holes in his arsenal which I’m sure he’ll learn to fix up as years go
by. In a southpaw versus orthodox showdown the jab is crucial, and
I believe Davis lacks a good jab. He’s been well capable to go to war in his past fights,
but I think he’s going to struggle against a boxer who brings a great
jab to the table. Davis loves throwing power punches, but perhaps he likes throwing power
punches a bit too much. He’ll find himself off balance and exposed
at times, and a good opponent will capitilize on that. There are spots where Davis will
explode with short bursts of punches, but then he’ll remain stagnant for
a period of time. I’d personally like Davis to fill that time with an active jab in search
for openings. He can always set up his power punches with a jab.
But in the past Davis’s pure power and ferocity has got him the victory. However if he doesn’t
start to utilize his jab more, I can see him being beat to the
punch by a better opponent. No fighter is perfect, I just thought it would be valuable
to highlight some weaknesses as well as strengths for you guys so you can
notice them when watching boxing. The only problem I have with Gervonta Davis
is his lacklustre resume, Davis’s last four opponents have a combined record of 10 losses.
If you’re wondering who he might be able to face now, let me introduce
you to the lightweight division. The division, which is contested at 135 pounds, includes
boxers Vasyl Lomachenko, Luke Campbell, Ryan Garcia, Teofimo Lopez
and Devin Haney. However it is worth mentioning that Davis previously fought in the super-featherweight
division, and he will make his lightweight debut on
December 28th against Yuriorkis Gamboa. But I still would have liked to seen Davis fight
the likes of Oscar Valdez, Tevin Farmer, or Leo Santa Cruz. He’s still
only 25 years old, so he’s still got plenty of time left, but at age 23 Mayweather fought
an undefeated Diego Corrales, and at 25 he fought Jose Luis
Castillo. So really I’d like to see Davis step up his level of competition going into
2020, that is of course if he really wants to earn the respect
of the boxing world. It’s up to Gervonta Davis on how he’d like to run his career, but a
win over a high caliber opponent would really solidify his standing
as one of Boxing’s major players. The megafight for Gervonta Davis
is no doubt Vasyl Lomachenko, that fight would garner
a magnitude that with a win would catapult Davis to superstardom overnight. As I previously mentioned Davis’s next fight
will come against Gamboa on December 28th, a decent opponent, but not elite. However
I’m still going to watch because no matter the opponent, it’s still
the same Gervonta Davis. Watching Davis display his skills is a delight to watch, the fight
will be televised live on Showtime. As we enter a new era Gervonta Davis is one
of those very few who possess what’s necessary to become a household figure in the sport
of Boxing. His rise has been unstoppable, but he’s yet
to face those who pose a great risk to his ever-evolving takeover.
2019 was a great year for boxing and on December 28th he will have the honour to close out
the year. Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed the video
consider giving it a like as it helps us grow the channel. If you have any recommendations
on what you’d like to see from us next let us know in the comment
section below. We’ll see you in the next video here on The Fight Game.

14 thoughts on “Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin – “ROAD TO REDEMPTION””

  1. Gennady GolovKING 👑 Great fighter, always humble and respectful. Looking forward to seeing more fights from him!

  2. GGG the best middleweight of the decade, Heart of a champion, Role Model outside ring, Exciting fights, Smart Business Guy was too.

  3. Great video.i agree GGG was sick and he still beat an elite fighter.
    I think Derevyanchenko and Canelo (rematch) fights was tough fights but the Great GGG found a way to win in both fights.

  4. watch in the next year or 2 as ggg approaches retirement all the rats like the Charlos and the rest will be eager to fight and say we wanted the fight ages ago . Canelo good , but fighting all the same fighters ggg fought but with rehydration clauses , the peds and golden boy bribery .

  5. i love GGG – i feel like he got robbed the first Canelo fight. that decision should of been overturned. I hope he fights a few times this year!

  6. GGG amd PACMAN for me is both legend. Canelo still has to prove s little bit for me to put them in the same level of legacy.

  7. I love all these videos.especially the slo-mo shots Then able to see the slight mistakes that lead to KOs. Keep up the great work.

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