Gennady Golovkin Greatest Hits (HBO Boxing)

Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin has proven his mettle, and delivered
highly explosive performances, capturing the imagination
of boxing fans everywhere. With 23 consecutive knockouts
on his resume, Golovkin will face Brooklyn’s
Daniel Jacobs at Madison Square Garden
on March 18, on HBO Pay-Per-View. Here now, Gennady Golovkin’s
greatest hits. LAMPLEY: And the crowd responds
to Triple G. Right hand from Golovkin,
and Proksa gets hurt! Down he goes! There’s a right hand
from Golovkin, steps in with a left, digs in
with a power jab again, and rocks back Rosado. Right hand landed,
left hand moved Macklin’s hip. MAX KELLERMAN: That left hook
to the body was devastating. LAMPLEY: Good left hook
by Golovkin! And down goes Stevens! Kazakh thunder! And the look
on Stevens’s face there says a thousand words. And Golovkin is going to work. Hard right hand upstairs! Trapping Geale
against the ropes, cornering him and hammering him
like death body shots. KELLERMAN: He talks not only
of his Mexican style, Golovkin, but of his predator instinct. And you can see it there.
He’s always looking to attack, and to hurt. LAMPLEY: Hard right hand
by Golovkin. Body shot! Brook is in trouble! Left hook. Down goes Monroe! He dropped him on the corner,
fired one shot to the cheekbones,
and down went Willie Monroe. Body shot by Golovkin. Right hand lands.
Right hand lands again. Knocks Lemieux into the ropes.
Left hook for Golovkin. Right hand rams again! Right hand hurt Proksa!
Golovkin steps in, and down he goes again. Oh! Good right hand
on the uppercut rocked back Rosado. KELLERMAN: Wow, what a shot.
Right to the mouth. Blood just everywhere! LAMPLEY: Great uppercut.
He’s wobbled Monroe again. Now he’s got him
against the ropes. Now he knocks him down
for the third time. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) And talk about getting hit! Straight right hand
up the middle. Left hook again! And here we go. KELLERMAN: Here is a monster
in the middleweight division. And he said he’d fight anyone. LAMPLEY: Golovkin’s putting
a lot of pressure on Brook. ROY JONES: Brook’s face
right now is showing the effect of the power
of Triple G. LAMPLEY: Oh, that right hand
to the body was vicious by Golovkin. Body shot puts Macklin down. Hard right hand by Golovkin! Lemieux is hurt
against the ropes. JONES: Breaking down now, Jim. Hard right hand body shot! Uppercut. Stevens is taking
some brutal abuse. KELLERMAN: And now it’s
the right hand. LAMPLEY: He’s amazing. Down goes Geale again,
on a brilliant right hand. KELLERMAN: That’s a bazooka,
that Golovkin is throwing. LAMPLEY: Tremendous right hand
shot by Golovkin. Murray sailed through the air. Flowing like water. Body shot.
Jabbed again. Jab again. Hooking off the jab. Ingle is trying to get
referee Marlon Wright to stop the fight, and now
he finally throws the towel into the ring. Hard uppercut by Golovkin.
Momentarily wobbled Rubio. Now he’s got him pinned
against the ropes. Predator at work!
Down goes Rubio! It was only a matter of time. It’s always just
a matter of time. KELLERMAN: It’s not just that
Golovkin knocks people out, it’s the way
he knocks people out. LAMPLEY: Don’t miss Gennady
Golovkin vs. Daniel Jacobs March 18th.
Live on HBO Pay-Per-View.

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