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George Bush Was NOT a Cowboy, He Was a Cheerleader!

George Bush Was NOT a Cowboy, He Was a Cheerleader!

that what about the same thing that
display under my skin is little related to this point it’s come with that is the corporate so you know they’re moving the press and
hollow louise three whites only community that housed their prestigious cellmark humans there center is the
editor of the owner of the texas rangers sedate home here azim uh… they just in the past time he bought that you know you’ve got a
call for branch right before the election married with two thousand lect when bought in the right after the
election results is approx visit one hundred-percent
approx an immediate never called them on you know they’re like all we are and of
course that goes on the clear the brush here’s my big question and no one’s ever
answered what tough buck was he clearing the
brush for now that’s a real question correct an episode of law chittenden booked out there no that some of the enough why me what is it clear that talking but or i think the whole thing is and champ people tend to be calpoly yanni as disarmament bitch mohammed has a tape israel is a
cheerleader in connecticut he grew up in connecticut securely and i
know he went back and forth detects a connecticut from time to time right but
look at this guy we look at this guide is the one that
can prevent a bit lab but a lot but it was interested as always across restock robert weblogic
cowboy redirect it is saying you know what this race is
on a lot on you know that anyone this rhetoric
robert is brusett he ever get anything on this ranch he better right militia and he did not
look like there and then you know what i was being never told the american people that this thing is that election prop it’s a national solely and
that makes a difference in the elections it does it gives you a sense of kits at our meeting was are you my kinda
guy but we had a listener who emailed and
said died of brain will literally voter form centers all i have arranged to and
he has arranged it is a big snag it does it do i think
what got your read it’s like fred thompson had this little
red pickup truck the least at first campaign in nineteen
ninety four so it looks like a regular guy hint on it he had a lincoln continental legal route and then it works so well use it again
in ninety six and he brought it in a suit selections are reported as
trial he says it about my mom’s driveway active several replica red truck but
when he’s in the middle of the elections nobody ever says hey look disguise of
fraud doesn’t like the red truck he drives a linkin park in continental apollo genic and then when he was a run for president
billy goes the debris of the little red truck again because of a somewhat slow don’t only have a somewhat tell me what
the reality is and that’s what they failed on the whole
new year for the whole time endeavor total reality behind the snotty nose cheerleader in george
bush pretended all along it is itself said on his way out there for a tough
right well i think that you know that i carried me through focus
on things that are really important because anne and the superficial things
that they shouldn’t even get out patient camaclang private president
tries they should care about what his policies are i mean watch t_v_ they haven’t really talked
about let these candidates stand for they talk about stupid superficial shit
and then the electorate his attention to that and i think have bread truck i’d
like to that kind of a friend so i don’t know stephanie is five really killing not
made a hundred seven syrups are not only do they perpetrate help the
politicians perpetrate this law in may why do you keep repeating the retro why
do you keep repeating it she exactly repeating these things but on top of that as totally right that you won’t even discuss the issues
exactly all they discussed is the lives of these guys and we and and then they get they wonder why
were upset that you know that i felt that what we do not i totally covered
which taught and also while we’ve got scared question that he was slightly
uncomfortable by while you really do did you know

100 thoughts on “George Bush Was NOT a Cowboy, He Was a Cheerleader!”

  1. Yes there is a difference as far as the extent of the steps taken but the overal intention of both of these is the same, to make people beleive that they are like us even though they are nothing like us.

  2. The Bush Crawford Ranch was good political propaganda. I congratulate Bush's campaign team for their job in keeping this myth alive for so long (8 yrs).

  3. Please google "letter from crawford exile on main street" to get to a New Yorker article on this, regarding the fact that this was actually a prop.
    My favorite quote from it: 'No one who has any sense cuts cedar in the summer,' Mattlage told me. 'Only winter-cut cedar can be used for fence posts. Besides, its hot, hard work. It was always kind of a joke to us who knew the country that he was out clearing brush in the middle of August.'

  4. Did the idiotic American voter create the superficial media or did the superficial media create the idiotic American voter? The chicken-or-the-egg, Zen Buddhist expression of our time.

  5. Obama is a lot closer to what he says he is than Bush. Even Republicans happily admit he was a 'community organizer' (snicker). And he does have a law degree, which you can't buy weeks before an election. So, is your post just sour grapes or what?

  6. im the same way, i grew up on a farm, we raised cows, horses and other animals, built fences, bailed hay, drove tractors……and im not even a cowboy either…..hell i was out riding horses with my Ozzy Osbourne t-shirts on and listening to Metallica on the barnyard radio

    W hasnt worked a REAL day in his life….wow, he worked on daddy's campaign, and he did a couple of photo shoots of himself with a chainsaw……..what a fuckin poser

  7. How is that the same thing as pretending to be a cowboy when you're a rich fuckup from New England? Whatever bad legal decisions he may have made, Obama does have a degree and he has used it in practice, and he's never pretended to be a doctor or a newsanchor. Is Antonin Scalia not a real judge because he lies about his legal philosophy? Are the automaker CEOs not really C-level executives because they have run their companies into the ground?

  8. Not only was he a male cheerleader in college, he also had the nickname of 'lips'.

    Anybody want to guess how a male cheerleader gets a nickname like that?

  9. Thank god someone like TYT has finaly spoken that Bush is NOT a Texan he was born and raised in Con. As a Texan I tell people when they blame Texans for Bush & I say Bush is not from Texas & they try to dispute this cuz their tards. Most South Texans hate Bush All he did here was become governor which, I personaly didnt vote for even then & knew it was a ploy to run for president like daddy Bush which he did. I'm just glad Obama won and cant wait till tuesday buh bye bush! And good ridance!

  10. strange how this is news NOW! we knew this in the UK years ago..
    Bush is old money and only moved to texas so he could stand in that state!(and only as the people in his home state knew what a shitbag he was!)
    his academic record also does not stand up to too close a look!
    only in the usa folks.. a total tit can get "elected" as your president!

  11. Your the idiot, you obviously clear bush to clean your property, which is a reason. So Cenks question is valid.
    Second of all Cenk has his own radio show, these YouTube clips are just that, clips.
    He has clearly amounted to more than you.

  12. If he was just an imbecile, I would be with ya 100% – but he is also possibly a criminal and trojan horse for policies that decimate the people who fall for his constructed image. It is one thing when Paris Hilton feels like playing porn star for amusement, and another thing entirely when W hides behind a Good Ol' Boy image while he sends soldiers to their death, sends jobs overseas, and bilks our social programs to hand out bonuses to bankers. He HOPES we will just stop.

  13. I realize that it helps to keep up the image with
    the cowboy straw hat and he's down on the ranch HE DOESN'T OWN with nothing to do but stare at the Jameson's ON THE RANCH HE DOESN'T OWN while
    thinking "they got somethin called a DVD,
    whatever that is, waiting fer me… sometin
    about New Orleans & Katrini.
    Just one more shot… no harm in that".

  14. Obama accomplished something you and your fellow ignorant racists could never do: Become the President of the United States! Why don't you stop listening to that fat idiot Rush Limbaugh?

  15. Just goes to show you how presidential candidates are "manufactured" by their handlers, like a new product being brought to market. And what the hell was he clearing all that brush for anyways?

  16. That's a good point. I have never seen footage of him on a horse. I googled PRESIDENT BUSH ON HORSEBACK and came up with nothing to show him on a horse.

  17. I used to work at a barn in upstate NY, and maybe I can help Bush become a real "cowboy". I'll start off by teaching him how to pick hooves, so that horses get to kick him in the face.

  18. Greg78X:
    Bush was one part of the horse, but certainly not the rider, I'll say that much.
    He's the north bound end of a south bound horse. That's as close to being a cowboy as he gets.
    My own scolding and these superficial media tricks aside, Bush was a WAR CRIMINAL. Remember, folks? War criminal and dropped the ball both on 9/11 but also Hurricane Katrina! He shouldn't be retiring at a ranch in Texas, he should be in The HAGUE! The fucking HAGUE, folks! On trial for war crimes!

  19. Cenk has amounted to alot actually…

    He graduated from Wharton school of Business at UPenn and Columbia…

    If you ask me that is ALOT to amount to…

  20. Bush was a 'fighter pilot' in the TX National Guard with no intentions of going to Viet Nam. His training was an absolute waste of taxpayer money.

  21. George Bush is a FREAKING moron handled by demonic beings in the flesh(rove, rumsfeld, cheysney, gonzales, Ashcroft and others)with the sole purpose of stealing billions of dollars in the name of patriotism.

  22. LordoftheKeyboard not only thinks replies are only for him (and therefore we shouldn't bother replying because hey, we couldnt POSSIBLY be responding for the sake of the community), he has a friendlock on his account so you can't even ask him about it.

    He must be just so much fun to know personally. Or to live with. Or to work with.

    What a freakin' child.

  23. If the man did have any sense of shame, I'd agree and feel bad along with you.

    But I honestly don't think he does.

    Whether it's because he isn't very bright or has sociopathic tendencies, I can't say without knowing him, but I still get the distinct feeling he has no clue that he ought to feel ashamed about anything.

  24. In fact, you can say the same about most of us. Most Americans never voted for him.

    And most never liked him much except for that brief period after 9/11 when it was pretty hard for the country to think straight.

    But he doesn't care about any of that in the least. He's a spoiled millionare and we're just the unwashed masses.

  25. I'm sure you're right and it's a shame they play games with the public that way.

    Nonetheless, it really did come down to Obama vs. Palin, since McCain is a seventy-something cancer survivor. And being that they're both inexperienced by Washington standards, we were basically choosing between a highly articulate Columbia/Harvard graduate and a walking "blizzard of words" who barely got through U-Idiot in five years.

    The fact that the spread was only 8 points condemns the taste of our age.

  26. Or at least they were.

    Bush had them cowed, but if Obama behaves like an adult and gives them respect, they'll realize they don't have to lick his boots to get press passes and they'll shred him every chance they get.

    Wouldn't that be ironic?

  27. Oh, we'll all hate Bush for the rest of our lives. Lies, illegal wars, record deficits and tanked economies have funny effects on the public. It can even lead them to vote for an intellectual.

    By the way, what's with the "gay" remark? It's so last century.

  28. haha cheerleader! why didn't I hear of anyone making fun of that before?! damn it that could have been so funny! Imagine an snl skit with will ferrell and cheri o'terry as the cheerleaders and then bush walks in. but i guess ferrell was the only one who did bush, so they would have had to get somebody else

  29. i bet u the guy talking here only knows what the media says about bush and doesnt actually know what bush has realy done.Hes only talking trash so he can get popular on youtube.dude you are a complete loser becouse all u do is waste time talking about bush when u shloud lose some wieght at least bush is not as fat as u

  30. he touches on a subject that is very important.

    george bush is trained to talk the way he does, to mispronounce things in a stupid, comical way. then he smiles through his teeth at us. that's what presidents do.

    it's not just bush. but bush is a prime example. it's a huge act and they're all in on it. and the joke is on you.

  31. neat, a democrat rush limbaugh, except potty mouthed and and not quite as proffesional..i though t we "non conservatives " were the smart people.. we dont need out opinion handed to us.. thanks..

  32. My favorite video from you guys by far. I agree with you 100% and you had some really funny shit you had to say about him.

  33. yeah he was a cheerleader at Phillps Andover Academy.
    Yep, they really choose "quality" people.
    Instead of choosing people based on merit, they choose them by how many connections they have or how much money their daddies spend to build a new building for the school

  34. I don't think the american people are smart enough to vote for anything. We should all lose our voting rights. Maybe we could decide our leaders in a death cage !

  35. The two hosts of this show have a hard time with gender roles and sexuality. They make strong statements in favor of gay equality, but they seem to have a cultural homophobia that they just can't shake.

  36. lol. All the stupid shit going on in our country and this is what you are pissed about?

    dude. You got issues…seriously

  37. I'm afraid you're right. I love TYT but their gender stereotyping is troubling. In this case Dubya is fair game because he's PRETENDING to be a cowboy. Kinda like outing a homosexual if he's a right wing bigot who's fighting for anti gay policy. Least that's what I think.

  38. no man…just chainsaw mentality…

    bush was only about photo-ops and rhetoric

    there are them who say that, while bush might not be intelligent by presidential standards, he is still smarter than the average bear, but i contend that is only true if you are talking stuffed teddy bears. those who give him more credit than is due are merely trying to make themselves look not QUITE as bad as they should in light of the fact that he was allowed into the oval office not once, but twice

  39. Hey, I'll have you know my teddy bear is very offended by your comment. =) Teddy bears at least have a purpose and are helpful to people. They are cute and huggable and make people happy. Even dirt is smarted and more useful then Bush since it allows things to grow. I'm trying to think of something that is as bad as Bush but I can't think of a thing.

  40. We've got spirit yes we do we've got spirit how 'bout you? Oh yeah also being out of office doesn't grant you immunity from past fuck ups, Cenk went after Obama for some stupid decisions and will probably still go after Obama even when Obama's out of office if his fuck ups are long lasting.

  41. What's wrong with male cheerleaders anyway? If anything that kinda made him look slightly good in my book. Not nearly good enough, but slightly.

  42. you cant still be country and be a cheerleader, seriously ? i dont think that should metter, plus that was forever ago… people change. im 100% country and a cheerleader- and your an idiot.

  43. what self respecting rich guy drives a kincoln continental. does fred thompson want to show he is a limo driver

  44. "People tend to be calpoly yanni as disarmament bitch. Mohammed has a tape israel is a cheerleader in connecticut."

  45. Yes, the ranch was clearly to help him look Reaganesque. But as for clearing brush in Texas, I think everyone down there with a ranch or rural property is required to do that to prevent fires. Wildfires are a problem down there and clearing brush and weeds is probably a regulation he had to comply with. So you can diss on him for the hypocrisy of using the ranch as a PR tool, but not for the brush.

  46. Dubya may look good in the fashion sense with that belt, hat, tight pants, stylized collar, ten gallon hat…the fashion sense however never was in sync with the actions

  47. He was President and you well….are still a Turk. I think you are got one thing right. Bullshit. You pile it on this channel. —Shalom!!

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