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GET TO KNOW ME TAG | Emma Chamberlain

GET TO KNOW ME TAG | Emma Chamberlain

100 thoughts on “GET TO KNOW ME TAG | Emma Chamberlain”

  1. i love david’s reaction to this video… i’m literally replaying the caterpillars in my head

  2. If you want your H.S. Diploma early, look up Marilyn Savant. The smartest person in the world. She’s a feminist who came up with a text book, which if you complete, will qualify you for early graduation.

  3. this is so weird cuz rn dc she had a HUGE crush on the Dolan Twins and like now there are so many Ethma rumors!!

  4. Aghh my middle name is frances too! Be thankful your parents didn’t give you a K name because my last name like yours starts with a C… KFC yes thanks mom & dad

  5. literally all the sister squad collabs are popping up in my recommended and we love how you were literally obsessed with the twins (same lmao) and now you’re best friends with them like excuse me cAnT be me

  6. I love how she talks about the Dolan twins and then become friends with them a few months later

  7. it’s literally crazy that she’s now best friends with the Dolan twins and now potentially dating one of them

  8. You can tell she's a Gemini because I don't think she took a breather from talking through this whole video holy fuck

  9. Holy shit I needed this…. Recently my mom died and I have no fucking idea what to do.. I have been binge watching your videos and you are making me laugh a lot
    Thank you…

  10. I FOUND YO FREAKIN' OLD CHANNEL ITS CALLED EMMACHAINBERLAIN19!!!!!!!!!!!!! you only posted 4 vids and you have almost 30,000 subs

  11. Describe yourself in one sentence
    Everyone: something meaningful
    Me: Brown hair, blue eyes, Caucasian, female.

  12. Emma:Dolan twins if you are watching this call me
    (Then in a video she says she is in Ethan's lane more)
    Some months later:collab with the dolan twins and probably dating ethan(that's what I believe at least)

  13. Sis became their best friezzzznd noooow wow wish that would happen to me but I REALLY can only dream of it😭😭

  14. I finaly found a youtuber i like that is an only child! If you see this do you like being an only child?

  15. also the title should be "Emma on crack for 22 minutes" ahahaha or "Emma Chamberlain speed talking for 22 minutes straight"

  16. I hear Emma Chamberlain was annoying or talked too fast but after seeing this I think she is more like a relatable person/character and her personality is really cute❤️🌸💯🔥☀️

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