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Getting to Know Jadah Marie! | Descendants 3

Getting to Know Jadah Marie! | Descendants 3

Hello, everyone.
It is me, Jadah Marie. And I thought it would be
a fun little idea if you guys could learn
a little bit more about me, so I’m gonna be answering
some questions, so, let’s go. “Is your favorite meal
of the day breakfast, lunch, or dinner?” Lunch just because
lunch specials, They be bomb, just saying. Just saying.
“Any hidden talents?” I don’t know
about hidden talents, but I can make this reptile sound that annoys my parents so much. So, it’s like…
( imitating frog ) ( laughing ) “What do you and your character
Celia have in common?” She’s a daddy’s girl,
just like me. I’m always with my dad.
I have, like, a special bond with my dad
and so does Celia. “Who is your celebrity crush?” Oh, that’s a good question. Um, oh. That’s… We’ll get back to that one
in a couple of years. “If you could choose
to do anything for a day, what would it be?” Travel somewhere. Not too far. But, like, not too close. I’d probably just do, like,
Hawaii or Jamaica. I love islands and stuff
like that, so…perfect. “What makes you laugh
no matter what?” Memes. The ones that make
no sense at all. Those are the ones. “What’s the coolest place
you’ve ever filmed in?” I loved Vancouver. But recently,
I just went to Budapest. It’s amazing,
and you should go sometime. Take me with you.
This is the last question. “What’s your favorite
dance moves from the movie?” Evie’s dance with Anna. I got to learn it,
which was, like, so much fun. I loved the sassy little dance
they did. Thank you so much
for listening to my weird, but funny answers, I hope.
I hope I made you laugh, but thank you so much
and see you guys soon. Muah, muah.

100 thoughts on “Getting to Know Jadah Marie! | Descendants 3”

  1. Jadah is a very beautiful actress and great as Celia. Btw great singing voice love you in Break This Down and you were awesome and funny in Do What You Gotta Do

  2. Okk girl Jadah thanks for sharing your experience us yes girl you nailed D3 I can see the Celia all over you Love you 💕

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  5. The description said Jadah Marie was 'sitting down and answering questions' ,but she was standing the whole time ??

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