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Girl Who’s Scared of Everything Watches Carrie, A Horror Movie.

Girl Who’s Scared of Everything Watches Carrie, A Horror Movie.

Today I’m going to be watching a movie that I think literally one person requested. I’ve seen this comment once. In my whole span of like reading comments, I’ve seen someone request this movie once so like technically it is requested, so you can’t really say shit to me. So- Yeah, I guess it’s just be like that or something. I’m going to be reacting to a movie You know it, it’s called Carrie. One of the most iconic Steven King stories of all time. We all know it. You all get the references, the pig’s blood, oh my goodness so scandalous. I’m not gonna be watching the original because I just don’t feel like it, I think it’s way easier to make fun of Ansel Elgort and Chloe Grace Moretz than it is the original actors, I don’t know why. Guys, it’s a very exciting day because today’s video is sponsored Yes, guys I have received a sponsor. What the heck I never get sponsors, I wonder why? Maybe because I make videos like After where I talk about teenage sex, but you know what? It’s fine. If you don’t want to end up like Carrie in the bathroom where you know, you’re just bleeding everywhere for everyone to see, Then I recommend you download the app Clue. I literally thought I was the smartest person for connecting these two like- concepts like wow like, her mind. She’s so smart It’s so stupid. Clue is a period tracking app and it’s actually an app that I’ve already used for quite a bit of time So when clue reached out to me, I was like hell yeah I’m freaking down because I already use this. it’s a free app, you can download it on your iPhone iPad and Android and tablets So you can know when the periods sneaking up, you know, because if you’re like me I don’t remember when my period is, I literally just like pretend it’s not there which is like very bad, but and it leads to Throwing away a lot of sheets My personal favorite thing about clue is entering the symptoms you have when you’re on your period because, After a while, after a few months of actually doing it it’s way easier to remember and See how your period actually affects you. Tracking how your cramps or your mood or your hair or your skin? Changes over time especially on your period is actually great and just helps you learn about yourself And your body a little bit more actually inputting the information somewhere and tracking how your period and menstrual cycle I’ll fix you And you know what clue is not a contraceptive I don’t know how you could think that an app could stop your pregnancy from happening. Um but if you do I just It’s not. I just want to let you guys know that it’s not a contraceptive if you want to prevent pregnancy go on birth control and Wrap your biscuit for crying out loud. It’s free to download. So why wouldn’t you download it? Don’t you want to know when your periods coming? ‘Cause I don’t like it when it’s a surprise It doesn’t really make me happy when there’s a freaking Carrie show in my pants You can use my link or you can also just go into the App Store and search up see CLUE Thank you clue for sponsoring today’s video. I would not have any other Sponsor for a Carrie reaction. And don’t I kind of give like some grease vibes right now like I feel like these are just leggings, but imagine if they were like the leather pants that sandy wears in Grease like (Sings) You’re the one I want. – honey, the one that I want, you are the one that I want – the one I need _ oh yes indeed. I think I subconsciously dress like this because I literally just watched the Glee grease episode today, tryna be like Marley or something. Is that her name, Marley? Anyways without further ado Let’s get into the Carrie reaction, yay. Girl go to the hospital Imagine if this was the scene in Twilight when Bella Swan gave birth. Just her like peeling back her dress and be like “a baby” Putting wigs on it and putting likes of strawberry jam and cream cheese all over its head to kind of look like after birth Wow that baby be said stop, in the name of love You had the scissors, you could have cut the umbilical cord. Why didn’t you um Where’s the umbilical cord? No, I did not see her cut it but I guess it’s just gone Okay It’s Ansel Elgort or what’s his name? Tommy? What’s his name in this? Chad?? What? Did she just say “I want you to keep it in the air three times or eight.” Yeah, you’re dying I love the replay. That was fun So fucking mean. Like literally fucking demons, like whos just that mean Ooh look at those tampons move Oh shit I’ll be contacting my lawyers cause that’s You’re not- we’re not in Harry Potter Land and you’re not Snape. Don’t be going around hitting kids. “Do you understand what’s happening to your body? Do you know what it means?” What? You’re a woman “I don’t know I felt something moving down there.” Moving?! What the hell is moving in your vagina on a period I mean- Come on “Honey you don’t have to protect them what they did was unforgivable.” “Okay look-“, Bro she didn’t even get a chance to say anything he was like ‘well I guess she’s not gonna say who did it’ Wow. Oh my god, sex? Sexual activity? Sexual intercourse? Oh my god, this movie is scandalous “But it was me too.” “You threw tampons at Carrie White?” What if he just broke up with her right then and there? ‘I don’t want to bully as my girlfriend…get out.’ “Prom and then graduation-” I don’t- why are all their shirts different? Why are there like some in tank tops some and grey, some in like- Should just be like one shirt period. Period. “Oh, what about you, Sue?” “You and Tommy busy campaigning to be prom king and queen?” Tommy. I was right. How did I guess his name- Right? Oh my god my mind. “I guess I had like the master of a mind the mind of a- master you know? I’m just-” “See I’m telling you. I have the mind of a master- master I have the mind of a master mind. What’s that? I don’t know but I’m so creative like that.” “That’s up to all of you, but anyone who stops running- is suspended, and if you’re suspended you’re not going to prom.” Damn No fucking mercy “And then every day this week all because of Carrie White?” All because of you. What do you mean? All you did was not have to throw tampons at her and post a video That’s all you, you didn’t- that’s all that had to happen. “I didn’t do anything wrong.” “Right Sue? You’re with me on this, right? Come on.” All you have to do to get out of Embarrassing and bullying someone is do some exercise? Oh my god, that is Terrible like suicides aren’t that bad suicides suck, exercising sucks, conditioning sucks But like, I take suicides but I would never do that. So I can’t relate. I would never throw tampons at someone The magic of telekinesis. “You know, sorry I was just gonna say you could make it full screen.” ‘That’s all I wanted to say’ I thought he was gonna comment on like Telekinesis she’s watching, not like, ‘you know what like you can make that thing theater mode if you want to.’ ” She can’t do that. It’s abusive power.” “You’re right daddy. That’s what she said.” Yeah, me and my sequin vest, we’re taking you to the ground you P.E. Public school teacher, we’re taking you down. I have my sequin vest on. “I think your daughter’s the one who took it.” Yeah, me and my poof. I have a poof in my head Ah, maybe even a ‘Bump-it in’ that means you’re guilty and your spray tan is a little patchy by your ear, I see it “Dad.” “Goddamnit. Just give them your phone Chris.” “No.” Oh my god, and it’s paired with a royal blue skirt. Wow, now that’s an outfit “So I’m officially out of prom.” Why is the bump so-? The poof is so uneven? It’s driving me crazy It’s deflated on one side. “I’ll see you around. Sue” Sue? Why’s her name Sue? Why is she wearing a scarf, it’s summer. If it’s hot enough for you to wear a tank top and shorts Why are you wearing a goddamn scarf? I love the noise. (Imitates the knife) I’m about to slice her up, dog. Okay, she literally just learned how to like pick them up like a second ago And now she’s like, ‘ooh I know there’s a knife there’ That kid doing the cartwheel, like I just love that someone directed him to do that, either They told him to do a cartwheel like ‘do a cartwheel across the shot it’ll be great’ or they were like ‘do whatever you want when you walk past the shot’ and he’s like ‘Let me do a cartwheel.’ “I saw how she looked at you in class when you rescued her.” “Mm what girl doesn’t want to go to prom?” “What girl doesn’t want one magical night?” “Maybe I can give that up for her.” When you’re homeschooled and you’re not going to prom “How you doing?” “I’m okay.” – I’m alright “Carrie?” I don’t know like literally nothing’s happening and everyone’s like ‘Ha Ha Ha.” ‘Wow.’ “If you two – if you three are planning on playing a joke on a lonely defenseless girl-” “This has nothing to do with Chris or you Mrs. Jardin.” Jardin? Sounds like DiGiorno “When you show up to prom with Carrie White on your arm, don’t you think you’re gonna look the tiniest bit ridiculous?” Damn DiGiorno Why are you roasting Carrie like that? I thought you were supposed to be her ally. I don’t think you’re just allowed to do that. Oh, she has never seen these types of fabric because in like You know the Bible it says you’re not allowed to mix fabric cause that’s a sin So this is her experience other types of fabric. I don’t think they tried that hard. I don’t think it was that deep but like Maybe. That’s a cool thought though that’s why she’s so fascinated by the fabrics? Because she hasn’t seen that many types of fabric, because you’re not supposed to mix fabrics according to the Bible. Cause it’s sinful. “No mama, I took a bus to Main Street and I bought cloth for a dress.” Oh cause she wants to make her dress Oh, it has nothing to do with the Bible mixing a fabric shit. Okay, my bad my bad. It’s not that deep I just made it too deep “Mama stand up.” Come on guys stand up put your hands together stand up. Hey stand up stand up stand up stand up The power of Christ compels you bitch “Witch.” ‘Witch bitch would you bitch witch.’ And nothing’s going to stop me.” Damn straight. “Don’t worry little piggy Uncle Jack is gonna bash your head right in.” He acts like he’s in freakin Batman giving a monologue before he kills a pig Well, then you got this to this extent cause you couldn’t go to prom, there seems like a little bit of an overreaction Dramatic reaction. I don’t know I just seems a little Much. I mean, maybe I’m crazy. Maybe this is correct me if I’m wrong if you public schoolers are like this cause I just don’t know I mean Maybe there’s a reason why I’m homeschooled instead of going to public school because y’all act like this When you’re on the path to being a psychopath. Is she finishing her dress the day before prom? Seems a little bit like procrastination to me, but I mean Whatever you do you girl but that seems like a little bit of a risky situation I got you girl. I got you Don’t mind the noise. My mom is just in the closet banging her head on the door. No big deal “Tommy, can we wait a minute?” “Yeah sure. We can wait as long as you want.” We can wait as long as you want But we’re renting the limo by the hour. So like Get on with it “Carrie White will you have this dance with me?” No “Come on.” You can’t say no to Ansel Elgort. I think that’s illegal Like if Ansel Elgort asked you to dance you have to dance by law you do, if you don’t you go to jail “And I’ll have you home by 10:30.” “How’s that sound to you?” “Maybe 11.” “Whatever you want.” ‘My mom’s locked in a closet. Anyways, it’s fine. Let’s stay out all night, baby.’ What the hell was that, she said : What do you mean ballets on your table? You vote at prom? Like you gotta count the votes while you’re there? “Wave a scepter around when they play the school song and then uh- Do a little dance. So everyone can see how idiotic we look.” “They’re beautiful.” “You’re beautiful.” I thought she looked at like some janky party city thrones and was like ‘They’re very beautiful’ “By one vote, Tommy Ross and Carrie White.” Yeah- Yeah. The movies finally about to get interesting. It only took an hour to get interesting. But here we are guys. Don’t worry Ew it’s thick Oh my God. No! I love the replay. I like that they replayed it a couple times like it’s a little comedy show (canned laughter) The way covers for one eye completely, but the other one is fine. Oh no the bucket. Oh no the bucket The bucket the bucket the bucket the bucket the bucket The fact that he died like that it sucks ass, though. Like the bucket is what killed him not her, not anything else. It was the bucket. Oh my god the blood getting into her eye Oh it lifting off of her oh my god “Are you seeing this?” I’m seeing it. You’re all about to die now. Yes! This is it, this is where the movie gets good at the last 30 minutes. Yes Oh, they get crushed in the bleachers. Oh my god Ooh the girl with the laptop (laughs) She saves her laptop Because she was the one that uploaded the video, so she dies from electricity (claps) Yayyyyyy Oh she saved you Where’d her shoes go? Like there was no point in that which she took off her shoes. They just like fell off? Bro, yeah! Yeah yeah yeah yeah!!! Ooh she gave me that Rami Malek Twilight stuff She gave me that Benjamin ‘I’m gonna break the earth bitch’ Yeah Fucking love this scene That was a little like final destination right here, but it’s fine And it didn’t show her whole face coming through so, it wasn’t that satisfying as I wanted it to be but like whatever Oh because it didn’t go through forgot about that, that’s even better. I love that shot though, looks very scary (steps squeak) Why is their house so squeaky? It’s so squeaky, every little step, every single little movement its squeak, squeak, squeak “Mama?” Mama, Ooh (Bohemian Rhapsody) A Bath is what you’re gonna take? Not a shower, a bath. You’re just gonna sit and soak in the pig’s blood Really? That’s like dyeing your hair and taking a bath and just like soaking in the dye It’s like you’re trying to rinse it off what you’re just putting it back on “I saw him look at me in that way.” When he gives you that look “And I liked it.” “Mama no.” She liked it? Eughhhhhhhh She’s like, ‘Hell no.’ What if she was like “You should have gone for the head.” Her mom goes, “I am inevitable” and Carrie goes “I am- Carrie.” You have telekinetic powers, get with it Aah! AAAH! She’s like, ‘Fuck why do I have so many pairs of scissors, goddamn.’ Yeahh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s like, she’s like this to reference the cross and Jesus I like it when she goes up to her and she’s like sorry and she starts taking them all out How is she not limping? Where’s the limp? Girlie? Where’s the limp? She freaking sliced your calf “I’m scared.” Oh I like how this girl can make rocks come out of the sky, like when Like is she taking rocks from the floor and then like bringing them up and down on her or they just Like getting these bulbs from like the sky, dude, where’d you get all these rocks girl? Don’t know why it’s making that noise like there’s a freaking mammoth down there, like why who’s roaring? Like Ooh (Trin:) oooooooooh That was my reaction to Carrie. Make sure you subscribe so you can see more videos to me You can follow me on instagram and twitter at @tkalovell I try to post on my Instagram when I can but I’m definitely posting on Twitter a lot So follow me on there. That wraps it up for today guys I hope you enjoyed and I will see you in my next video. Bye (music)

100 thoughts on “Girl Who’s Scared of Everything Watches Carrie, A Horror Movie.”

  1. She’s more sympathetic in the original because I never know if she can control her powers or not. It’s just the hurt that makes her do it. This one she clearly wants to kill everyone in the original it played more like an accident.

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  13. There shirts make sense to be different from my experience. In one school I went to. We well had to wear one specific shirt in gym class and we had to order it from the school, but at a different school that I went to it was only a rule to change for gym class and that it couldn't be too revealing otherwise it really didn't matter what we wore so people would just bring in Old t-shirts an old shorts to wear for gym class

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