9 thoughts on “Girls sue to block participation of transgender athletes”

  1. "For The wages of SIN is DEATH But The Gift Of GOD Is Eternal Life In CHRIST JESUS our LORD our SAVIOUR!" Amen And Amen! Romans 6:23 www.gty.org

  2. finally the response to LGBT Harry Miller win is huge now for women's sports FINALLY girls are standing up for female human rights.

  3. It makes perfect sense..why couldn't they make a special LGBT athletic commission to have special LGBT sporting events… Separate from ALL women's or ALL men's sports it's only fair…only ALL LGBT sporting events…Now you know we're in the future..flatout…Can't cry racist either..because it legitimate good reasons…

  4. Wait!! That's not equality though stop discriminating they re women also!! 😭😭 furthermore what happened to anything men can do women can do better?? I'm so confused.. seems like everyone's just on the side that conveniences them at that moment.. everyone needs to stop claiming equality, unless your fighting for the same cons as well as the pros.

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