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Glass started out life as a 150-page script,
which is M Night Shyamalan’s longest screenplay to date. And he did film that whole script, which gave
him a first cut of three hours and twenty minutes. Over an hour of footage from that early cut
was deleted as the movie was edited down to around two hours and ten minutes. Given that Shyamalan financed much of the
$20 million budget of Glass himself, it’s understandable that he wishes he’d been a
bit ‘harsher’ during the writing process and pared down the script before shooting began. Still, that means we’ve got some interesting
deleted scenes to talk about! Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and in
this video I’m going to reveal and explain seven intriguing scenes that were deleted
from Glass including an alternate ending. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the film
yet. One of the most striking deleted scenes from
Glass takes place in the corridors of the psychiatric hospital. In the cut scene, we see several of the hospital’s
other patients approaching the Beast, and, as they do so, he seems to be laying hands
on them, as if they’re having an almost religious experience. The Beast believes that only those who’ve
suffered are pure, so it’s natural that he would see the other patients at the hospital
as his followers. Shyamalan has said he chose a mustard colour
for the Beast’s clothing because it’s associated with religious ceremonies and he regards the
Beast as “an evangelist, a preacher who wants to help save The Broken.” And remember that a number of Kevin’s personalities,
including Patricia and Dennis, talk about the Beast in religious terms, for example,
referencing his prey as “sacred food”. Dr Staple even refers to Patricia as a kind
of ‘high priestess’ and when doubt about the Beast finally creeps in, Patricia says that
her ‘horde is losing faith’. It would seem logical, therefore, if the full
deleted scene also showed us the Beast preaching and converting the patients to his cause. In the final film, we see David Dunn, aka
the Overseer, demonstrate his superpowers just once before the story moves on to him
tracking down and battling the Beast. That scene in the movie takes place in the
home of two men who randomly attacked a passer-by on the street then uploaded a video of the
attack to the internet. However, another scene of David’s crime-fighting
exploits in the city was deleted from the movie. In this trailer footage that didn’t make it
into the final film, you can see the Overseer slamming someone up against what looks like
it could be a subway wall. If you look carefully at the clip, you can
also see someone lying on the floor with the contents of their handbag or purse spilled
out on the ground beside them. All of which points to the person on the floor
having been assaulted or mugged by the guy being thrown against the wall by the Overseer. This scene looks like it’s part of a longer
introduction to Dunn’s vigilante activities, and so I expect it was cut to get to the main
action of Dunn versus the Beast more quickly and also trim down the movie’s run-time. Shyamalan made good use in Glass of several
deleted scenes from Unbreakable including one with young Elijah at a fair and another
with Joseph telling David that he knows his secret identity. But those weren’t the only deleted scenes
from the nearly 20-year-old film that the director was going to include in the final
part of his trilogy. Originally, a deleted Unbreakable scene where
David speaks to a priest was also going to feature in Glass. In the scene, which takes place in a church,
David tells a priest that he feels the fact he was the sole survivor of the train wreck
means something important, however, the priest, who also lost family in the crash, tells David
in no uncertain terms that his survival is no “hand of God, miracle” moment. “You were chosen?” “I don’t think so.” Shyamalan has said he decided to cut this
powerful scene from Glass at the last moment. I think the scene probably was going to appear
just after the group therapy session, when we see David Dunn sitting alone in his room,
looking despondent. It would have fit perfectly there as David
is clearly shaken by Dr Staple’s words about how all his supposed superpowers are just
a matter of intuition and tricks. So, it makes sense that he might think back
in that moment to someone else from his past – the priest – who likewise doubted that
he was special. “It was luck.” “What do you mean?” “Random, without meaning.” Actor James McAvoy also had an extended scene
with the cheerleaders at the beginning of the movie. The final film starts with Dennis and Patricia
off-screen, discussing people’s lack of belief in the Beast; then we see Patricia introduce
herself to the four abducted girls. “Now, who’d like a PB and J sandwich?” However, according to Shyamalan, in the original
script, the opening sequence with Patricia was much longer. The director thought he needed to explain
how Kevin had multiple personalities, and so the cheerleaders were going to go through
a similar set of scenes like Casey and the two girls did when they were first abducted
in Split. In the end though, Shyamalan realised he was
just repeating things people had already seen in that film and that he didn’t need the extra
scenes in Glass to properly re-introduce the audience to Kevin Wendell Crumb and his various
identities. Kevin has a total of 24 personalities including
The Beast. In Split, we saw eight of those identities
on display either in person or via the video recordings on Kevin’s computer. But while Glass showed us many more personalities,
James McAvoy has confirmed that although he filmed 23 of Kevin’s identities, only 20 of
them made the final cut of the film. I’ve compared the list of characters that
McAvoy’s credited for in Glass against the full list of Kevin’s identities revealed on
his computer in Split. It looks like the missing characters in Glass
are Bernice, Rakel, and Ansel, as well as Orwell, who we did see a clip of in Split. Shyamalan has said that because he was originally
going to include 23 out of Kevin’s 24 identities in Glass, at one point he “was going to do
a contest to tell [him] which character is not in the movie”. Anyway, I’m hoping on the Blu-ray we get to
see an extended scene of Dr Staple meeting Kevin’s multiple identities which shows us
the remaining personalities not seen in either film. There’s also an interesting little moment
with David in the group therapy session that ended up being scrapped:
“So you’re not going to shake my hand, and let me walk on out of here.” He’s talking here to Dr Staple, and had this
clip been in the final film, it would have been a chilling bit of foreshadowing of how,
towards the end of the movie, Dr Staple holds David’s hand and watches on while he’s drowned
in a puddle by one of the secret society’s henchmen. I wonder if the ultimate decision to scrap
this brief clip was partly because Shyamalan felt it tipped its hat a little too early
to the fact that David Dunn would find out something sinister about Dr Staple by touching
her hand. The finale of Glass has proved divisive among
fans, but Samuel L Jackson has revealed that initially the movie had a different ending. In an interview with Digital Spy, he explained
that the original ending was “changed because of the way society is and what’s going on
in the world and what it would have looked like.” Jackson’s comments are rather vague, but one
possibility is that originally the black-clover secret society suppressing super-powered individuals
was meant to be a covert agency of the government, rather than a group whose affiliations are
never clearly stated. When Dr Staple’s henchmen arrive, they’re
dressed and labelled like regular law enforcement officials or SWAT teams. Given that Glass is set in the present, if
the twist was going to be that it was the government that was secretly repressing and
assassinating supers, then it might have felt the movie was trying to make a deliberate
political point. Another possibility is that the final twist
was changed as it ended the movie on an even darker note, which was also the reason that
Shyamalan changed the original ending of his previous movie Split. Of course, the three main characters are killed
off in Glass, but what if after Elijah’s mother, Joseph and Casey released the footage to the
world, it ended up being dismissed as “fake news” by the government or the media? During the final scene, we hear Mr Glass say,
“Whoever these people are who don’t want us to know the truth, today they lose.” But I wonder if an earlier draft saw the government
discrediting the footage and covering up the whole affair. I don’t know if Shyamalan had anything like
that in mind, but it would have been a pretty depressing ending and again given the movie
a more overtly political ending. Apparently, also at a Q&A event for Glass,
Shyamalan talked about how the distributors Disney and Universal offered him a larger
budget to make a more climactic ending. It’s possible that their idea was to actually
have that big show-down at the Osaka Tower. Shyamalan turned down the offer, however,
as he says he’s not as comfortable making films with huge budgets and feels he works
better with smaller ones, so he kept this film down to $20 million overall and its CGI
budget was only $800,000, a tiny amount for a superhero movie. Either way, if you want to know more about
the actual ending in the movie and who the black-clover secret society really represent,
then tap here to watch my Ending Explained video or check the link in the video description
below. Now, if you could have had any ending to Glass
what would you have liked? And do you wish any of these other deleted
scenes had been in the movie? Let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this and it’s your first time
here, then I’ve got loads more deleted scenes breakdowns, plus every week I upload new videos,
so why not subscribe and hit the bell so you don’t miss out. Tap left for everything you missed in the
ending to Glass or tap right for another video you’re sure to like. Thanks for watching and see ya next time. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers!

100 thoughts on “Glass ALTERNATE ENDING & DELETED Scenes”

  1. Fair enough cutting costs but he cut the best scenes out the movie had so much potential .. poor ending won't be watching another movie by him!

  2. The secret government thing was bullshit! I wanted David and Kevin to live! This movie robbed me of that ending! I liked the movie just not the ending.

  3. It would have been better if 2 or all 3 of the main characters survived. I thought it was kind of a let down to find out that Kevin Crumb's father was on the train that David survived on. Sure it provided a supervillain-ish connection between Kevin and Elijah, but it only ended up breaking their alliance and turning Kevin on his ally.
    Otherwise, it would have been nice if during Elijah's posthumus speech that uncovered the Shamrock Conspiracy if the camera panned in on a few of the people in the train station, as if implying that they, like many more in the world, had superpowers.

  4. The filmmakers thought that killing off the main characters would close this saga, but they’re wrong. We would like to explore more of Black Clover’s actions in future movies. One thing the movie’s ending may have closed off is the possibility of possible connections with other M. Night Shyamalan movies like “The Sixth Sense”, “Signs”, and “The Village”, but maybe we might see this in the future.

  5. I would've like just a small little moment, where it shows David's son to some small subtle feat of superhuman strength in front of Elijah's mother, where says in a hushed voices, "Oh my.. You're just like your father!" to which he replies, "No.. water doesn't hurt me.. I've found nothing that ca… " then puts his finger to his mouth to shush her. I would have liked that far more. than what we were given.

  6. One thing I couldn't stand. Why did M. Night forget that December is WINTER? There shouldn't be green grass and full trees– especially not in Philadelphia!




    (Technically we got the directors cut, I guess I mean BIG CUT)

  8. He should’ve taken the studios money and done the climactic ending! I felt robbed of the tower fight since they hinted at it the whole movie.

  9. Dude… I was so expecting David to be standing in the foreground in his poncho cape thing when it was panning out when the family members/friends were on the bench… Like right at the end.. I was so annoyed when it ended, David didn't deserve to die like that, he was treated like dirt.. I watched all three of the movies at once, for the first time, so I didn't see his powers too much, it wasn't shown as much as I wanted really.. also having Hedwig in the light while Kevin is dying? Too low… Too low… Loved the movie anyway, a whole load of twists and it genuinely made me doubt the fact that they are heroes or have powers, this movie exceeded my expectations but darn did it annoy me haha

  10. I would have kept the ending up until the deaths of Elijah and David. Before they were killed, the inmates from the asylum would have started screaming while lights flickered on and off. The doctor and other guards would've noticed their breaths suddenly becoming visible while they started shuddering from the cold. As guards went in multiple directions and David fought his way out, he would have come across a young man standing outside the facility with a sign reading 'David Dunn: Overseer'. David would have followed him to a car and after getting in asked him 'What the hell is going on and who are you?' The young man would just smile and say, 'I guess I'm a superhero, just like you.' (David) 'Oh yeah? What's your superpower?' (young man) 'I help dead people.'

  11. That's crazy he left out the deleted Preacher scene, was made for the moment after the session with the other two, he could have been in his room thinking in bed or the moment he is about to break open his steel door, he could have screamed NO!! then the audience would have felt it more as he believes again.

  12. This guy really makes me made in nearly 90% of his movies. He starts extremely good up to 50-60% of his movies and then he totally ruins them in the end. Unbreakable was a masterpiece and split was amazing too but this movie really only made me mad and was no satisfying showdown or ending at all. Sad that it ended that way.

  13. Wait, why didn't beast close his eyes and break all the flashlights? guess he was all brawl & no brain

  14. The only other movie I really liked of his was "Lady in the water", watch him ruin that with a sequel too, probably have Story eaten by a shark just before she got back home, or the Tartutic kill everyone in the apartment complex…way to go Shayamalan for ruining a movie I liked for the last 19 years douchebag.😡🤬😡

  15. M. Night Shyamalan has become that type of director that doesn't give the viewer what they want. He's disappointed so many so much since he released The Village. He was on a ROLL disappointing everyone since that point. Remember the Last Airbender? People forgot who he was. Until he decided to make a "shared universe" with his classic Unbreakable movie. Aaaaaannnnnd he's on a roll again in destroying that too. He's the type of director that seems to be BEGGING Hollywood, "PLEASE! Just make me wash dishes instead of making movies!" But Hollywood apparently isn't getting the message.

  16. They killed Kevin and David very recklessly in my opinion. this movie could have a next part to it but they wasted the opportunity

  17. Every "Glass Explained" YouTube video is missing so much from the movie.

    And no one mentions that Kevins character is based on the real-life story of Billy Milligan. Who had (yes that's right) 24 personalaties that would take the "light". This is totally taken from Billy Milligan. Instead of the the 24th being "The Beast" in Billy's real-life story, the 24th personality was coming and was to be "The Teacher".

    Oh and the black clovers? Easy – It's another twisted-spin-off-pre-sequel to CLOVERFIELD. ???

    The society must be an ancient order before first recorded history that began with the Sumerians/Babylonians/Assyrians… 10,000 yeas ago? There was no written language that we know of and just theories. Sumerians were the first with cuneiform writing on clay tablets that still survive ( Millions) approx 7000 yrs and going. Assyrians hat are left today ( Approx 3 Million worldwide) is currently celelebrating their new year 6769 and celebrate it for 2-3 weeks, not one day.

    With so many SPLIT stories intertwined, It's difficult to tell what the movie is really trying to put out there. Is it Superheroes? Villians that create superhumans? Taking the piss out of the Avengers and Marvel as seen in the movie.

    What about Elli Staple when she mentions going on to another city? And if they fail they might have to use what she calls and no one has explained at all, let alone mentions, is "The Machine".

    What's the Machine? How old is it? That clover society could have another trilogy spin-off called "The Machine" (You heard it here first".

    Then there is Wallace crumb. Ok, If the result of Kevin's Father dying and causing Kevin to SPLIT in short. Why is he carrying a odd and old style bag with his surname on it? Why is his name on the bag. Just his surname? It is supposed to be the 20th century right? And the biggest one everyone (not that watched the film) but all these explanations which I love, but miss the fact that Wallace Crumb was reading book on New research with DID disorders and the camera does close in very quickly to the book before panning to the right cleverly done, but that question remains…???

    Why was he reading that book, on that train ride when it could have been any? The name on the bag yes, did suggest who he was, he had a very odd looking bag and his father looked very intellectual. As if he had the same thing happen to him. But still, how does that explain Kevin turning out this way?

    So anyone: What's the Machine?

    Why did Wallace Crumb who eerily has a name similar to Willis who is seated right next to him. Wallace and Willis???

    It's M.Night or Mr Subliminal Night.

    The secret society interested me more than the beast at the end. The whole beast thing got boring, and is why I feel there is a deeper story here.

    And who are the three black clovers? The society? No. David, Glass or Kevin? no… It's Elijahs mother, Jospeh ( The Whisperman ) and Casey who has more power than just being able to bring out Kevin, and its not because she is just 'broken'. The mother holds the hands of the other 2, with the THREE of them sitting in the train station.

    Also there are multiple references to the number 3 in the movie like 3 days, 3 people 3 this, 3 that…. that is just simple subliminals I suppose…

    The movie leaves room for actual comics that are prequels, or even a prequel to unbreakable. Or more surprise sequels + another trilogy. One long movie that took 19 years to watch.

    and what about the other Trilogy M.Night started? Will that continue now?

    The movie "Devil" by M.night is also known to be part of a trilogy. The 2nd of this trilogy was said to be out before they even mentioned Split was coming out. This I read right after Devil was released. The start of the movie "Devil" with the man falling off the building into a particular truck and logo, has something to do with the next in the said part of the trilogy, that M.Night said would be " Reincarnation " and about some supernatural court-room film. That ties into Devil and I forgot what the 3rd was to be called. This was yonks ago this was said.

    So what next for M.night?

    More about the cloverfield society?

    Or Will he continue with "Devil" – I dunno if he will given that Devil did not have the impact Unbreakable has had and still does.

    And lastly if you think about the movie names:

    1st. Unbreakable (Glass)

    2nd. A "Split" in the "Glass" and split between the 2 movies.

    3rd. The "glass" is not "unbreakable" anymore and is broken because of the "SPLIT" in the Glass…???

    So its The Unbreakable Glass that Split is now broken.


    And the name Ellie Staple – The surname is a nod to staples in comic books….

    I loved all 3 movies especially glass, or should I say, I loved that movie that was SPLIT in 3.

    End of story…

  18. One thing after reading comments here people have seemed to miss also:

    What does Elijah say to his mother when he is dying? " Momma this is an ORIGIN STORY" – Its not about the birth or making David or Kevin superheroes. Also Mr Glass did not create David Dunn, He was already strong, just like Mr Glass who was always a genius anyway, it was only Kevin, who he brought out to be one. Its The mother, Joseph and Casey that may be the (3) And in "Unbreakable" – Elijah said he was LOOKING for others, not creating, even though he said what he d did before dying. That totally contradicts that part of the story and 'SPLITS' the story again. and on top of that, did MR Glass expect Kevin's Father to be on that train? Since he was reading a book on DID? Who is Wallace Crumb anyway and why did it have to be the train when MR Glass already blew up numerous places and it could even been another tragedy that he caused, why the same train? Yes to make it cool to connect the two but what about Kevin not being SPLIT, when Dad was already reading a book on it, suggesting that Wallace also either had DID, and/or that he was also some super-brained hero…?

    M.Night is clever. And there are reasons why he left these clues everywhere in Glass that are the real details most people, if not majority missed, and also have never mentioned anywhere I have personally seen.

    Basically, right from the start M.Night was suggesting this to be a trilogy and that unbreakable was supposed to be the second in the trilogy and not the first. But then that would have spoiled SPLIT with not just a twist ending but a twist sequel.

    He is the only Movie maker in history that has done this very cleverly and pulled it off with crowds roaring when the ending of split begins with that oh so familiar music.

    It is a no-brainer that M.night has put so many things in GLASS we wont know until he makes another movie to explain more and we all want to see the 3 of them again.

    Maybe one of the superheroes in another town that they are going to basically "clean up" with the MACHINE if necessary. What could the Machine possibly do? Reset Time? Since they killed them anyway after having 3 days to convince them they were normal. They are compassionate and not at the same time.

    So imagine, they use this machine against someone who can bend time and space, as it is entirely possible since they have supernatural powers, and not so much Superhuman abilities.
    Pro-athletes/Sportsmen are the real superheroes. Could there truly not be someone that will reverse time. Again, if they are so easily able to kill 3 superheroes, then why would the need to us a Machine M.Night doesn't even explain at all. If it doesn't kill or see into the future. I imagine it must be some time changing device. Giving the possibility of resurrecting all 3 characters.
    These totally unexplained things must be for another film in this series. As it left audiences with "SPLIT-REACTIONS" meaning that M.Night isn't finished this comic book tale.

    I honestly see another trilogy spanning the next 20 years or less finger crossed.

  19. for the first time I agree with the companies. he should take the budget and make the epic showdown fight instead of David die from a stupid puddle…

  20. Could of turned these movies into a real franchise like Xmen. But no just kill everyone and leave it on a cliffhanger with no hope of following up on the secret organization. So lame

  21. I believe all this shit.. I feel like when they uploaded the footage of the final battle it should have revealed other supers that may have had doubt on who they are

  22. This is how the ending should have been the beast doesent find out about what elija did and they both escape and David breaks the hand of that stupid thug and kills the other guards then escaps with his son.David also finds out about the secret society,elija makes that video go live and it encourages more superhumans to come forward.Then elija makes a plot to assemple other superhuman villians to destroy the secret society that wants to surpress them and take control of the country.David and his son plan to find superhumans as well to destroy the secret society,and stop elija.

  23. The entire synapse of this movie was shooting a backyard fist fight and upload it onto Youtube to make it go viral. That's all it was. No more, no less. It sucked. Might as well they couldve called this movie titled, "KIMBO SLICE!"

  24. In my opinion I thought that Unbreakable and Split were a little better than Glass, although it was amazing, but the ending let it down, killing off all 3 main characters? Not great!

  25. I loved the movie. All 3 of the movies are amazing. I really hope M. Night continues this story with a new story same universe or a movie about the black clover group. All I can say is just amazing movie. M. Night thank you.

  26. I wanted to see that dumb dr bitch get killed for failing to silence Mr Glass..that would have been great karma for what she did too david and kevin

  27. The final battle was the most underwhelming experience I've ever had from a movie climax… This was border line super human, mostly peak human fight.

  28. Spoiler Alert:
    I understand the ending and why Shyamalan made this ending but it doesn't work. The videos playing everywhere at the end of the movie, in real life no one is going to believe that is real without solid evidence to back it up but all three are dead so there are no evidence except for videos which people are not going to believe because these are super powered people fighting.
    Also, this was like The Last Jedi. It is okay to kill of main characters in the movies but give them some kind of proper send-off. The way David died sucked.

  29. Great video and great movie! Is this the origin story for a new cinematic superhero universe as told by M. Night Shyamalan?

  30. i wish they would have Worshipping The Beast Scene 0:43

    David Dunn & Mugger Scene 1:42

    Unbreakable Deleted Scenes
    and the diffrent ending would be they believe they killed David as the screen cuts to black the crides come up then we are in the morge where david wakes up maybe he stars working for the govement or something

  31. 6:10 Damn, I started suspecting he would find something wrong with her from the moment she tried to convince him it was all intuition and he didn't suggest her to touch him to try it)

  32. David Dunn is base on Superman, and in the comics superman died once and came back to life. So maybe David will too 😉

  33. Kevin and David survive and Casey helps Kevin with his personalities while investing the black clover society lol I would be fine just with Mr Glass dying but Kevin and David deserved better

  34. Can just imagine that after the credits roll we see some guy in an office crammed with knick-knacks, his back to the camera. Then it cuts to an extreme close up of his hands as he's flipping through what looks like a storyboard for the entire trilogy.

    As he flips the last page we hear a familiar voice say, "That's not how you do a superhero movie!"

    The camera tilts up and we see that it's….

    Stan Lee!

  35. Aside from the unnecessary stuff with kevin's extra personalities, I wish they could have kept in the stuff with David because I really wanted to see him kick more ass in the streets as a local super hero, also the ending was so fucking stupid, like either have the characters die in less insulting ways, or keep David alive, but still keep the twist that Mr. Glass was the hero all along exposing to the world their new protectors bc it mirrored how the twist in unbreakable about him being the main villain.

  36. I liked the movie but the death of the 3 main characters sucked. I'm beginning to hate M. Nights story arcs with his movies and just cutting the ends. Leaving things open when he never intends to do any more movies about the subjects.

  37. I thought it would have been interesting if they teased Casey (girl survived split) and joseph Dunn having some kind of ability too that were triggered from the deaths in the end. I thought this because Kevin aka the beast told her in the end of split said she should rejoice because ahe was like him. And Joseph because he inherited his ability from his father.
    I also thought this because mister glass said before he died this isn't a limited edition comic but an orgin story.

  38. I think it's bit rude to kill Dunn in a puddle. A swimming pool or a bigger body of water might show more respect to the man. 😢😢😢

  39. It's very possible that we might have been given some hints to this that wont be apparent until more movies are released (if that ever happens), but I would have liked to have seen something at the end to indicate that there are more people with powers that have seen the footage and are coming out into the open. I think a good opportunity would have been for one of the three, Joeseph, Casey, or "Mrs. Price" could have checked their email and seen that they suddenly had hundreds or thousands of new emails, and as they scrolled down, one caught their eye. This email could go many different ways. It could have simply shown the sender or subject that gives some indication of someone revealing themselves or their research into other super humans, .. or they could have potentially opened the email to a video that showed evidence.

  40. after they died i was really disappointed but the movie still have a few minutes was expecting new people with extraordinary power to show up …

  41. im not the type to buy a DVD just to watch extended or deleted scenes, but I will for Glass. Sad to see them die at the end, but hey…it's a Shyamalan movie…you ain't going to get an ending you expected.

  42. 1. Relase directors cut please
    2. I wouldve been fine with this movie but they literally made me/ us wait years just to kill a old man in a PUDDLE! A #[email protected]&INGG PUDDLE!!!!!ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Idk about y'al lmy heart broke at that moment.

  43. The clover thing is an Irish thing, to me it doesn't make any sense, as that a lot of the Irish somewhat believe in magic.

  44. This director kinda sucks man. The deleted scenes would have added to the characters and cinematic build up. Bruce Willis's character didnd even get a chance to fulfill its potential and the same could be said for the beast's many personalities. The director fuckd the movie up with his stupid ass. This shouldve easily been a longer movie or left room for a bangin trilogy. What a waste of what could n should have been

  45. I've watched all three movies, (in order) and I'm sad/mad that Kevin died, the movie would've been better if he had lived, the movie creator needs to make another movie where he comes back alive

  46. I'm fine with the death of good characters as it adds a sense of realism since real life demands sacrifice, but here it just seemed grossly mishandled as was the overall quality of the film. Like wrapping up for the sake of wrapping up, instead of tucking your baby to sleep after a great 3 film run

  47. i also tought the ending should been at the tower thats what i tought was going to happenn also but when you see it ends at the parking lot i was dissapointed

  48. How did the doctor know that bright light was the weakness of the Beast and water was the weakness disable the unbreakable man?

  49. Would have been awesome, end of the movie… Dunn is on a slab at the morgue. He moves and coughs up water and sits up.

  50. I think they should have showed deleted scenes in Glass. Glass should have ended with David Dunn aka The Unbreakable and Joseph and Casey should've hooked up in the movie.

  51. I thought the ending was perfect. An ending that would have set up another movie where these three characters battle it out on top of a building would have been lame and made it just another cheesy superhero movie.

  52. Having the three main characters killed at the end ruined it for me. Having Dunn killed the way they did was even worse. Any ending where someone survives (Even Glass) would have been much much better

  53. I actually want to see the 3 hour movie but this ending concept is actually already perfect. But i think they need to clean up the ending act a little bit

  54. You’ve got no idea how sad I am to have been born in the reality where Shyamalan didn’t take the high budget climax idea.

  55. The Dunn character had a horrible ending,, his death was sooooo stupid, it took me completely out of the movie..

  56. I cried when Kevin died. I wanted Kevin and David to survive but i feel like if they did then there would most likely have to be another movie 🤷🏽‍♀️

  57. I would like the whole organization to get overthrown and they all survive and make up

  58. I thought the ending seemed very weak. David with all that super strength couldn't fight off a few rent-a-cops? And can even spare a shake with the doctor it seemed like that puddle was the equivalent of Kriptonite . I think that was a huge mistake. They should be alive at the ending. Doesn't mean you have to keep going. His son will be the next super___ if M. Night continues I bet. And the girl will turn super and they fall in love! Hollywood Lives!

  59. Kevin should have lived. He and his personalities had potential for more. Like more flashbacks on how each one was made. Or him out more using each ones abilities in the world and doing what he said they were trying to do. I wanted to see how that would actually play out. Or maybe they could of have something that could have made them have a change of heart about their choices even the beast. And maybe hedwig could experience school or make friends or something. Or meet another with multiple personalities like him. Female or male doesn’t matter. They had actual potential for a lot more than what they were willing to give them

  60. After seeing David almost drowned in unbreakable then get up and fuck up a guy who was about a foot taller than him the see him allergic to water!!! Nah… I wish I never saw this movie…

  61. Black Clover Society…a tenuous connection to the "Cloverfield" movies, where having a few superheroes might have been a good thing?

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