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Glitter Series Treasure ! Toys and Dolls Fun Opening Blind Bag Babies That Cry, Color Change | SWTAD

Glitter Series Treasure ! Toys and Dolls Fun Opening Blind Bag Babies That Cry, Color Change | SWTAD

Storieswithdolls: Hi friends! Stories With Toys & Dolls here! Look what I have for you today! It’s the LOL dolls Glitter Series! Yay!!! I love glitter and sparkly things so I’m very
excited to open these! And since these dolls are going to be super
sparkly, I thought the best place for them would be this treasure chest which is filled
with glittery and shiny stuff. Friends like this video at the beep if you’re
also excited for the glitter series —— I’ll play the beep again in case it caught you
by surprise, ready? (beep noise) Boys and girls, I can’t wait to open these
balls, so let’s get right to it! On the cover, we have Queen Bee with a different outfit. And here I have her for comparison. The dresses are completely different but just as glittery. For now, I’ll leave Queen Bee over here with
the rest of the treasure, because we are going to start opening the Glitter Series LOL dolls. I’ll start with the first zipper. The hint says “Dressed for success.” And here’s the sticker that says all the things that this doll can do. She can either change color, spit, pee, or
cry. The ball is gold just like the Glitterati
ones. How exciting, friends, we have the first ball! Which will be the first doll that we get? Will it be Queen Bee or a new one? First accessory…Some very cute shoes,
no glitter yet though. Ooh, the bottle does have a lot of glitter. Ooh, here’s the dress, it’s very pretty and
I wonder who it could be for. We’re going to find out now. And the doll we have is…Diva! TBH, friends, I kinda had a suspicion when
we got this bow. The thing that’s different about this doll
is that she’s completely covered in glitter. Oh, but we’re forgetting her shoes. Let’s take a look at the paper and see which dolls are available in this series. Ooh, yay. Two of my favorites. There are 1, 2, 3, 4…12 balls And we have 12 balls, friends! We have a chance to get all of them! And we already got Diva. We’ll put her in water to see what she does. The bow gets some sort of design. And we’ll see what the doll does. She spits! Alright, we’ll put here that Diva spits. The hint says “Golden Child.” Which means a kid whose parents are really proud of them. Ooh, this ball is white! Just like the ones in the giant surprise ball that we opened a few days ago. If you haven’t seen that video yet, I’ll leave
the link up here so you can go watch it. That was the first time I saw a white LOL ball (laughs) But it seems that in the Glitter Series we
also have the white balls. The bottle…ooh, gold! Wow, this cell phone is great! Friends, I thought this was a phone but it says karaoke here, or is that just a karaoke app? Some gold shoes. Oh, it’s Queen Bee! The one that comes on the cover. Here she is with all her accessories. But let’s put her in the water to see what
she does. She doesn’t change color. She spits! Friends, I love the white ball. Well, it’s not exactly white, well it is white,
but it’s like a pearl color. We’ll put it here next to Diva. Friends! Good news! Queen Bee is the hardest one to get! It says that she’s ultra rare! Cosmic Queen is rare. But Queen Bee is ultra rare, so she’s the
hardest one to get in the whole series, and we already got her, yay! And now we’ll get one out from the bottom
of the treasure chest. Who will we get? I want us to get Center Stage. It says Glitter Bomb. Who could it be? Could it be the Rocker? Or, it could be Ms. Baby. Well it could mean that she is really good
at sports, so it could be Hoops. Well, opening the accessories, we will get
a good idea of who it will be. Very similar to Diva’s shoes, only this
one is red. Here’s the pair of shoes. She has some shorts and a shirt. Is it Rocker? Friends, I think it is Rocker! Let’s find out now, it is Rocker! Yay! One of the ones that I wanted. Friends, I think I’m in luck today If we get Center Stage, I think I will jump
through the roof. I don’t think she changes color, but we still
have to put her in the water. That’s the rule for these dolls. She doesn’t change colors. But she also spits. Wow, all the ones we have gotten so far spit. I wonder if all the dolls in this series spit? Or if it’s just a coincidence that all of the
ones that we’ve gotten just spit. Friends, for those who have never seen these dolls. I’m going to give her some water from her
bottle. And here in her ball is a seat where she can
sit down. And her bottle goes here. And this part is like a table and it has a
pizza slice on it. And we’ll mark here that Rocker spits. Let’s continue with the next ball. It doesn’t seem like it’s a duplicate because
we haven’t gotten this sticker yet. And I think it’s going to be one of the cutesy dolls. Maybe Fancy, or Center Stage. Or maybe it’s Ms. Baby who also likes jewelry and fancy stuff. blind bag, blind bag, and blind bag. Ooh, what a nice dress. Could it be Fancy? Ooh, my favorite color. Completely pink. What cute shoes! Let’s see. Let’s see if I predicted right and we get
Fancy. We have another accessory here and it’s a
bow. And it is Fancy! Wow she looks so pretty! The shoes are super detailed and they match completely with her dress. Wow, she also spits, just like the other 4. Is this a coincidence, or is that just how
the series is? I’ll mark here that Fancy spits. We’ll open another one that’s here at the
bottom of the treasure chest. Ooh magic wand…. Friends, I’m super happy that we haven’t gotten a single duplicate. Oh no! I ripped the sticker! (groans) We’ve already gotten this sticker though, could it be a duplicate? (laughs) Hopefully I didn’t speak too soon. Opening the little blind bags we will see
if it’s a duplicate or not. Oh, it’s not a duplicate! We haven’t gotten these clothes yet. So, it’s not a duplicate! Let’s open these two. Little boots. I think this one is Fresh. And that’s great because we already got
Fancy. It is Fresh! Yoohoo, we got Fancy and Fresh! We have the complete series 1 opposite club! We’ll see if Fresh spits and if she does, then I’m assuming that all the dolls spit in this series. Oh no, she goes peepee. I was ready to say that all the dolls in the
Glitter series spit. How about we put her next to her best friend, Fancy? Let’s try our luck with another one here at
the top. We’ll start with the zipper. The hint. Oh no, I think now we are going to get a duplicate. Let’s open all 3 at once. (gasps) It’s not a duplicate! Friends! And I think it’s Ms. Baby, one of the ones that I wanted! Yay! I’ve just been so lucky today. Wow! I love it! She’s super cute and super elegant! And all covered in glitter she looks even
prettier. Boys and girls I noticed that here at the
bottom of the doll it says what she could do. And it says that Miss Baby could either go
peepee or spit. So, she doesn’t change color. So, I’m not going to put her in the water
because I never liked putting the ones that had glitter in water because I feel like it
will come off. I’ll just give her water with her bottle. So we can see if she goes peepee or if she
spits. And she spits. And Miss Baby spits, so I will put the sticker that Miss Baby spits right here. Because over here’s the face that says that
she goes peepee. Okay, friends, we’ve opened 6. We are exactly half way through because we have 12. And none of them have been duplicates so we are doing very well. Let’s get another one from the top. The sticker says “Glitter Bomb,” the same
one as Rocker. But, let’s hope it’s a different one, because
we already have Rocker. blind bags… Oh no, I think it is Rocker again. It has the red shoes. Yeah it is Rocker, the same clothes. But, since the paper says there are two different types of Rockers, one that spits and one that goes peepee, we’ll see if this one goes peepee. Because the one we have spits. Maybe this one will be the one that goes peepee and it won’t be an actual duplicate. Aww, she spits too. So, she is 100% duplicate. We only have 5 balls left, and let’s hope
that we don’t get anymore duplicates. Now we know that for sure we won’t complete the set. But, hopefully we get different–Oh no! Friends, another glitter bomb! It makes me think it’s another Rocker (laughs). I think by opening these two accessories,
we will find out if it is the Rocker again. Oh, it is Rocker again! Well, let’s see what she does. Oh, yay, she goes peepee! We already have the one that spits, and now we have the one that goes peepee. But now, we definitely don’t have any more
room for duplicates. Don’t be a duplicate, don’t be a duplicate! Let it be Center Stage! Ooh, good news! Lights, Camera, Action! Friends, if it’s Center Stage, I will be super
happy. And now for the moment of truth. Let’s see the accessories. Aww, it’s not Center Stage. But, it’s Super B.B.! Yay! And the dress is beautiful! I’ll see if the paper says she can change
color. Nope, she doesn’t. She just pees or cries. Friends, look at how beautiful she is. Her bottle… to see what she does…. She cries. So, I’ll put here that Super B.B. cries. Next one. Which one is Center Stage? Do we even have Center Stage? Let’s see. Let it be Center Stage, let it be Center Stage. The accessories are going to give us a good hint about who it could be. The bottle. Oh, I think it’s another duplicate. I think it’s going to be Fresh. We already have the Fresh that goes peepee, but not the one that cries. Maybe this one will cry. Let’s give her her bottle. Yay, she does cry! This Fresh cries. Friends, we have two balls left, and we aren’t going to complete the collection. But, I hope we at least get Center Stage. Who do you want? I’ll show you guys the paper. We are still missing Cosmic Queen, M.C. Swag, Teacher’s Pet, Hoops, and Center Stage, the one that I want! Friends, tell me in the comments which one
you would like us to get. For now, we will open this one. Could it be Center Stage? Oh no! Could it be another Rocker? Wow, Rocker has been popular today. Unless there’s another doll that has that
same sticker. But, we’ll see. (gasps) We don’t have her! Yay!  Friends, who wanted us to get M.C. Swag, because it seems like that’s the one
we got. But, let’s confirm it. A sports head band, and a necklace. Tan-tan-tan-tan. It’s M.C. Swag! Yay! We don’t have her! This doll is very pretty. I love her uniform with glitter. Friends, if you were hoping for M.C. Swag, let me know in the comments. Because, you got it right! Here’s M.C. Swag. But don’t worry about us who didn’t get what we were hoping for because we still have one ball left. According to the paper, M.C. Swag can go peepee or she can cry. She cries! Yay, we didn’t get a duplicate! We’ll put here that she cries. Tan-tan-tan-tan! Friends, it’s the last ball that we have. Who could it be, who could it be? I am going to guess Center Stage again! Oooh, the hint makes me think it could be
Center Stage! Oh no, it’s actually Super B.B. again. Friends, if you want me to keep looking for
the rest of the dolls, don’t forget to give this video a like. And don’t forget to subscribe and be one of
my first million subscribers ever!!

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