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Go dad! The youngest cheerleader Naeun [The Return of Superman/2020.01.26]

Go dad! The youngest cheerleader Naeun [The Return of Superman/2020.01.26]

It’s early morning and the sun is rising. Gunhoo and Naeun’s family is having a holiday in Seoul. (Sleeping) I guess they are still sleeping. (Dad and Gunhoo are still having sweet dreams.) It’s Naeun. Gosh, did you sleep well? (Good morning.) I can’t believe there’s a human being who looks so fresh in the morning. How adorable. (Wriggling) Is Gunhoo waking up? (After a fight with sleepiness…) He got up. “Where am I?” Gunhoo woke up. (I slept really well.) – He slept well. / – How cute. (As soon as he wakes up…) Look. Yes, he should stretch. – He’s happy. / – Did you sleep well? Dad, I love you. – Gosh, all of a sudden? / – Good morning. Gunhoo, come here. Dad. Gunhoo too? He’s not kissing Dad. He’s taking Dad’s glasses. (What is this used for?) No. (Amazed) – He looks like… Yes. / – Brainy Smurf. (Wriggling) Dad, I’m bringing this desk over. You’re so cute, Gunhoo. (While Gunhoo is playing by himself…) I’ll give Gunhoo some juice. No, you can’t. – Why not? / – Please, Dad. – Please. / – Why won’t he let her? – You can’t. / – Please. Will you give it to him while I prepare the bread? – Dad was just playing a prank. / – Sit when you drink. – Sit down when you drink. / – Gunhoo, juice. Aciel, orange juice. (Happy) (She skillfully sticks the straw in.) (Naeun lets Gunhoo have it first.) I gave the juice to Gunhoo. You did? Sit down and drink. (She takes a sip after looking after her brother.) (However…) (The straw folded inwards.) (Why isn’t it coming out?) You have to straighten the straw to drink. (Struggling) He’s so cute. (I’m going to drink it no matter what.) Let’s sit. Use your hand. That’s it. Okay. Very good. (He worked relentlessly for his drink.) (It’s good, it’s good.) It must taste good. – He’s cute. / – How adorable. – Shall we eat? / – Yes. – They’re having brunch. / – I like – this one. / – Okay. This is good too. – Right? / – I feel comfortable eating with you. – Do you feel comfortable? / – Yes. It tastes even better when you eat with me, right? – Yes. / – Eating with Dad is nice. I love you so much. (He’s moved too.) “I love you so much”? (Shall I have a bite too?) (It’s so hard.) (Biting) Hey, do it stylishly. Like an insider. – Okay? / – It’s too hard for Gunhoo. (Is this what you call eating like an insider?) (I won’t eat it.) I want an apple. I don’t think Gunhoo likes this. Maybe something else. (What will it be?) Okay, sit down. I’ll show you something cool. – What is it? / – Sit down. – Sit down in front of it. / – What is it? Sit down. No, you can’t open it. (Slipping) (Sliding) Are you okay? Look. Press it when I tell you. It’s not a real microwave. It’s a toy he made for Naeun and Gunhoo to play with. This is a magic microwave. – He made a magic microwave? / – A magical microwave. Press it when I tell you, then wait three seconds for a change. (It’s an empty box right now.) There’s nothing in there right now. (A piece of apple) Put this in. It’s a piece of apple. – Put it in. / – Put it in. Press the button and count for 10 seconds. (What will happen?) – What came out? / – Dad. – It’s an apple. / – What happened? It changed to a whole apple. – How cool. / – We have to cut it. Put it back in. How many seconds did I tell you to wait? Count to 10. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. (Is this magic?) There are two. – It’s really magical. / – What happened? It changed. (Show us magic with this!) It’s a toy. (The real Spider-Man will come out if we put this in!) (Spider-Man, please come out!) It’s Spider-Man. What will happen if they put in a toy? Spider-Man. (It suddenly turned into a horror movie.) – Spider-Man. / – Dad was in a rush. He was in a rush. Gunhoo is mad. (Hurry up and close it!) This time, I’ll do a magic trick with the blanket. Stand over there. Watch. (Watch closely.) I guess he saw something on social media. I’m right here. Goodness. (Surprised) What is it? (Is someone here?) What was that? (Thumping sound) He should apply to become a KBS comedian. That was perfectly executed. (Even his third child will not fall for it.) I found you. (Where did he go?) – Something is off. / – He was right here. I found you. It’s more like Naeun is playing with him. I’ll try it now. – Great. / – You’ll try it? I’m right here. I’m right here. In one, two, three. (Poof!) Where did Naeun go? She’s so cute. – Where did Naeun go? / – Gunhoo wants to join too. What? (I vanished too!) We’re just getting started. We’ll go out and I’ll show you more fun things, okay? We’re in Yeonnam-dong. They are at a popular place which Jooho loves visiting. Goodness, look at her! – Let’s go. / – They are just so cute. – Let’s go. / – What is that? – Will you do this every week? / – Do I look similar? – I’ll do it too, then. / – Dad. What do you think? We look so cool today. He dressed up as Leon, right? – We totally fit here. / – Right. (I’m feeling this trendy place.) He’s so cute! (I’m feeling sentimental.) (Okay. No more.) Who will be in the front? (I’ll be in the front!) It looks like a movie scene when they run together. (Where are they headed in this fun atmosphere?) I wonder where they are going today. Naeun, this is the place. I’m sure Gunhoo will love this place. Let’s go in. It looks like someone’s house. Dad, isn’t this someone’s house? No, it looks like a house, but it’s a cafe. – See? Even the entrance is different. / – Hello. – It’s a house renovated into a cafe. / – It is a cafe. Gunhoo, we came here for you. (Exploring) As you know, I like visiting popular places. Yes. That’s right. I thought about what unique places you guys might like. Gunhoo loves sesame oil. – Right. / – Yes, that’s right. It’s good when he drinks it by itself. It’s also good when he dips meat in it. It can even bring back his lost appetite. This is a cafe of Gunhoo’s favorite sauce, sesame oil. (I like this.) – Gunhoo is excited. / – They make sesame oil for popular people like me. Do you know? – Young and popular people. / – Look at Gunhoo. Gunhoo, we’re not at our house. (Surprised) In this cafe pumped with the aroma of sesame oil, Gunhoo has made himself at home. (Let me lie down for a moment.) It’s odd, but kids love going under the chairs. They crawl and lie down under the chairs. I see Gunhoo is the same. (Gunhoo used his strength to get out.) By the way, Gunhoo grew a lot. (He can escape the chair easily now.) – Now he can… / – His skills improved too. (He naturally crosses his leg with swag.) Gunhoo must have spotted something. (That!) (It’s a room with a huge mirror which he likes.) It’s a mirror. Oh, there are four Gunhoos. This must be fascinating for him. (What? These guys are copying me.) (Look at you!) Goodness. (Wherever he turns, they look like him.) Wherever he turns, he sees a boy who looks just like him. (Which one of them is real Gunhoo?) They even have the same height. (My gosh, both of us…) They say the same thing. (He’s handsome.) I guess this is intriguing for him. (I can’t believe this.) (Clearing his throat) (Then…) (Putting on a trendy item) You need sunglasses when you go to a trendy place. – Right. / – Gosh, it really looks like a movie scene. – Gosh. / – Let’s see. (I think) (I’m the epitome of perfection.) (And he shows his face.) He looked cool when he took them off. Can you see? (Now that I see myself, my looks are dazzling me.) He can tell that he’s perfect. He’s hyped up. (I’m a superstar baby.) I knew it. (I know how to look cool.) He’s perfect. He’s hooked on the mood. Gosh, he’s adorable. He’s Prince Mirror. – Here are your beverages. / – Our ice cream is here. (Amazed) They have a similar menu to other cafes, but they serve sesame oil as the topping. – Let’s see if this is tasty. / – Just a bit. – That’s real sesame oil. / – Isn’t it good? (Licking) I’ll pour it in yours. Wait. They added sesame oil in the coffee? Isn’t this almost like sesame oil coffee? – Gosh, it’s tasty. / – What? I can’t even guess how it tastes. (He has a sip since Naeun gave it to him.) Oh, this is good. – It’s unique. It’s savory. / – That’s good? This is good. – Of course it’s good. / – Yes. I told you. I think it’s tasty because Naeun added it for him. It’s so savory. – It’s really good. It’s so good. / – I’m curious. (Naeun has a bite of ice cream.) It’s so savory. It’s so savory. How is yours? – Savory, right? / – That’s the look when she likes it. (I can’t stop eating this savory ice cream.) – She likes it. / – Is it good? Isn’t it unique? Gunhoo, try this. I know you like sesame oil. (He has a bite of the milk cream.) How is it? Isn’t it unique? (The more he savors it,) (the more savory it gets.) – Isn’t it good? / – He likes it. I’m sure he could taste the sesame oil. (He spins in satisfaction.) (A few days later…) Gunhoo, Naeun and Jooho are back in Ulsan from Seoul. Jooho is having a soccer match at the stadium, and Gunhoo and Naeun have come to cheer for him! – Gunhoo! / – Naeun! (They spot a flag for Jooho.) That flag is for Jooho. (Gosh, that’s Dad!) (Please root for my dad!) (The soccer stadium is nice.) He’s excited. (What? You are) (the Ulsan Tiger.) – Gosh. / – It’s the Ulsan Tiger. Goodness. (Nice to see you.) Put the ball down. Naeun has followed her dad to the stadium and made a lot of memories there. She kicked her first-ever first ball of the match at four years old. – You can do it. / – I can do it. (Naeun is growing little by little.) The once-nervous girl is grown now and can bravely step on the stadium ground. She did a great job as a ball girl too. Good luck to you too. This is so moving. (And this superstar baby begins to cheer by dancing.) – Jooho. Park Jooho. / – Yes. Park Jooho. Good luck! Hey, there. He’s over there. – Daddy. / – Daddy. (Their dad begins to warm up.) Father. – Jumping? / – Father. He spoke more with actions than with words. Baby Gunhoo used to speak with hand gestures and facial expressions. It’s good. (Goodness.) – Bread! / – He began to speak more words and expressed more emotions. (The first sentence I spoke was…) (What was it?) (Pig!) (And earlier,) (I said something like “Let’s see.”) (I babble in German too.) Over there! English and German, he learned to speak quickly. (I should look at it with this.) Gunhoo has gotten better at speaking now. (And there’s one more thing he’s learned.) I guess he’s watching his dad and copying him. (When his dad does it, he does it too.) (He has the DNA of a soccer player.) (Working hard with his short body) Look at his ankles. He’s trying to stretch with his short legs. (This baby knows how to stretch.) All set! It was a big match between Ulsan and Jeonbuk that day. It’s Donggook. My goodness. Her close friends came to cheer for her dad too. (A baby is holding a flag in one hand.) When it comes to cheering, you can’t leave Gunhoo out. Right. (Let me take care of the cheering.) (Ulsan) (Clapping right on the beat) Goodness. (Is he clapping to cheer for his dad’s team?) Ever since he was a baby who could toddle, he’s observed and learned how to cheer for the team. (For the past years,) (he was in charge of adding on to Naeun’s cheer.) (Ulsan!) Everyone, Ulsan. (I’m different now.) There you go. (Ulsan!) – Scream! / – That’s it. Now he can even become a cheerleading captain. (The youngest cheering captain, Gunhoo) (The uncles are working hard as Gunhoo roots for them.) Dad! I am here! (She made the sign with her mom all night long.) Dad! Park Jooho! I guess he can hear her. Jooho is warming up. (My throat hurts from shouting.) – Goodness. / – My goodness. They cheered too much. (The older boy helps her.) Are you okay now? Do you want more water? He is taking good care of her. (He wipes her nose.) Thank you. (Since Naeun only has a younger sibling,) (having an older boy by her side is a new experience.) (She feeds Gunhoo.) Naeun only has a younger sibling. She always took care of Gunhoo as an older sister. (She protects Gunhoo.) – She always kept her eyes on Gunhoo / – I am sorry. – and is a lovely sister. / – I am sorry. (Baby, why are you running so much?) – Today, Naeun became / – Need my help? the baby to that older boy. It hurts right here. – Does it hurt? / – Today, she is with an older boy. (It’s good to have an older brother.) I will keep it! – Ouch. / – I have never seen Naeun – act like this. / – Are you okay? – My goodness. / – Are you okay? She is so thankful for him. (Lovey-dovey) – She looks happy. / – All done! The first half has ended with a score of zero-all. – Let’s go. Let’s go. / – Let’s go. – They came out during the halftime. / – Let’s play. Catch me if you can! – Naeun! / – He plays – with her well. / – I know. (Catching her at the right time is the key.) – I got you! / – I want to play with a ball. – A ball? / – A ball. Would it be okay if we borrow your ball? – Will you play soccer with us? / – Sure. – There you go. / – Thank you. (They begin to play soccer together.) (When Naeun kicks,) Goal! (Tei receives.) – Are you okay? / – Yes. Are you tired? (Let’s rest for a second.) – He is quite dependable. / – Are you tired? (He is dependable!) (The match has heated up even more!) (Babbling) (Uncles, take my energy!) Naeun and Gunhoo’s cheers heated up more as well. (They receive Gunhoo and Naeun’s energy.) Thanks to Gunhoo and Naeun’s cheers and energy, they scored a goal and made a tie. (Screaming) Good job! (The final score is one-all.) It was a beautiful game. Is she waiting for her dad? – She runs toward her dad. / – Dad! – Gunhoo. / – Goodness. – Did you watch the game? / – Yes. Did you, Gunhoo? (Naeun gives him a kiss!) Dad, I love you.

73 thoughts on “Go dad! The youngest cheerleader Naeun [The Return of Superman/2020.01.26]”

  1. Idk but sometimes it's annoying that they say so much that "Gunhoo is cute
    " don't get me wrong, I really love him and I find him adorable but they say it so much sometimes it sounds forced…
    I really miss Naeun's screen time and when they said she was beautiful, I feel bad that she doesn't have the same attention, in the program and in the comments 🙁

    (I can already see the comments hating me and saying that it is normal because she is older lol)

  2. Naeun has this incredible vibe of maturity. She is loving, caring, smart, and selfless. I feel proud of her and honestly, I am not afraid to hurt anyone who harms this precious.

  3. I love how vocal naeun is with her feelings. Wish i could be like her in my past so i can say just how much i love my father and how much i enjoy his company, now I'm too shy to say it but i do manage to do it once in a while

  4. It's nice to see naeun being a little sister to that boy, she's so cute and I hope to see gunhoo taking care of the third child.

  5. People are complaining that this show isn't about the father-children show anymore. What they don't notice is that Park Joohoo is not the same dad as the dads before that passed in this show. A dad that is serious about parenting. Park Joohoo is doing a different way of teaching his kids. He is bubbly and a little bit childish which makes his children happy. He is a great Superman

  6. me is gunhoo every time I woke up, he looks so cute with those curly hair, while me looks like a noodles with face the struggle is real tho but I love my hair hahahahah

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