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Go, You Chicken Fat, Go!

Go, You Chicken Fat, Go!

Touch down every morning Ten times! Not just now and then. Give that chicken fat back to the chicken, And don’t be chicken again! NO!!!!! Don’t be chicken again! Push up! Every morning Ten times! Push up, starting low. Once more, on the rise. Nuts to the flabby guys! Go, you chicken fat, go away! Go, you chicken fat, go! Good morning! Hands on hips, please! Now then, touch your toes with me. READY!!!! Touch down! UP! Every morning! DOWN! TEN TIMES! Not just, now and then. (four) UP! (five) Give that chicken fat (up) (six) back to the chicken and (seven) don’t be (up) chicken again! NO!!!!! (nine) Don’t be (up) chicken again! (Ten…Halt!) Hit the dirt! HIT!!!! Push ups, next! Nice and steady. Not too fast. READY!!! Push up (down) every morning! (up) TEN TIMES! Push up, starting low. (Down! That’s five) Once more on the rise! (Six!) Nuts to the flabby guys! Go, you chicken fat, go away! (Nine!) Go, you chicken fat, go! (Ten…halt!) Now, struggle up to your feet! Strrugg….STRUGGLE! March in place… MARCH!!! Left… Left… Left… Left a good pound and a quarter. Was it right? Right that it should be left! Yes, I left! Left… Left… Left… Left a good pound and a quarter. It was right (left) right (left) that it should be left! And halt! One, two. Next, sit-ups! Everybody’s favorite, so on your back, drop. All right girls… you’re in this too! Arms over head, flop! Come on girls!!! Now… sit up!!! Sit up every morning! TEN TIMES! Sit up (down)… on your seat! (Up…down) (Five) Swing that rusty gate… (Six) Don’t drop the tempo, mate! (Seven) Can’t win draggin’ your feet! (Eight) NO!!! (Nine) Can’t win draggin’ your feet! Ten, and halt! Now, on your feet… UP!!! Everybody… hands on hips… place! Twist your trunk to the left, ready! Twist left, front, now, the right side. TEN TIMES! Twist left, front, Grunting low (right) Front… GRUNT! (grunting noise) Louder! (grunting noise) Front, now! Left and front and everybody sing! Go, you chicken fat, go! And halt! Fingers back of your neck… LACE!!! Right foot forward… PLACE!!! The pogo spring, landing on alternate feet. READY!!! Spring left, spring right. Higher! HIGHER! Up, down… up, down! Higher! HIGHER!!! Wait… not TOO high! Up, down… up, down… up, down… HALT! Drop your hands to the side… feet together. PLACE! Overhead, clap and jump to stride… Known as the jumping jack far and wide. All right, are you ready? READY!!! Jump, two! Clap, two! Clap, two! Clap, slap! Clap, slap! Clap, slap! Jump, two! Jump, two! Jump, it’s good for you. Three more is all we do. Jump, two! And… Halt and sing! Go, you chicken fat, go! March in place. March! Left! Left! Left! Left a good pound and a quarter. Was it right? Right that it should be left. Oh, I left! Left! Left! Left! Left a good pound and a quarter. It was right (left), right (left)… and halt! One, two. Palms up, arms to the side… RAISE!!! Next, we’re gonna do backward circles, ready? READY!!! Circle round, round, round, Back and around, back and around. Back and around, back and around. And, back and around! And, reverse! And around, front and around. Front and around. Front and around! Front and around! And… Halt! Arms to the side… Place! On your back… Drop! And now… raise your legs in the air… RAISE!!! It’s the bicycle ride!!! And, pump, pump, pump, pump… Pump, pump, pump, pump… Pump, pump, pump, pump… Pump, pump, pump… And… Halt! On your feet… up, quickly, quickly, next… Inhale, arms sweep up inward, Exhale, arms out and down. Inhale, arms sweep up inward, Exhale, outward, down. READY!!! Inhale, slow, every morning! Exhale, clear down, Inhale, take the air! Down and around and inhale! Grab that oxygen, Exhale and try again! You’re not getting your share! (Clear down) No!!! You’re not getting your share! On the down, halt! The tortoise and the hair next. First, the tortoise. Bend the elbow and run in place. Ready? READY!!! Running, to run like a tortoise. Okay! Too far, and too slow! Now double up, ready! Run, two, three, four. Run, two, three, four. Run, two, three, four. Run, two, three, four. Run, two, three, four. Run, two, three, four. Everybody sing! GO, YOU CHICKEN FAT, GO!!! GO!!!! GO!!!!!!! Dismissed!

99 thoughts on “Go, You Chicken Fat, Go!”

  1. I think the blond in the second row with the bandage (or whatever) on her right ankle seemed to be having the most fun.

  2. 7th grade.  Gordon Jr High!  Yoo Hoo!  Mrs Shannon, gym teacher.
    David Newell… you are an insult to the human race.  My hope for you is eternal physical pain and misery!  As for your mother or any other woman in your family…

  3. I remember this in elementary school also. I also remember the recording had sound effects at the end of a battlefield and machine guns – no kidding. Maybe this has been edited out over the years.

  4. Wow, does this bring back memories….(all I need now is a visual of those horrid gym suits we had to wear!)  I went to a military/UN school in Europe in the 60's.  I remember this vividly!

  5. I thought that this song was a parody of the gyms, but I have now realized that it was actually used in classrooms for children. It seems to me unbelievable, but I must recognize that this song invites everybody to move and do some exercise without too much fatigue

  6. this should be the song playedat the gym every opening hour. It's so active and encouraing and patriotic, not like all that Avril Lavign crap or whatever shitty music modern day gyms play.

  7. I've been wondering about this for a while since I saw the apple ad, the first few seconds, before any lyrics start, were they in some movie or another song that is otherwise different? Because I remember those first few seconds, while the rest is completly unfamiliar.

  8. I'm teaching this in my Cardio Throwback class at Cambridge YMCA tonight!  Thanks for showing how to do "Chicken Fat"!

  9. I had to live through this evil piece of music back in the 60's in grade school. For this video it seemed like a campy little fun tune. But when you're 6, herded into the gym to do it EVERY DAY, it was torture, and the song was positively soul-destroying. 

    I suppose for the jocks it wasn't so bad, but for us non-athletic kids, it was utter evil on a record. We swore that if you played it backwards, it was the Devil giving orders to his demons for torturing lost souls.

  10. I was THERE – they used the record in Kenosha, WI grade schools back in the 60's – and I still love it. THIS is the best video I've seen so far. Well Done 🙂

  11. This song works for any PE class generation after generation. Great upbeat song you wanna listen and excercise again and again.

  12. I think the tortoise run should be twice the speed they're doing it – on the drum beats. Then the hare is double speed as Mr Preston says.

  13. When did the University of Evansville make this video? I see it was put on youtube in 2012, but from the hair and costumes it looks like it was done in another decade. Anyone know? Thank you Peace

  14. i watched this cause i was getting the backwards circles bit wrong.. i didn't realize you were only meant to move your arms, I was actually going round in circles! I do this workout every day almost and when I'm at my boyfriends house his mum does it with me xD

  15. We did this every day in my Junior high gym class decades ago – I still love it and it really gets your heart rate up

  16. I remember the health teacher at my elementary school used to make us do this in class as well. 2006-2011 🙂

  17. we used this tune in elementary school gym class. it was awesome, we all loved it & it still pops in my head from time to time.

  18. Six years of hearing this in gym class as an elementary school student. Still motivates. Early conditioning, I guess.

  19. fuck… remember this shit from the 70s, what a fuckin crock of shit, we wanted to got outdoors and hit the playground, play dodgeball, whatever, and kids werent fat back then, felt like military acadamy or smn hearing this shit…. but i find it odd that no one mentioned or seemed to even notice the pervert in the costume doing some borderline uncomfortable shit, like positioning in a place which if one were a pervert, could maybe have a pervtard view, at girls feet on his knees while they were on back on the floor, acting as tho were putting hands under, lifting girls while doing pushups, behind em as they bent over… maybe im over reacting, maybe not with all the sick shit we hear these days… anyways, this song sucks and reminds me of phy ed times that sucked indoors too, you gotta be about 3/4ths pavlovs dog to like this shit

  20. OMG I'm having flashbacks to elementary school in the 60's.  Thank you for this – I never thought I would hear this song again, but it is emblazoned in my brain somewhere, especially that catchy chorus.  Did not know it was the incomparable Music Man Robert Preston until today.

  21. when I was in grade school in late 70's early 80's, our gym teacher used this song. For some reason I started humming it and I decided to YT it and see if it was available. Brings back some memories!!!

  22. My first year as an Elementary PE. teacher the 4th 5th and 6th grades demonstrated this exercise routine to the parents on field day. I had not remembered that it was part of President Kennedy's Physical fitness initiative. (Tonight as I was licking my 'Chicken Fat " fingers, the song came to mind and I wondered, could it be on tube? ….sure enough; what fun memories.

  23. I wasn’t born in the 1970s like everyone Is saying, but I’m barely 14 and we always did this in Elementary school from Kindergarten to 5th Grade.

  24. No joke, the pianist from my old middle school choir class showed this to us in 7th grade, and we loved it (she went to school during the 60s so it made sense). We did this almost every week in choir because we thought this was so much fun.

  25. reminds me of my gym teacher Mr. Prince at John Murray Jr. high in Pendleton Oregon…Mr prince was an asshole…I would like to make him work out to this song…………. with a ruler and wack him over the head over an over

  26. I have been looking for this for ages. The days our PE instructor played the Chicken Fat song were the only days PE was tolerable. Thanks a million for posting this.

  27. Remember this torture song from grade school PE. Hated it then, but now I like it for the exercise bike. I didn't recognize Robert Preston's voice as a kid, but immediately got it now. Read in the comments section that President Kennedy distributed it to schools throughout the country. So I decided to research it and found out that it was written by Meredith Wilson (who wrote The Music Man). (And for those who don't know, Robert Preston starred in The Music Man.) Turns out it was recorded while The Music Man was being filmed, on the same soundstage with the same chorus and orchestra used in The Music Man. No wonder it sounds so much like The Music Man. The kinship between this song and 76 Trombones (Music Man theme) is obvious. Check it out:

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