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GOTH secret life – Co-designing a jacket for Evolution Division

GOTH secret life – Co-designing a jacket for Evolution Division

Hi, I’m out on my balcony. Since I’ve been sitting cooped up inside all day I figure it’s time to take a walk to get some fresh air into my Gothic lungs. So, I’m gonna take a tour right down there to the ugly hotel. Around it and go back up here. A very short tour, but I think it’s still better than nothing. [breathes in] So let’s get some fresh air into me, OK? And while we’re out, I’m gonna show your something. Look here. Do you see who this is? It’s ME!!! It’s on the town museum because I used to a part of their 18’th Century society. And one time, well, they simply took a picture of me and then the museum wanted to use it, so I’ve been there for several years now. It’s kind of cool, right? I’m a celebrity, and no one even knows it’s me. Today’s mission with walking outside in this horrible cold. I don’t know if you can see it but it’s actually snowing.
It’s about 2 degrees plus Celsius here. So, it’s kind of cold. But, last winter I was asked to do a collab with a designer called Evolution Division last winter. It’s super hot, and super cute. And I think I forgot to show you this, how it really looks, so I’m gonna do it today. Hang on. It’s really cold outside. It’s just like 2 degrees Celsius. It’s snowing.
I don’t know if you can see it, but it’s actually snowing. [wind got my words…] So, this is the front. And in the back, there’s a heart! I love hearts.
It’s so cute! And on the sleeves I have bling. And also on this cute hoodie it’s bling on the side. AND it’s super hot! And just to show you how hot it is I’m gonna show you exactly what I’m wearing underneath. I’m only wearing a tiny top underneath. Look! Gahhhh, now it’s cold. Look here.
Look on the inside. And there’s fleece all over, in the sleeves as well.
Now I’m gonna dress again, this is fucking cold. You see? It’s super warm.
It’s the warmest jacket I have ever, EVER, worn. And this is so cute. Gosh, I need to get it up. That’s better. I think it’s time to head home. This is freezing actually. This is not a good day for this little bat to be outside considering I was having a cold last week when Simon forced me to be outside and make a video strolling around all day in the freezing cold. I’m gonna put the video up on my channel quite soon actually. And now, let’s have a view of my beautiful town. Well, that’s not much of a view over town. Actually it’s just a water. Actually don’t even need the hood.
Because it’s too hot. This jacket is really, really hot. And I’m cute in it, right? I just got so happy when they asked me to do a collaboration. It’s so…. Oh, look at all the birdies! Hello, birdies. Oh, no. I scared them. I don’t wanna scare you, boys. Keep on tight. Bop, bop, boop. Yeah. Apparently… they are NOT Goth friendly What? What you’re looking at? Okay, okay! I admit it! I did listen to My Chemical Romance as I did my make up today. Does it really show? They’re good. I can’t help it, I’m sorry. Am I supposed to be embarassed now? Ha ha Okay, I confess I listen to My Chemical Romance. What you gonna do about it? Spank me? Woh! This tour is almost over. And I think it’s a good thing. The snow is really pouring down. It’s making me into a white girl instead of a black girl. If you want a really, really, nice and cosy and warm jacket, if you live, like, in a cold country like I do. I totally recommend this coat. Because it’s co-designed with me And it’s got a heart on it. So cute.

74 thoughts on “GOTH secret life – Co-designing a jacket for Evolution Division”

  1. Wrinkles????!!!! Adora you are delusional those were not wrinkles it was your eyelashes, you are pure vampiric perfection… By the way the "punani" censorship made me giggle!!! LOL
    You always cheer me up!!!!! (^з^)-☆♡♡♡

  2. hahahaha its funny because in México , now the weather is so hot. love your style, i wanna look like your, never change, you inspire me !!

  3. Lol its ok. my all time favorite band is Evanescence. Iove them ha ha. And in my town. it snowed about a foot deep ha ha. I still made it to my home from school lol.

  4. 900 subscribers away from 100 000 subscribers!!! I remember commenting on your video around a month ago saying how close you were and you responded saying that it still may take some time. But it seems like you're getting a lot of subs now! I'm going to be so happy once you finally reach 100 000!

  5. I absolutely adore (lol) you and I love that coat. I'm just bummin because 170.00 is a tad much for my blood. Thank you for giving me the courage to be and dress how I want. You inspire me every day!

  6. omg adora where have you been hiding? how have i only just discovered you? 😱 first video of yours ive seen and im hooked! you rock! lots of love from the UK💜

  7. That jacket is adorable and does look very warm. I know you love short skirts- I always wonder how you keep your legs warm in that sort of weather?

  8. love your outfit and your coat is gorgeous and fabulous lots of love and kisses💕💕💕💕💕💋💋💋💋you are my ghoul.

  9. orkade inte skriva på eng men men(: har en fråga vad tycker du om fans som kommer fram till dig på stan och har någon gång ett fan kommit hem till dig eller ringt på din privata telefon? LOVE YOUUUUU❤❤❤

  10. hey adora i want to know if you're into intellectual pursuits do you study science or read philosophy? you have an undeniably smart vibe

  11. I was showing my mom and sister your videos and they already knew about you! Btw, I LOVE that JACKET!!!! Xoxo from the east coast us!

  12. Wow, I love the town you live in! <3 It seems so beautiful, quiet and peaceful. Love it!! <3 And your coat is amazing. I ADORE ADORA!! <3 <3 <3

  13. The coat is Limited Edition? how long will they be available? will they ship to the USA? cuz I want one but I gotta save up lol

  14. Haha, went on the website to look for this slammin' coat…Of course, there is no black version left, dammit! I considered getting the electric blue but I think people would compare me to Sully from Monster's Inc. <3

  15. do you have any skin care routines or tips you could share in a video? i'm an adult and i still get acne, do you have anything you could advice? you have gorgeous skin. ❣

  16. Don't ever change Adora Bratbat you ate such an original, cute & cool Gothic Mum. Your videos always make me smile.😀😃😄All the best to you & your family from about as far away as you can get from Sweden, South Australia. Lol ⭐❤🌙🐬🌴🇦🇺

  17. That's supposed to be Goth? Looks more like a Glam Queen. I believe Andrew Eldritch just vomited a little.

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