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Grayson High School Basketball! Deivon Smith & Caleb Murphy Are Nasty REACTION

Grayson High School Basketball! Deivon Smith & Caleb Murphy Are Nasty REACTION

welcome any button and I’m saying hi up being about like Neha walk that job and
do the job right what’s up it’s dmoney and in this video were going to watch Grayson high school scrimmage with Deivon Smith and Caleb Murphy all right
let’s get started three two one let’s get a they okay hey
nice shot the Hope Diamond is linked to the reason the video will be down in the
description why steak boy so I think that’s one of them by under
his name I don’t know which one it is oh nice pull-up Bubba well okay Nina’s leo Hey okay we see getting up he getting up
Oh show me something again Hey they deadly slamming that thing down we
gotta raising the roof the reason the roof nice shot boy I stay
by the body all the way oh we let you travel a little bit
Oh cross it oh you see that see how you lay that in hey you little reverse dunk you reverse
oh nice nice little tip in oh yeah that’s heads up okay all the way to the
basket no stopping you so must be number five and number two that’s davon Smith in Caleb Murphy wait
for them I’ll wait for his Oh oh nice feedback Oh cookies haha hey
bouncy hey got bounce he died here boy putting ourself up get out okay you can um – haha they got a whole
team full of dunkers oh okay yeah gonna miss it can’t go miss oh look I’m
weaving bobbin and Weavin nice day they’re dumping all over this
team this team is nice that is about what’s is it I came to
talk what’s good he was like hmm hello oh nice house tastes beautiful say give
me the heads oh give me that has Oh Deena hello hello this team is nice grace in high school
another heads Oh another Heather held now they are
running this team with score on with the score is they flame a flaming that thing 97 to 54 bang alright that’s it for the
video that team is too nice don’t forget to Like comment subscribe

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