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GRWM Halloween | The Mian Twins .

GRWM Halloween | The Mian Twins  .

– [Both] Hey guys! – I’m Azra.
– And I’m Aisha. – [Both] And we’re the Mian twins, and welcome back to Squared. (upbeat music) – For this week’s video we decided, to take it back a few days, ’cause this video is
going up on Sunday but– – Halloween just passed. – But we’re gonna show you guys us getting ready for Halloween. Today is Halloween so
we’re gonna show you guys exactly the makeup we did, and our hair. – To get this gypsy look. Yeah we wanted to go for
something pretty cool. I remember last year,
I did Kim Kardashian. And there was no cool
like, these type of things. – Contacts, stuff like that. – Yeah we wanted to try something that looked pretty cool this year and a bit different so
we came up with this. Hopefully you guys enjoy this video. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel by clicking down below. – And like it as well. So yeah, let’s get on with the video. – So we’re gonna start. I already have my full face
of makeup on from school. – Me too, but I feel like
the powder on my face is kinda oily so I’m
gonna start with powder. No actually, should I
start with the contacts? – Yes. – So we will have contacts. I have blue, you have green. Oh, these are yours. – Okay, ready? That was easy.
– You put them in already? – Yeah.
– Oh my god. – So, I got the contacts in. I don’t know if you can see. I can’t see. I’m gonna start with the powder. – You’re going so fast, give me a second. – Your girl has gotta
go to work in an hour so I don’t have time for this. Okay so, I’m gonna start
with eyeshadow just because the one thing about this is it’s gonna get on top of my eyelashes so I’m gonna have to redo them anyway. I don’t know if purple eyeshadow
makes green eyes stand out but I’ve noticed that, for
me, it has been looking like– – As you can see, I’m still
struggling with the contacts. Done, okay, I finished
the whole look guys. Okay, I’m gonna start with powder ’cause my face is a little bit oily. – [Aisha] I’m gonna drag
this color really well. – Really? – [Aisha] ‘Cause don’t you notice in pictures some people do that? – My friends were freaking out ’cause we were these to school today and they’re all like,
“You touched your eyeball? “I would never do that.” Blah, blah, blah. And honestly, I’ve learned
from my older sister, Mina ’cause she puts contacts in every day so I just asked her how to do it. And I literally got it the second try. Now I’m gonna make my
contour value defined ’cause I can make it like slim. – [Aisha] I was thinking
about doing purple contour. – Purple? – [Aisha] Yeah. – That would be something. – Do you know how sick that would look? – Didn’t you do that
when you were a vampire? It looked really cool. – I did black contour. – That was really cool. – I think I finished my face makeup. Now I’m gonna do my eye, ooh, your eyeshadow came out good. – Thank you. – I’m gonna be using the
Modern Renaissance palette for my eyeshadow. I’m gonna be doing something
a little dramatic like Aisha. – I’m doing a little bit of–
– I’m gonna take the Venetian red and then mix it. Whoa! So comment down below what
your favorite holiday is. Mine is Halloween or
Thanksgiving, it’s a tie. I love the fall season, if
you guys didn’t know that. – [Aisha] Or 4th of July. – 4th of July is very fun. Oh my god, actually now you’re right. – [Aisha] I feel like it just depends how your family celebrates it. – Oh yeah, exactly. So definitely Halloween or, ’cause Thanksgiving, my family loves to. – Yeah we go crazy. – Like I’m not complaining, whatsoever. Ooh, that’s gonna look so good. I’m excited, I’m excite. I don’t know how I’m
feeling. Am I feeling good? Okay, I think I’ll add my jewels as well. I don’t think I’m gonna wear, okay so the jewel goes to two at
the bottom, one at the top. The top, I don’t think I’m gonna add because I’m gonna be wearing a head piece. So, I’ll just wear the two bottom ones. How’d that turn out? – Do you like it? – I really like it. – We stand. Okay, the last thing is lipstick. And then obviously we’re not gonna be done ’cause you have to see
my head piece and such. But you guys will see
that when we get to it. – So I’m gonna be doing the
same exact lipstick as her. But this is how it’s turning out so far. I did my eyeshadow, and I
also did my under eye jewels. So I got the lip on. But I’m going to like drain
the color out a little bit so I’m just gonna take like a big napkin. It already has some makeup on it. I’ll just tap some of it off. Okay so right now, I’m
generally done with my makeup. I’ll show you guys the final thing but right now I’m just gonna go do my hair and then I’ll be right back and then yeah. – So while Azra does her
hair, I have to do mine. And for mine, I’m not actually
spraying it or anything ’cause that’s a bit much for me. I’m gonna be using this really
cool head piece that I did. I just combined a bandana
with this necklace. And I pinned it on the sides. I’ll show you guys how it
looks when I put it on. So I’m here to show you
guys the final look. This is what it looks like. Also my outfit you’ll
see and stuff like that. So I’m just gonna put on my
outfit and we’ll show you guys. – Okay so I just finished
my makeup and my hair. And now I’m gonna put on my head piece. So you guys can see that. Its just this thing I found. I think it was at a store
called Urban Planet. And it’s just this thing
that you layer on your head. So I’ll do that really quick. I can’t really see without a mirror so I’m gonna look in
the mirror really quick. Oh I got it pretty accurate though. So that is my hair. And my makeup. Now I’m going to change and I’ll get right back to you guys again. – So these are the looks that
we ended up coming up with. – I finished my hair, my
head piece and everything. So this is the final look. – Yeah we went for like a gypsy,
fortuneteller type of vibe. I really like how it came out.
– Me too! I think it was pretty cool. So we hope you guys enjoyed the video. It was so much fun getting ready
with you guys for Halloween ’cause Halloween for us is
one of our favorite holidays. So I just love like dressing up. Like not caring ’cause
like no one can judge you. – It’s so fun.
– Exactly. – Anyways, hopefully you
guys enjoyed this video. Comment down below what you
guys were for Halloween. And your favorite holiday of the year. Personally mine is Halloween. – Mine too. But, subscribe to this channel by clicking right over here. – You can watch yesterday’s
video over here. And more from us over there. And we’ll see you guys next Sunday. – [Both] Bye!

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