GTA 5 Online LCC SANCTUS BIKE! SPECIAL T-SHIRTS Cheerleader Massacre 3 and More! (GTA Online)

yo what’s up guys
imrobertz1 and in today’s Grand Theft Auto online video I will show you
what was at it for the new Halloween DLC I’m pretty sure there’ll be new items to
come in a couple of days due to the lack of items okay let’s get right into the
video the first thing that was added was three new special tops when you go to
the clothing store go to tops special tops movies select the free butchers and
other hobby shirt and the Twilight knife shirt when you go to your wardrobe tops
special tops movies you’ll find a chile de mask a three shirt the Sanctus
motorcycle was also added this motorcycle will cost you 1.9 million
dollars and it pretty much looks great with the standard features the only
thing I changed with delivery and the paint job it’s called a combination I
call spider-man it goes great with the new Sanctus the standard red lights look
awesome with the skull headlights I’m pretty sure Rockstar added the Halloween
face paint and mask but I have that already the Tron bikes and outfits
haven’t been released yet so I’m thinking that they’ll be released within
a couple of days make sure you get online today most of these items will be
only for a limited time if you’re new to my channel why not
subscribe follow me on Google+ I upload all the awesome showcase glitches tips
and tricks that’s all I have for you today I’ll see you guys in my next video

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