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guess the song – JUST DANCE EDITION

guess the song – JUST DANCE EDITION

Guess right now what the hell you can see
on the screen tell me in the comment section if you got it right Hey everyone this is Matt here and in
this video I’m going to be a star. Well, unfortunately I won’t. But I’ll go
back to just dance a little bit So I’m gonna do like a guess the song video. In
Just Dance style So I found some videos on YouTube where you have to guess the
Just Dance song by the Just Dance’s coach clothes. So easy right So I’m gonna do
that and if I fail I have to go outside and dance in the garden and I have to dance on
rocks and stones and I don’t know how you call that in English but it’s
painful because I’m gonna do barefoot so yeah let’s do this so as I said right now I have to guess the Just Dance songs by the coaches outfit The clothes So it will be a little bit hard But for me I think it would be
really easy but yeah let’s do this first one direction one kiss WHAT?! Kiss You not One Kiss So right now I have to dance to this song outside Barefoot let’s do this So right now I have to dance to Kiss You by One Direction So the Just Dance choreography barefoot on the stones It will be painful so yeeah,let’s do this so yeaah Literally this happens when I loose So I don’t wanna loose again So yeah, let’s skip to round 2 So yeeah, let’s do this I hope I’ll know it Me and my broken heart?!! YESSS I’m so good Third one Okay FANCY Iggy Azalea *hah hah HAH* okay let’s go for the fourth one Choice is Yours? *Aaaaaaaaaaaaa* *crying* Okay, I hate to lose So right now I have to dance
to Uptown Funk OUTSIDE again on the stones hmm so good I don’t know why I’m doing this This stuff
hurts just look at my feet It’s so ugly anyways let’s continue I hope I’ll know this one cito.. ,kasfmaslkjifjsapoj Despacito REALLY?%! so looks like I have to go back again
outside uh la la I’m so bad at this I thought I’m gonna be better but no Hmmm.. no Wi-fi Thanks God so
because I had some network issues I just survive the last dance let’s move on so this is the sixth one so I really hope I’ll known this ‘Cuz I don’t wanna go
outside it’s getting really dark anyways of course I don’t know this what the hell is
this? ♪ I just wanna dance with somebody♪ Okay , it looks like this this video it’s just
not for me so I’ll go back outside I swear I will never do this again Hopefully this will be my last try and I won’t fail
again ‘Cuz my feet hurt It’s not that bad. so it looks like my feet start to like
the stones so it wasn’t that painful at all and I enjoy it Let’s do the next one hopefully it’ll be the last yeah I really want to know the next one ‘cuz
it’s like such a shame that I just can’t remember for the outfits Hmm well yeah seventh this is not the last one Let me love you *ARGG*
Finally I think I just… ..knew like 2
Okay..8th I don’t know So this was the last one so let’s
prepare for the last dance to Macarena outside okay let’s do this so it looks like this video was such a big mistake
cuz here am I outside It’s almost night hmm.. well yeah..
almost it’s getting cold and I’m here in
this amazing glasses and hat and the moon is watching me and I still have to do
this dance barefoot the Macarena so yeah amazing but this is the last dance
that I have to do so this will be perfect I give up..
okay..bye. so that was the video guys I hope you
enjoyed it and I hope you liked that I was in pain so yeah I hope you enjoyed this video if you do please thumbs this video and
subscribe to my channel and check out my other videos also check out my social
media links and have a nice day and see you next time ciao adios I’m done

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