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Guesthouse Daughters | 하숙집 딸들 – Ep.9 [ENG/THA/2017.04.25]

Guesthouse Daughters | 하숙집 딸들 – Ep.9 [ENG/THA/2017.04.25]

51 thoughts on “Guesthouse Daughters | 하숙집 딸들 – Ep.9 [ENG/THA/2017.04.25]”

  1. the university looks really good…love the new concept of the show …idk why are people saying bad stuff about it??

  2. 13:05 … The Moment when the Bias you fallin love for is weird but you still love him because he's still charming4You 😂😂😂

  3. When they were doing the sorrowful stories part, I honestly wondered about what must've REALLY gone through their minds… especially Teuk's. He's incredibly strong and I hope he knows that himself.

  4. .. lol.. poor Siyeon, her partner really silly n funny.. i guess this is her day while she really want to win but her partner the one that play around.. :)) love this eps

  5. I like the first time when they visit the guesthouse at helped the students and the owner of the house. – It kinda reminded me of "family outing".

    Thhe lateste changes makes it more of a cooking show….. no, it is not really a cooking show. It is lacking something?

    The idea of meeting and talking with students is a good idea…. but I think the show lack something …
    maybe more stories, activity and interaction with the students?

  6. OMG Dahae has so many loveable talents I don't even know where to start! This week's highlight is her dancing. She doesn't even have to put too much effort in it and it turned out 'wow'! Dear Dahae, please entertain us with you many hidden charms. Can't wait to see more. Siyeon is so cute like a teddy bear. Feels like hugging and squeezing her every time she lose! Suguen's jokes always put us in a good mood. And that student (Sohui), good choice, guys. She's kind and dances beautifully. Please keep this show going. We love it so much!

  7. Yujin is so pretty!!!! she can be easily be an idol. I thought is hard to find people that looks like idol, I mean with good looks in Korea and with no surgery and just being normal people

  8. those useless peeps complaining about the new concept just gtfo and stop watching…. i miss the old members and the concept too but this new concept is way more entertaining…. seriously tired of all the complaints in every episode….

  9. it's sad how i haven't laughed much now that they changed their concept instead i cry more haha. I miss the other 2 girls so much and the guy

  10. If you guys didn’t know when they were talking about sorrow stories Leeteuk past was actually very sad and I’m sure he was holding it all in and still told a funny army story kudos to him what an admirable guy

  11. It’s weird how quickly they changed the theme of the show. Initially it seemed to have promise but now it’s become a cooking show by celebrities

  12. This is my second episode of this show. I don't know what the other comments are talking about since the first episode I saw was just the same. I love this show because it has Lee Teuk but the concept is not that new. It's a cooking show with a tiny twist? I love it anyways. I love food. 😂

  13. Omg that girl Yujin is so cute. About the show i must admit that the original guesthouse concept was more fun than the cooking one tho ^^

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