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Guesthouse Daughters | 하숙집 딸들 – Ep.9 [ENG/THA/2017.04.25]

Guesthouse Daughters | 하숙집 딸들 – Ep.9 [ENG/THA/2017.04.25]

The flowers have bloomed. It’s spring. Where are we? Hanyang University. It’s so nice here. I can feel the heat of youth on this campus. There are no students here. It’s the weekend. There is no one young here. You see, I can’t make comments like that. Can’t you just agree with me? You’re very good at it. In order to do a cooking competition today, we need professional cooks, right? That’s why we have special guests here today. We invited chefs today. Chef? Let’s show what cooking is about. Chef. Two chefs. Please come on out. (Two men have come for the students!) He’s wearing a chef uniform. (Too much! He’s wearing a chef uniform!) Hello. Nice to meet you. I’m Boom. (Helpers Boom and Lee Jinho!) This is Jinho! I’m Boom! Hello. I’m a TVN comedian. He’s so easygoing. Isn’t the uniform too much? I thought we were cooking majors. – Are you a doctor? / – No. What is this? It’s my gun. Bang, bang, bang! These are chefs’ knives. Chefs carry their own knives. I enjoy cooking. (Boom brought his own knives) These are really yours? This is my mom’s homemade red pepper powder. I must use this. I love to cook. I’m perfect for today’s theme. I’m one of the few stars who went to an agriculture high school. I even got a license in food processing. Really? I have an agricultural food processing license. What has that got to do with what we’ll do today? It’s a license for making canned food. I’ll make canned food today. You’re going to can mom’s homemade cooking so that the students can eat for the next 2 years? College students love canned food. We will now go meet the students who sent us a request to visit. We’ll talk to them and make their moms’ home-cooked dishes in the evening. Let’s go. (What stories will be behind today’s dishes?) This is the newly-built dorm. – It’s a new building. / – It’s a new building. There’s a garden here. (There’s a garden right by the dorm! How nice) A garden and a greenhouse. – One for the chancellor. / – What pose is that? What are you doing? I’m waiting for my girlfriend. This is how men usually wait. Stop pretending to be something. I hate people who pretend so often. Siyeon says she hates people like that! Really? I’m sorry. (Partners Boom and Siyeon are off to a bad start) She doesn’t like those pretend situations. I hate that! We need this to enter. It’s like entering a TV station. Hello. (It’s the latest dormitory building) Come in. It’s like entering a TV station. Since it’s a school dorm, I’m sure they have rules. Outsiders can’t come in. It’s like a large conglomerate. Which way is the lounge? It’s over there. – They have a lounge, too. / – It’s so nice. He is so kind. He is very kind. (Siyeon discovers something) Evicted. From getting drunk. (She finds a notice!) Two students were kicked out in March. Two people were kicked out. I think it’s a couple. (It’s a very strict dorm…) (Boom and Siyeon are here to meet the student) It’s so nice here. It’s like a hotel. A laundry room. Wow. (They have a laundry room on every floor!) It costs $5 to do the laundry. (She misread 50 cents as $5) (Bam!) Are you alright? (She’s stopped by a security gate) (These partners are not showing great teamwork) I have never been in a dorm. (Ding-dong) – I’m nervous. / – I’m nervous, too. Have you eaten? Hello. How can you open the door so quickly like that? – Hello. / – You’re so beautiful. Hello. Come in. (Han Sohui / Dance major) May we come in? Hello. (Noisy) Hello. Please come in. (Friends are in Sohui’s room) Excuse us. – It’s so nice. / – Right? You must have your own bathroom. Have a seat. Hello. (It’s a nice, bright room) Nice to meet you. Have a seat. (He’s nervous to be in a girl’s room) A girl’s room is really clean. I’ve never been in one. This is a gift for you. Thank you. (Boom brought a gift for the student) Thank you for inviting us. You opened the door too recklessly. Like you were waiting for us. So who lives here? – The two of us. / – You two are roommates. What about your friend? I’m a friend. I live on another floor. Why are you here? We’re close friends. I came over to have fun. Is the room always this clean? You cleaned, right? It doesn’t normally look like this. It looks like you cleaned in a hurry. (They say they cleaned a little…) (An hour ago…) (Let’s get rid of our hair!) (There’s so much hair!) (That’s how they started cleaning…) (They clean up clothes first…) Where did you leave that long-sleeved shirt? In the closet. (Cleaning up clothes is the hardest…) The overall look is very nice. It’s very organized. The view is great. There’s a wall right in front. So you don’t get distracted. So we can focus on studying. If you see cherry blossoms outside… – We’ll get distracted. / – You want to date… (A view of a wall to get them focus on studying) If you live close by, you wouldn’t be in a dorm. Where are you from? I’m from Gyeongju, Gyeongsang-do. Gyeongsang-do. (Kang Yejin / Physical education major) I did see the aura of Cheomseongdae when I came in. (She has the aura of Cheomseongdae?) It’s beautiful. – Where are you from? / – I’m from Ulsan. Gyeongsang girls are pretty. (Kim Eunhye / Chinese) I’m from Busan. (Proud of Gyeongsang beauty?) (Embarrassed) Many beautiful women are from Busan. She seemed so proud when she talked about Ulsan. Ulsan. (Two hamburgers on her shoulders with pride) – There are many beautiful women. / – Kim Taehee. Han Chae-a. Where are you from? – I’m from Cheonan. / – I see. You must eat well in order to study well. I get worried when I see college students. I usually take soy milk with me. – As an emergency snack? / – Yes. I thought these were bricks. It’s apple juice. (Snacks displayed by the window) Instead of the refrigerator? That’s our refrigerator. You could get shockingly hungry in the evening. Shockingly… Since you can’t cook, you drink this. Right. That’s heartbreaking. That’s why we’re here today. We’ll fill you up today. We’ll serve you the best food. Thank you. (We’ll serve you a home-cooked meal) I lived in a dorm in high school, too. The facilities… It was back in the 90s… This is new and we’re the first ones to live here. It’s so nice. It’s like a hotel. What did you do about food in high school? I used to cook with a hot pot. An electric pot. We can’t use those. I see. We were able to. So I ate instant noodles very often. What time was your curfew? I was a high school student. The dorm was on campus, so there was no curfew. Once we ate dinner, we never left our rooms. (That was a very strict dorm…) It was very strict. – Our curfew is 1 a.m. / – 1 a.m to 5 a.m. The lights went off at 11 p.m. at our dorm. It was fun secretly hanging out with friends though. What are you guys good at? Do you have any personal talents? Don’t college students these days have one each? They usually do. When you’re on a blind date and need to do something… – In order to appeal yourself. / – Yes. I do impressions. She does have one. I have a loud voice, so I tried doing impressions once. I did it a few times and others told me it’s funny. – Who? / – Christina. It’s already funny! (Best talent! Making people laugh before she starts) Can I hide my face while I do it? (She’s embarrassed…) Christina. Oh. Do it. Go. Hello. Hello. I’m Christina. (She sounds just like the original!) You sound the same. Isn’t that Doraemon? (She does this on blind dates?) How do you do it? You have to squeeze your vocal cords. I think you’d be good. That’s a crow. You should start with that. You have to squeeze your vocal cords. (Ah!) (A scream) (Will she be able to master this talent today?) Jinho has more talents than any of us. – I want to see. / – Show us! I’ve never seen it. (Burdened) Misook has never seen you show your talents. I don’t have any talents so I bought it from my friend for $30. (I brought a $30 talent) You have to buy it. You should mention your friend’s name. Yang Kiwung. The talent you bought for $30. His mom owns a karaoke room. I heard it from him. I will mimic someone singing. He bought this talent. Do you know someone named Greg? He’s black and from America. He was in “Superstar K” and other programs. We need to see his video. I don’t know who it is. Greg? (Will he be able to make others laugh?) He sang Kim Bumsoo’s “I Miss You” in his own soulful way. – Greg? / – Greg. I’ll mimic him and look up his video afterwards. I’ll start. I know who he is. ($30 talent starts!) ♪ Those memories of loving you like crazy ♪ ♪ I’m searching for you ♪ ♪ But I can no longer lock you up ♪ ♪ In the excuse ♪ (Filled with soul!) ♪ Of love ♪ ♪ Of love ♪ I don’t know who it is, but this is funny! Let’s take a look at his video now. Greg? (Let’s check how close he was!) If you search “Greg,” it’ll come up. – “I Miss You.” Here. / – It’s there, right? (Greg’s “Superstar K” video) ♪ Those memories of loving you like crazy ♪ (Source: Mnet) (Gestures full of soul) (They have the same face!) Falsetto is the key. (I will no longer lock you up) (Greg copy and paste) Let’s go one more time. Go! (Mimicking Greg!) ♪ Those memories of loving you like crazy ♪ ♪ You have them ♪ ♪ I can no longer lock you up ♪ ♪ In the excuse of love ♪ The talent you bought for $30. That was so funny. You want to try it? Let’s try it. So at your birthday party, a monitor will come down and show Greg’s video. ♪ Like crazy ♪ Then you come out with a microphone and sing and every guest will burst out laughing. That would take too long. It’s really easy. I’ll tell you the key points. I loved. You. Like crazy. (Point 1: Pronounce “love” like “rove”) “Memories” is the key. (Point 2: Sing “memories” soulfully!) ♪ Memories ♪ Most people who can sing can do that. Singers would be good. ♪ I loved you like crazy ♪ ♪ Memories ♪ What’s with that face? (He doesn’t sound the same, but it’s funny) My face will start twitching. Why don’t we invite Greg one day? (We’ll cook for you, Greg…) Here they are. (Siyeon & Boom brought today’s client, Sohui) A beautiful girl! This way, please. You filmed enough already? Good job. Please introduce yourself. Hello. I’m Han Sohui, a freshman dance student at Hanyang University. (Nice to meet you) How’s her voice? It sounds like Yim Jaebeum. (I have a cold) I want to see you dance. The dance department of Hanyang University has traditions and a long history, right? They look beautiful in hanboks. Didn’t you dance too, Dahey? I think she did. – When I was young. / – She did. It’s been years since I’ve danced. The body dances… What is it? (Where are you going?) To change my outfit. You don’t have to go that far. I’ll be right back. She’s definitely doing Korean dance. When she left… People usually leave like this, but she… (Light steps) (Dance moves are embedded in her) I know because I danced, too. It’s possible to demonstrate in other clothes, but it’s so much better to do it in costumes. Your outfit is that of a dancer today. I’m a cheerleader today. She’s back. (Sohui has returned) She even has ribbons on. How beautiful. Is this a grudge dance? This is an exorcism dance. When did you learn how to dance? Since I was 6. Wow. She must be really good. Don’t you need a person sitting on stage? Can you exorcise ghosts from me? She entered this school as a top student! Really? (Sohui entered with an excellent score) Let’s take a look. (Can’t wait) If you come in at night after your performance, the guard will think you’re a ghost. (Do I still look like Sohui to you?) She’s starting now. Cut the music! (Exorcism dance: Dance to drive out bad spirits) (I’m entranced…) (We can see 14 years of experience in her moves) (Smack) (I will drive out bad spirits from you too, Boom) (Bounce bounce) The line is so beautiful. (She’s good) (Can’t help but be in a daze) (They can’t take their eyes off Sohui) (Standing ovation) We will allow you to enter our school. What did you think, Professor Boom? She’s the top student. We will dance as a thank you. We should show something to her, too. Why would I? Dahey also danced? (They want to see Dahey dance too) I… (Searching) Just show us a little bit. Can I borrow your shoes? Are all women’s feet the same size? Dahey, aren’t you a size 11? They do fit. (Dahey will do anything she’s asked to) It’s been over 10 years. That doesn’t matter. There’s a certain way to grab the fabric. You have some on your arms, too. (Clothes prepared for the dance?) Shouldn’t I be cheering? You’re good at everything. You look Mexican from the back. Cleopatra. (Ta-da!) (Mexican Cleopatra) I’ll start from the back! (She’s got the moves) She did learn dance. It goes like this. My teacher told us to chew men up and spit them out. Move forward and… (The gaze she learned from her teacher) You’ve got us hooked! (She’s about to mesmerize the camera, too) Good job. (Good job, Dahey) – Sohui, she’s pretty good, right? / – Yes. Does she have that line? – The way she threw the fabric. / – I see. Misook is thinking of doing it too. (Misook’s turn now) – I can’t. / – Music. (Music, please) (Her body automatically responds) What dance is that? (Bounce bounce) You have the moves. Did you see that? (Subtle sexy waves) (Dancing isn’t easy) I heard that you can also dance girl group dances. Really? I was part of a TV dance club in high school. Then we must see it. Girls’ hip hop. (Sohui prepares another outfit) Korean traditional dance has many things to prepare. She’s wearing an inner skirt, too. Soon she’ll be asked to perform at festivals. She’s untying her hair. It’s Hanyang University’s Suzy! It’s like Miss A. She doesn’t look like a traditional dancer anymore. She must be good at other dances, too. (Ready) Turn up the music, please. Volume up! Volume up! (Surprising sexiness) (Surprised) Oh my god! She’s so good. (She could major in TV dance, too) She’s good. (She is strong, soft and sexy) Are you alright? (She’s awesome) Look at her energy. (Strutting her energy of youth) (Dance god, Dance queen) (Mesmerized men) (Sohui’s confidence is attractive) (So many exclamations) You look different from when you do traditional dance. I think you’re better at this. Let’s say Leeteuk suggests you join a girl group. Let’s say he called you up one day. What would you say? I still prefer Korean traditional dance. I’m intimidated, as a woman. Now that we’ve seen your talent, we must ask what you want to eat. Right. We’re supposed to cook for you, right? What did your mom cook for you? Seasoned raw crab and seasoned pickled radish and japchae. Seasoned pickled radish is my favorite. Really? Me too. What do you want us to cook? It’s not raw crab, is it? Seasoned raw crab. That’s… Isn’t that hard to make? That’s the toughest. That’s a lot of work. Aren’t you supposed to buy it? Sugeun. We should call her mother up and ask. Let’s call your mother. If she says it can’t be made within a day, we’ll cook something else like fried eggs. We can order food. Your birthday is July 1, right? – Yes. / – Me too. Really? That’s background music? Hello? – Mom, it’s me, Sohui. / – Hi. – Hello? / – Yes? Hello. I’m Lee Misook. Oh, hello. She’s responding differently. – Nice to meet you. / – Nice to meet you. I can’t meet you in person, but this is still nice. (Misook is popular among moms) I’m comedian Lee Jinho. Do you know who I am? No. I’m from Sokcho. I don’t watch comedy programs. I’m sorry. Mom, it’s the program we watch the most. Which one? “Quit talking such crap.” To her mom? It’s his catchphrase. Don’t be upset. I don’t watch comedy programs. I’m sorry. I’ll explain it to her later. Sohui asked us to make seasoned raw crab. Could you please share your recipe for seasoned crab you make for her? I buy frozen crabs and marinate it in boiled soy sauce. Soy sauce? We don’t like extremely salty food, so I mix in water and add onions and other ingredients and cool it. Then I marinate the crabs for about an hour. Oh, the crabs? Yes. Saltiness must get absorbed into the meat. – She just said she doesn’t like salty food. / – Ma’am. You said you add onions. – For an hour. / – When I boil soy sauce. Then leave it in the freezer to make it cold and season it separately. I have red pepper paste that my mom made. – Your mother made it? / – Yes. So since we don’t have that, it will taste different. Since you don’t have that add lots of garlic to ordinary pepper paste. Garlic? Whole garlic? Minced garlic? Minced garlic. Add 3-4 spoons of garlic pepper paste and add a spoon of soy sauce. Then add seasoning, starch, sugar and pepper powder. Then mix in the crabs and you’re done. Alright. We will do our best to recreate the taste. I am confident this time. I really love seasoned crab. Our production staff members went to Cheonan today and met Sohui’s grandmother and brought the sauce. That looks good. Why don’t you have a taste? How does it taste? It’s complete already. Does every team get it? No. Just one team. The other teams must mix garlic and pepper paste. We must get that. We can say the team that gets this has already won. We must get it! We won’t be playing a game. We’ll do a sorrow talk. What’s that? Let’s see who has the most sorrow in their stories. This is how sorrowful I am. Something like that. Today’s judge is Sohui. She may be young, but she knows what sorrow is. That team will get this special pepper paste. I’ll start off lightly. I went to the army in 2012. I served my duty. But I still get comments like “Just go serve in the army.” “Just go serve in the army.” No one could tell you were gone for 2 years. I still get angry thinking about it. If we start talking about mean comments… Boom plus… Yes, I know. They say my name differently. They call me “Boombage,” from “Boom” and “garbage.” I really don’t know. I know you were involved in something, but I don’t know what it is. I’ll text you about it later. Is it related to driving? No. It’s about games… A similar thing? I thought you went to jail for drunk driving. Me too. That’s strange. They think you drank and drove. This is my sorrow. It’s a misunderstanding. You too, right? (Even Sohui) Is there someone else? When I was 19 years old, I wanted to become a comedian, so I got a part-time job and came to Seoul with $10. That’s how I became who I am today. I ate 50-cent rice cakes every day and worked at a theater. One day, my father came (Dad’s surprise visit) to see me at the theater. He’s a farmer. He wasn’t dressed nicely. The company CEO was there. I introduced my father to him, but he just looked at my father from head to toe. – Not greeting him? / – Yeah. I was upset. (The executive was rude to his father) My mom called me at night. “I’m sorry, Jinho. If I had known your dad was going to see you I would’ve made him dress nicely.” This is very sad. (They can feel how bad his parents felt) Your father must’ve been heartbroken. I think this is… Was telling this story a mistake? No, this is a sorrowful story. Of course. You shouldn’t judge people by their looks. When I was young, I never ate my lunch at school. I would meet up with my brother and eat by the field. – Why? / – Because I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed by the lunch my dad packed us. (The moments we look back on and regret…) Tell us, Siyeon. Do you have any stories? When I debuted, I was told they wouldn’t hire me unless I changed my name. – Even though you liked your name? / – Yes. So I changed it to Park Siyeon. That’s not sorrowful. That’s cool. I debuted as “Shakiroo Boom.” What’s wrong with your life? Since the incident, people take off “roo.” So it’s “Shaki,” which sounds like “jerk” in Korean. Some people add “this” in front, too. I’d like to clarify that my name has “roo.” Some call me “Boom Shaki.” If we’re going to go with name stories… (Just give it to him) Can anyone beat that story? That’s a sad life. Tell your story if it can beat that. My story is 100% real. Here comes Dahey. It’s 100% real. (I miss you, “roo”) It happened just yesterday. We’re talking about sorrow here. I was scammed for the first time in my life. I’m serious. Just yesterday. It was something I couldn’t buy in Korea. It’s a coffee brand. I like mug sets and plates. What? Plates? Shaki? (Oh… Shaki…) I was about to order, but they told me I couldn’t use my credit card since they were overseas. So I became suspicious. Then they sent me their business registration papers and told me they’re the official store. So I wired the money. We’re talking about fraud stories now? I have many. Here comes fraud! Here comes fraud! I’m the icon of being deceived. (Let’s not go as far as icons) Please share with us. When you turn on the faucet, it should’ve come out here but water was spraying from the handle. – Like at a lake? / – Like a fountain. Then my eyeshadow stain wouldn’t come off the dresser. That’s not fraud. That is fraud. You asked for a good product, but… We call it fraud but they wouldn’t. They said it’s their fault and took back the product and then I couldn’t get in contact with them. That’s really fraud. Mine just happened yesterday. I even got a call from the police. Voice phishing? I fell for voice phishing twice. Twice. She fell for it twice. She’s just too naive. That’s just being foolish. (Please don’t scam Siyeon) Did you hear all the stories? (Time to decide who had the most sorrowful story) After hearing their stories. (Trying to look pitiful) Go ahead and hand it to them. If this goes to Siyeon and Boom, they can win today. Siyeon’s charm is (Finally my first victory?) she makes the taste that’s not needed. (A liability to her team when cooking) – She’s that bad? / – She placed last 2 weeks in a row. It’s not just your grandmother. Even if your ancestors come… I can do a good job. Who would you like to give it to, Sohui? You can hand it to them. (Time for Sohui’s decision) I’m sorry, Jinho. “If I had known your dad was going to see you, I would’ve made him dress nicely.” This is a sad story. I was scammed for the first time in my life. “Just go serve in the army.” No one could tell you were gone for 2 years. I fell for voice phishing twice. Twice. So it’s “Shaki,” which sounds like “jerk” in Korean. Some people add “this” in front, too. (Who’s the winner of this sorrow talk battle?) Them. (Siyeon & Boom’s team wins the garlic pepper paste) – Thanks, Sohui. / – Cheer up, Boom. Thank you. I hope it comforts you. It’s a problem if we don’t win first place with this. That’s the pressure. That sauce will be doing all the work. (100% winning item) (Coming up soon) That color looks delicious! (How will Siyeon & Boom’s seasoned crab taste?) (What?) (What happened to Siyeon & Boom?) (Coming up soon!) (Spring is upon the campus) It’s so nice here. It’s spring. – I’m Boom! / – Siyeon, you’re going dressed like that? You look comfortable. (Siyeon & Dahey changed) You look like college students. Dahey, you look like a college student, too. Sugeun, you look like an old student. Spring breeze brushes by. (Who is waiting for them?) (Giggle) Huh? They look excited. They’re the true college students. Hello. (Extreme welcome) They’re wearing uniforms. They’re beautiful. You look like bank employees. It’s past lunch time. You should go back to work. – Are they students? / – Who are you? We’re high school students. You guys are so beautiful and handsome. Hello. There are so many of you. Our client is Yujin. – Where’s Yujin? / – Right here. – Yujin? / – Hwang Yujin. (Hwang Yujin) – My daughter’s name is Yujin, too. / – Really? PR ambassador. (Yujin does PR for Hanyang University) Please introduce Hanyang University. Hello. We’re the Student PR of Hanyang University. We gather all the love. Love. Hanyang! Hanyang, love! We love you. Guesthouse! Team! Guesthouse! Team! We love you. We opened a guesthouse. (Meeting between Love Hanyang & Guesthouse team!) You’re the faces of Hanyang University, right? (I wouldn’t put it that way…) You could say that. Please show us how good you are. We will give you exactly 30 seconds to promote Hanyang University. Ready! Exactly 30 seconds. Go! Hello, everyone. I’m Hwang Yujin, a student of Hanyang and one of the student ambassadors for the university. The place you stand right now is Hanyang University, the growth engine of Korea. We have many celebrities here today. We must look at our alumni who are stars. Jisung of “Kill Me, Heal Me” and Asian Prince Jang Keunsuk are graduates of Hanyang University. Hanyang students are branching out into the world with the spirit and courage of the lion, our mascot. Keep expecting great things from Hanyang University. This is Hanyang University, the engine of Korea. (That was good!) 29.84 seconds! (She’s a true representative for Hanyang) Do you volunteer for this? Or are you asked to do it? Seokju, why don’t you tell us? We apply for it and are chosen through an audition. The competition rate is more than 10:1. 10:1. What are the standards for choosing you? We don’t know either. Isn’t it based on looks? I’m sure it’s not height. Let’s see who’s taller. (About the same) Do any of you think you were picked not for your GPA or your height, but for your looks? – I think some of you do. / – Go. (The one who’s about the same height as Sugeun) – Really? / – No. How could I say that in front of celebrities? (A speechless celebrity) So in your opinion, out of the 7 men here, how would you rank your looks? I… (His rank in looks out of all men here) Which one are you sure you can beat in looks? Me? (I look more handsome than Sugeun) (Oh gee) I’m one of the most handsome comedians. He’s absurd. I’m uglier than Jinho? I would have to think about that. Who are you to judge me? He asked. I think Geonyong is just like Jinho. I’m sure he has many talents. He just looks witty. I’m sure he has many talents. Show us, Geonyong. (Show us!) (Can’t wait) (Here’s “TT” by TWICE) Louder! (Geonyong time!) Here he goes! (How cute) (Cutie) He’s like a girl group member. Oh my. That’s enough. Good job. That was courageous. (Embarrassed) You guys have great reactions. Everyone’s cheering. You can’t beat us with that. (Is it time for me to step up?) (He’s coming!) (Show us, Shakiroo Boom!) (Just getting started) He always does that move! (Quite extreme) (Quite a different “TT” dance) That’s what it’s about! (Why are we embarrassed?) (A fantastic ending) (Oh, my back…) – We admit our loss. / – That was good. Where’s Jaewu? Do voice mimicking. You have a great voice. (Don’t lose, Jaewu!) – How tall are you? / – 189cm. You’re not as tall as I thought. (Approaching) Don’t come near us! I have a friend who’s over 2 meters tall. Let’s take a look. You can look wherever you want. Did you have to… (This is?) Did you have to take (A famous scene from a movie) everything from me to feel relieved? Did you have to take everything from me to feel relieved? – He sounds similar! / – Huh? (Oh, he sounds like Kim Raewon) Kim Raewon with nasal problems. If you spend time together, do you end up liking each other? Sure. We’re family. I’m sure some of you have dated each other. – No. / – Be honest. You may not say so now, but someone may confess. Janghun, you like one of them, don’t you? When I mentioned this, he kept going like this by himself. He can’t confess his feelings easily because they’re in the same field. There aren’t rules against dating each other, right? No, there aren’t. Then confess your love right now! We’ll help you. (His hidden feelings?) What? Oh my god. Your children would be tall if you married. (Is it day 1 for us now?) – Yujin, you sent us the request, right? / – Yes. – Where are you from? / – Changwon in Gyeongnam. Do you live in a dorm? I live on my own. It’s been a year. That’s the most popular style. – A home-cooked meal. / – Home-cooked meal? My mom makes great beef soup. That’s not easy to make. (Concerned…) I’ve heard of beef seaweed soup, but beef soup! – You mean with soybean paste? / – No. That takes a lot of work. Aren’t you supposed to boil it for hours? You have to make the broth first. My mom has two cooking certifications. It’d be hard to make her dish. After tasting my mom’s cooking, my friends said it tastes better than restaurant food. I miss her food a lot when I’m sick. When you’re living on your own, when you’re sick, you miss your parents the most. Since we’re meeting young students, I thought we’d be making aglio e olio or pork cutlets. – What’s aglio e olio? / – Spaghetti with olive oil. But instead they want beef soup and seasoned raw crab. I’m having a mental breakdown. We must have old-fashioned students here. A spoonful of beef soup and a bite of seasoned crab. (Beef soup and seasoned raw crab=Best combination) You’ve gone beyond the recipes I know. I’m impressed. Why don’t we talk to your mom on the phone then? (Calling Yujin’s mother) I didn’t know you would like beef soup. The quality of the sound is very good. Your mother will love it. Hello? (Yujin’s mother) Mom. – What? / – Can you talk? Yes. I’m sorry, but are you in a karaoke room? Please turn off the microphone. – I’m not in a karaoke room. / – Where are you? It’s the sound of our phone. Is she digging a cave? (We’re sorry for disturbing you) – Ma’am? / – Yes? This is “Guesthouse Daughters” from KBS. I see. Hello. It’s funny just listening to the title, right? Ma’am, Yujin really wants to eat your beef soup. Is there a reason why she liked it so much? She likes things that are “maepssa.” What does that mean? What does “maepssa” mean, ma’am? What? It means “spicy” and “cheap” in Korean. At least she laughed. (I’m sorry) – What does “maepssa” mean? / – That’s a dialect? It means something spicy. So it means something spicy. Something maepssa. I should write that down. Maepssa. Ma’am. Could you please give us your beef soup recipe? Yes, I can. Oh, I guess she normally doesn’t. (Top secret) You’ll need Grade A beef for soup. Time out! Grade A? Yes. Grade A. She cares a lot about the quality of meat. What about Grade B or C? You could use Grade A+ or A++. If the beef isn’t high quality, it’s not juicy enough. That’s why we need Grade A beef. I should write that down. (Grade A is OK) Put the beef in a pot. – Then “pisi” the “mushi.” / – What? Time out! – Mushi? / – Ppiri the mushi? I know! Ppiri ppiri the mushi. Wasn’t that an old saying? Are we supposed to peel radish? Wait. She is speaking in her region’s dialect so that it’ll be hard to understand. Ty to guess what it means and cook. – Peel radish? / – First, ppiri the mushi. Piji the mushi and… (Mom…) (Who knows what it means?) – I know. / – What does it mean? Boil radish? Then add some sesame oil in a pot. I’m sorry, ma’am. You want us to cook dried radish greens? No. I’m saying to slice radish. I know! Radish is upset! You mean chop radish and put it in? No, not chop. (Frustrated) Oh, slice! Yes. – Slice radish? / – Yes. Fly radish? Like this. (Ppisi the mushi=Slice radish) We got it now. You’re Korean, right? This is unique. Then what do we do? – Two spoons of soy sauce. / – Listen carefully. Two spoons of pepper powder. Add “ppa” garlic. Green onion and garlic? No, crushed garlic. Smashed. Oh, crushed garlic! We heard it as “green onion and garlic.” – We’re sorry. / – Crushed garlic. Then stir-fry everything. Stir-fry? Since there’s mushi, the pot won’t burn. She means the pot won’t burn because of the radish. Oh, that’s why she added it. When the beef is almost cooked… If it’s almost cooked… Yeah, then you’ll have thick broth. (Pricked ears) It’s like we’re taking a listening exam. We get thick broth. Okay. (I understand it well) Then pour water to a little more than half of the pot. – Add sliced onions. / – Sliced. Then add bean sprouts. Then close the lid. Boil until radish gets “nabeul nabeul.” Until it turns transparent. Nabeul nabeul? (Don’t worry, guys) Yes, the broth must have sweetness to taste better. – We don’t need to add chili peppers? / – Yes. Please continue, ma’am. Okay. That’s it. (Perplexed) She ends it at a weird place. What kind of person do you want Yujin to grow up as? What kind of boyfriend do you want her to have? Boyfriend? Someone tall. As long as she likes him. The perfect person is 190cm and in the PR group of Hanyang University. We’re curious about something. Why do you prefer a tall man? My daughter is acrophobic, so she didn’t grow too tall. That has nothing to do with acrophobia. She pauses in strange places. We will do our best so that Yujin can taste your home-cooked meal. Call her later and ask about how it tasted. Thank you. – Thank you, ma’am. / – Thank you. She’s such a bright and kind person. She’s so cute. Yujin took after her mom’s personality. The main ingredient of the beef soup is the beef. Grade A beef. Since it’s Grade A, we’ll give you a mission. Oh, meat! Can we just eat it now? It looks good. Soup should taste good with this. It should taste good even without any seasoning. High-quality beef makes better broth. Let’s get this. The winning team gets this. Losing teams get chicken. – What? / – Chicken. What? You must make the chicken taste like beef. That’s just chicken soup. It’s chicken soup. You will promote yourself for 30 seconds. 30 seconds straight. It doesn’t have to make sense. Just end it with “the end.” – What? / – It must end with “the end.” You’ll stop when you think 30 seconds have passed. The team that’s closest to 30 seconds wins. These students have practiced doing PR for 30 seconds very often, so let’s see how good they are. Who would like to try? This is hard. What should I say? You go first. Get ready! 30 seconds of PR. You can say whatever you want. Go! Hello. I’m Min Hyojung, a PR ambassador for Hanyang University. I am currently a Hanyang University student majoring in media communications. Since I’m a media communications major, it’s my dream to work at a broadcasting company. It feels great to be part of a shoot like this. I’m from Gwangyang, Jeonnam but I currently live in Wangsimni. Everybody, I… (Shy) Excuse me. Hurry up and wrap up. The end! (She suddenly ends it) You can end it like that. It doesn’t matter. She spoke for 24 seconds. She had 6 seconds to go. We don’t care about the content of your PR. Just end it with “the end.” “The end.” I need to know when to stop the stopwatch. Please end with “the end.” Comedians have a great feel for this. I’ll try. Okay. (Pressure is on) Here we go. Get ready. Go. Hello. On “Guesthouse Daughters” this week, we will be making beef stew (Stammering) for Hwang Yujin. I mean beef soup. We will do our best to cook for Yujin. (Stuttering) Misook has made beef soup many times so if we win we’ll cook good soup for you. The end. – 26.86 seconds. / – 26.81. That was pretty good. (This is hard) 26.81 seconds. (Not bad) Next. I’ll go. Leeteuk. He has a great sense of time, too. Get ready. Go! Hello. I’m Leeteuk, the leader of Super Junior. What does Leeteuk mean? A special person. I am currently starring on “Guesthouse Daughters.” The members of “Guesthouse Daughters” include Lee Sugeun, Lee Misook, Lee Dahey and Park Siyeon. When is it aired? It is aired on TV once a week. Let me tell you what the program is about. In the past, it was filmed at the guesthouse, but now we visit boarding students and prepare warm, home-cooked meals for them. If you want, we will go visit you. (End it!) The end! (Leeteuk, you…) – Please! / – What was the time? I think he did well. Wow. Unbelievable. That’s right. – 29 seconds! / – 29.69! Good job! 29 seconds and what? 69. Let’s quit. Let them take the beef. No. Someone can get exactly 30 seconds. If someone does it in exactly 30 seconds, he wins. – Leeteuk. 29.69… / – You started? No, no. I’ve been on television live many times. Talking for a certain amount of time is easy. – I’ve got a lot of things loaded up. / – Get set, go! Hello, hello. I’m Shakiroo Boom! Let me start by saying what’s important. You see… (Oh my) You see! (Just blabbering) You can do it like this and like that. Valet fee of $3 is too expensive! Please give us a discount. Don’t get lost. Chicken mayonnaise. Have a great time with Boom. You can join me. (Unbelievable…) I will always praise your lives. I will always praise you. How? Have fun. Please join me. This has been cutie pie Boom! I will try to wrap up now. But I can keep going a little longer! The end! That was good, right? (Amazed?) How many seconds? He’s in last place! 34.63 seconds. I just wanted to show you can blab for 30 seconds. You seem to be touched by your own words. Dahey, Leeteuk. You won in the 30-second speech, so we’ll give you Grade A beef. Thank you. – You are giving us beef though, right? / – Yes. But there’s a huge difference in quality. You’re not giving us scrap meat, are you? I think it’ll be beef that you can’t find easily in Korea. Grade Z? Grade Z. There will be a huge gap in quality. Even a stray cat wouldn’t eat that. (Let’s go cook now) (Coming up) (Recreate mom’s recipe!) (A cooking battle among the members) (Who will satisfy Sohui and Yujin today?) We will again cook for Han Sohui, a dance student here, and Hwang Yujin, a PR ambassador for Hanyang University. The members of “Guesthouse Daughters” and Boom, Jinho and Leeteuk will cook together. The important thing in the seasoned crab that Han Sohui wants is this paste that they have. They won the paste from the sorrowful talk. I’m reassured. Hwang Yujin’s beef soup. The team that is at a disadvantage is Lee Misook and Jinho’s team. I’m sure you will do well anyway. We will start the cooking battle for mom’s home-cooked seasoned crab and beef soup. The battle has begun. I brought gloves to cook, and he took them. That’s too bad for you. I don’t need them. Here you go. No, I won’t put them on. I won’t put them on. You already put them on! (They start by arguing) (What’s the big deal about these gloves?) These gloves weren’t given by the production staff? You’re in charge of all the ingredients today, so you have to wear the gloves. I won’t work on the ingredients today. (I think… It’s going to be a long day…) Let’s look at Siyeon and Boom’s team. They’re defrosting crabs in running water. You don’t have to worry about making the sauce, right? (They’re off to a great start) I can’t cook. Please help me. If I partner up with you, I’ll help you. (Cooking king Boom) (Will they be able to win today?) (But! He can’t turn on the stove…) Why won’t this work? Is it working? (No…) Lee Sugeun lifeline! You’re using your lifeline already? (Perplexed) I’ll be right there. What is it? – The stove won’t turn on. / – The stove? The gas valve is closed. Oh gee. Oh gee. Did I close it? Of course you did. How can you do that? Okay. A fire show. (Can I trust this man?) (Garlic pepper paste) (1. Mix in pepper paste, minced garlic) (Pepper powder, sugar and starch syrup) (Add in chili pepper) (Mix and the garlic pepper paste is ready) (Chef Misook skillfully works on the vegetables) (But Misook & Jinho are cooking without speaking) (They are warned by the entertainment guard) Jinho. This isn’t a morning cooking show. She’s too fast. (One warning for Jinho) You don’t have to rush. (I should say something) How many spoons of pepper paste should I put in? Please keep the stove on. – Stove? / – Yes. Low heat. (They’re too talkative) Okay. Okay. (Busy busy) Thank you. Will you work on the radish first? Make it look pretty. Are you done with crabs? Slice it thin. After I do this, what do I do? (His brain malfunctions) You have to wash it. Did you wash it? No. Wash it! Wash this, too! Wash everything! You have to wash everything. You didn’t do it yet? (Never seen Leeteuk like this) It’s been a while and you haven’t done it yet? Please slow down a bit. I told you to wash it earlier! We have to finish quickly. What am I supposed to do with this? Can’t we enjoy this a bit? Stop whining and get to work. – Lee Sugeun. / – Yes? This is Sparta. (Leeteuk / Assistant chef day 1) It’s so scary. (This is exploitation of labor) No assistant has lasted here. (1st victim: Shindong) Move that. Thanks. (2nd victim: Yonghwa) Yes, chef. I can see why no one comes here. Hurry up. Hurry up! (Is that a drop of water? Or Leeteuk’s tears?) (I miss you, Siyeon, Misook) What are you doing now? We’re going to make soy sauce for the crabs. I won’t measure one spoon, two spoons. I’m just going to cook like her mom. I’ll just add seasoning. Boom is cooking with his senses. He’s so trustworthy. You’re not going to leave it to Siyeon? No. Her ideal man is someone who cooks well. So I’ll be cooking today. (I’m the man who cooks well) (Acting cocky) (Siyeon is fully satisfied) Just think of me as a chef. (Cooking pride explodes) Add water to soy sauce. Add the rest of the ingredients and cool it. Then I leave the crab in for about an hour. (Big accident) If you add in boiling soy sauce, they’ll be cooked. I was going to lower the heat. Weren’t you supposed to season it later? You’re supposed to leave it in after cooling the sauce. You’re just making steamed crabs. (Is that right?) You’re just making steamed seafood. I still have raw crabs here. (Boom still has 12 crabs left!) So you’re trying to make crab broth here? Of course. – I didn’t know. / – Shh! You can stop boiling it now. Let it cool. (They’re following the recipe) You have to cool it before you add crabs. I’m sure others don’t know about cooling it like this. (Seasoned crab: 1. Cool soy sauce in cold water) (The problematic Grade Z beef) Look. It’s not Grade A beef. The ingredients… – Sugeun. / – Yes? They are using Grade A beef. Boom’s team cooked their beef. Something odd is floating in it. (Don’t worry, Misook) She’s removing the fat. (They’re doomed) (Her love is Grade A!) (Meanwhile, Dahey adds Grade A beef) (That’s a great color) We need to add more radish. (Revolution of cutting radish / Nano cutting) (This is the art of radish) What is that? Cutting crosswise? We’re slicing radish. But it looks very pretty. She told us it doesn’t need to look pretty. (Straight) Dahey wants it that way. Ours has to pretty. Put beef in the pot. Slice radish and add it in the pan. Add some sesame oil. Add two spoons of soy sauce and pepper powder each. Then stir-fry everything. – Will you wash this for me? / – Okay. Please clean up around here. Clean this up, too. I’m washing the dishes right now. It’s too messy here. Will you please clean up around here? (Nagging) – Throw garbage away, too. / – Okay. Thank you. (In a hurry) How is being partners with me? Great, isn’t it? What? I love being your partner. You follow my orders better than I thought. I don’t think I’ve ever been this silent on TV before. I always thought you were too talkative, but you listen to women very well. You’re a great sous-chef. Sexy sous-chef. What? What are you saying? Lee Sugeun! (Help me) You’re a sexy sous-chef. A sexy guy who has helps out with cooking. What on earth is this? Can you please remove that? Didn’t she tell us to stir-fry first? Why are you boiling it already? You’re supposed to stir-fry it because of the grease. That can be fixed easily. Excuse me. Boom. Isn’t this just beef radish soup? (Beef soup is in a crisis, too) You’re following the recipe backwards. Can I forfeit now? The result is what matters. – The result. / – Okay. (Yujin’s mom never mentioned putting in pepper paste) Boom and Siyeon’s team’s beef soup is almost ready. Yes, that’s right. (The fact that it’s red doesn’t mean it’s done) They’re almost done now. They just need to boil it. Ingredients must be added like this. – That thick? / – Sure, sure. (So bold) Wow. The green onions are as big as rice cakes. I will make it really good, Siyeon. Alright. (He tells her not to worry, but…) Don’t worry. (Raw and cooked crabs meet) (They should never meet) (He’s adding Sohui’s grandmother’s special sauce?) This will make everything taste good. – You’re seasoning it already? / – Yeah. Aren’t you supposed to marinate it in soy sauce first? We cooked it in soy sauce. – You’re using cooked crabs? / – Why did you boil this? Wait. Where are you from? You’re supposed to marinate it in soy sauce first. We can do that now. Don’t worry. Let it rest fully. Until tomorrow. (Has Siyeon lost her mind?) Look. Look at the color. The color is perfect thanks to the sauce. But the crabs are cooked. Let me try a bite. It’s the best. Dip it in this. You’ll be surprised. (Please) We don’t mess with food. (Takes a bite) (How does seasoned cooked crab taste?) – Not bad, right? / – Honestly! It’s quite strange… There’s no fresh taste at all since you boiled it. How should I put it? – Should I add some more garlic? / – It’s a bit fishy. Right? I need more garlic. It smells fishy because it’s not cooked. It really smelled bad before. What should we do? (Misook & Jinho marinate crabs in cooled soy sauce) (They’re following the recipe!) Let’s wait until crabs are marinated well. I’m going to make seasoned pickled radish. – You’re making seasoned pickled radish? / – Yes. What did your mom cook for you? Seasoned crab and seasoned pickled radish. Me too. I like seasoned pickled radish. Misook is cooking her golden recipe. They’re students. I love seasoned pickled radish, too. All we need to do is add some garlic, (Like a mother) sesame oil and sesame seeds and just mix. You must mix everything very well. – For it to absorb seasoning? / – Yes. (Misook’s seasoned pickled radish is ready) That… Can be in a bigger size actually. Would you like to try one? Sure. (One bite) That’s good. I knew this was your specialty. (Admitting it) (Leeteuk has brought pepper paste) Taste this. – What is this? / – I stole it from over there. – What is it? / – Sohui’s grandmother paste. Really? They will mix in something and ruin it anyway. (They’re being ridiculed often) Didn’t she say they like sweet things? My kids like sweet things, so add syrup and sugar. In that case, let’s add more sugar! (Sweet) (Sweet garlic pepper paste is ready) (Seasoned crab) (3. Mix garlic pepper paste and crabs) (Looks good) Leeteuk is tasting it. How does it taste? I’m nervous. They are satisfied with their own food. (Good) I’ll have a bite. Dahey and Leeteuk’s seasoned crab. They took garlic pepper paste. – It’s good. / – Right? – It’s good, but… / – It’s good, right? It needs to be a bit sweeter. – It’s not sweet at all. / – No… Really? We’re going to end up eating it all. I don’t think it should be too sweet. No matter what we say, if Dahey doesn’t agree, it’s over. I can’t make any suggestions. (Dahey rules) (They’re wrapping now) I want to cry. I really wanted to win once. It’s not over yet, Siyeon. Has she been deceived all your life? Come on. Why aren’t you seasoning it more? I did. Seasoned crab is about its seasoning. We must impress her with seasoning. She will taste it and go “Whoa!” (She’s persuaded) (Full of seasoning) (What are you doing?) (Dahey’s soy sauce mix) You’re pouring it already? (When will this end?) (Satisfied) I don’t know how to make the soup taste good. What? Beef soup? Let me have a taste. You’ll be shocked. You’ll think of your mom. (He bravely takes a bite) You see something, right? (Curious) This is quite mysterious. How should I put it? – There’s no depth to the taste. / – It’s there. – There’s no depth, right? / – What is this? (Beef soup has become a mystery) There’s no depth to the taste. Try adding Sohui’s grandma’s paste. I think it’ll taste good. (Don’t kid around) (Here comes cooking king Boom!) You’re sharing moms’ recipes. (Siyeon doesn’t know a thing) You’ve left mom’s recipe now. There’s none of their family members’ taste here. Oh! (What’s going on?) You did it, Boom. (10 minutes to go) (Recreate moms’ recipes!) (Who recreated mom’s recipe the best?) (Crab dish – Siyeon/Boom, Misook/Jinho, Dahey/Leeteuk) (Beef soup – Siyeon/Boom, Misook/Jinho, Dahey/Leeteuk) Please place your completed beef soup in front of Hwang Yujin. Thank you. Please place it by your name cards. All dishes have different colors. I’ve teamed up with Dahey for the first time today. She’s the master of masters. As soon as I tasted her food, I thought it was fantastic. Now I know why she is so popular. (Can’t wait) You followed her mom’s recipe exactly? Every word. We have Grade A meat, so we think we have a great chance of winning here. Alright. Misook! Stop tasting your food. (Surprised) Please promote your dish, Jinho. I thought I was quite good at cooking. But I learned a few tricks today. From your mom’s recipe to Misook’s recipe. It’s the best collaboration today. You can look forward to it. Siyeon and Boom. (I can’t wait!) I wanted to give up in the middle. He cooked it strangely. It may not look good, but it tastes great. She says it tastes great. Alright. Please taste Dahey and Leeteuk’s first. Take your time. Wow. It’s unbelievable. We put much thought into the way it looks, too. It looks like it could be sold in restaurants. (Will it taste as good as it looks?) (A full bite) It’s so good. Her face has hardened a bit. – Is that enough? / – Yes. She’s had enough already. Here’s water. Rinse your mouth. (Already?) How was it? Was it good? Was it alright? We can’t tell what she’s thinking. We can’t tell. – Right. / – We can’t read her face. She isn’t showing any reaction. (She will now try Misook & Jinho’s) Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Use a new spoon so the taste won’t be mixed. – Use a new spoon. / – You’re the best! The other team’s seasoning is on the used spoon. It hurts your ego to mix in their seasoning? (Misook & Jinho’s detailed care for the best taste) It’s a mountain of bean sprouts. Isn’t that fake? (Attempted slander) Those bean sprouts They did so well. We would think she would eat hastily, but in order to find her mom’s taste, she’s tasting it little by little. Mm… (Puzzling) That’s enough. She says that’s enough. (Only one bite) How did it taste? Was it alright? – Yes. / – She isn’t saying anything more. You don’t have to taste the last one. I don’t know how it tastes. It could be surprising. Is business going well these days? We’re relaxed. We recreated her mom’s taste perfectly. (How does it taste?) (She laughed) – Her face… / – She laughed. She laughed. – Is that enough? / – Yes. She’s had enough already of Leeteuk’s. – Was it alright? / – Yes. She isn’t saying anything more. (But she laughed?) She laughed. – That means one of two things. / – Is it mom’s? Or her stepmom’s? That laugh is closer to her stepmom’s. Please try another bite. Yes! (Nod nod) (Giddy) Boom is celebrating as if he won already. (We won!) Let’s ask what Yujin thought. Please give us an overall evaluation. Overall, they taste spicy, which is what I like. All three of them had that taste. But one of them really tastes like my mom’s. (It’s one of us) One of the teams’ dishes tasted just like her mom’s. The funny thing is one of them really tasted like MSG. We never used MSG. We have no MSG. This is all we have. Which team’s was it? (This) (Life is but an empty dream) Come here, honey. She just humiliates us like this. No. (We don’t remember anything) We don’t have anything. It’s because we boiled it for a long time. We used a different pot here. (This is what happened) (He secretly calls his manager) Manager! (Boom’s manager) (After he talks to his manager) (He has something in his hand) (What is it?) (Instant noodle seasoning) (He adds it in the beef soup) (He gets rid of the evidence) No, no. Don’t taste it. (Sugeun smells it) – No. / – You didn’t. You couldn’t have. (Sugeun tastes it) (Surprised) What did you put it in? I’m not kidding. This tastes the best. (We got you) So which one tasted just like mom’s? Please hold it up. With your mom’s recipe and Misook’s recipe. It’s the best collaboration today. You can look forward to it. (Misook & Jinho’s beef soup) We will give Grade A beef to this team. We have Grade A meat, so we think we have a great chance of winning here. Alright. She said it’s just like her mom’s. That’s how much she praised it. (Of the two teams) (Which tastes just like her mom’s?) This one. (Dahey & Leeteuk’s beef soup) This one. (Ecstatic) It must be because of the beef. It’s because of the beef. (Finding fault) What made the biggest difference in taste? It wasn’t about the beef. Something about it reminded me of my mom’s dish the most. Sugeun. Please ask her which one she’ll eat later. Which one of the three would you eat? This one. That team’s. It’s good. (An honor but it hurts) Alright. Please give everyone a round of applause. Thank you. Next up is something Sohui is dying to eat. Mom’s seasoned crab. Sohui, please come on out. She looks completely different in another outfit. – Please bring out the dishes. / – Okay. Wow. (Dahey & Leeteuk’s seasoned crab) She’s already surprised to see the dishes. It looks the best. It looks tasty. (Proud) Anyone can tell it’s seasoned crab. Oh. The color is completely different. Next. (Siyeon & Boom’s seasoned crab) You brought out two dishes. Unbelievable. (1+1: Seasoned crab + seasoned pickled radish) – This is a foul. / – How can you do this? We had some pickled radish. Misook made this herself. – Thank you. / – Because you said you like it. (Mom’s recipe: Seasoned crab is ready) Seasoned crab that Sohui is dying to have. I wonder if mom’s taste is in one of these. Please say a word to Sohui. We’ll give you a chance to speak for your dish. You’re Sohui. Oh my. You’ll be able to taste your mom’s recipe. What has “oh my” got to do with mom’s recipe? Sohui. Oh my. What has that got to do with mom’s taste? She’ll taste her mom’s cooking and go “Oh my.” – I got it. / – It’s funny after a few times. Jinho. Please introduce your dish. We kept looking at your grandmother’s sauce and compared it to ours. We wanted to make it the same. – To create the same color? / – Yes. But we couldn’t make it look the same color. But we did our best and made it good. Enjoy. You have nothing to say, Misook? No. I think you should eat the one with your grandmother’s sauce last, right? I think you just said you have nothing to say. Excuse me. – Boom. / – Yes? We prepared an acrostic poem. Please help me. – With what? / – Sohui. Sohui. – So! / – Sohui, when you eat that, you’ll say this. Hui! (Highly anticipating) – Hui! / – Huiba jaba jaba wikit! (What are you doing?) What? You just lost points! Why do I lose points? She’ll like it so much that she’ll say that. Can’t you do that more naturally? (Oh, the past) We’ll start with Dahey and Leeteuk’s. (Confident) (Will the taste be worthy of their confidence?) Recreating her mom’s recipe is actually quite impressive. Mm. – She said “mm.” / – She said “mm.” It’s somewhat similar, but… (A great reaction) She doesn’t have to say any more. She said it’s somewhat similar. Next up is Jinho and Misook’s. It’s beautiful. Eat the one on top. That one. The big one. (The one on top) (How will it taste?) (Giggle) She smiled. She smiled. (What?) Don’t say anything to hint which one will win. I taste a lot of garlic. Your mom said to add a lot of garlic. I can chew it. – Enough to chew it? / – That much? Jinho was worried. He said one big chunk of garlic went in. You happened to eat that, despite the odds. Why did you eat that one? It’s because you said to eat the one on top! It’s because she ate the one on top. (It was good though) Can I taste this? She wants to taste the pickled radish. It has nothing to do with who wins, they just made it. It really tastes just like my mom’s. She says it tastes just like her mom’s. All moms make it that way. Really? Lastly, mom and grandmother made the pepper paste and the production staff brought it. (From winning the sorrowful talk) (Siyeon & Boom won grandma’s special sauce) That sauce is the key. It has a beautiful color, too. It’s really red. She took two pieces. It’s one. He can’t see very well. (Nervous) (How does the seasoned crab taste?) Yes. It should be eaten with hands. What? (Laughter) She took a bite and said, “What?” How would you express the last dish? How would express it in dance moves? It went far that way. What? It went the wrong way. (They have a hunch they’ll lose) Please be honest. Does one of them taste similar to your mom’s? Surprisingly, yes. (Surprisingly, yes?) Surprisingly, yes? I’m so nervous. Please stand up. (It’s time to choose) Since you’re a dance major, dance around like this, and choose the one you liked the most. We don’t know what moves she’ll make, but let’s see. Slowly. (Which one will Sohui choose?) – I’m so nervous. / – Sohui! Please. (Misook & Jinho’s victory?) Her choice is… Sohui, please! (Will Siyeon & Boom win this time?) Sohui! Sohui! (Which one has mom’s taste?) Mom’s taste. (Dahey & Leeteuk win twice in a row) Get over here, honey! (Extremely disappointed) (Sad / Joy) Shouldn’t we hug her? Go. Sohui! (Thanks, Sohui) Thank you. So ours was surprisingly like your mom’s? Why was it surprising? We used her grandmother’s sauce. (Group boycott) (Mumble mumble) Excuse me. You have to get a punishment first. You have to get it together. You have to see this. You must hear her out first. Come here. They cooked with your grandmother’s sauce. But you said “What?” Why? That’s all I tasted. That’s all it needs. What other taste do you want? Why are you starting a fight with her? Today’s winning team is Dahey and Leeteuk! The four of you who didn’t get picked today must eat the penalty meal. You know that, right? Shouldn’t you pick one team to do that? All four of you must eat. We have no choice. It’s too lonely if just us two eat. (Okay, let’s eat together) It was a fruitful day. Sohui and Yujin got to eat the dishes that remind them of their moms’ dishes. Also, we have their friends here. We’ll enjoy our meal now. Misook, you have to finish that. Jinho seriously looks angry. Don’t be ridiculous! We’ll enjoy the meal before it gets cold. (Warm beef soup & seasoned crab) (Yum yum) They’re really enjoying the meal. It’s good, right? Yes. (Upset) (You eat first) (Eating penalty meal 3 weeks in a row) Our rice is undercooked. (Given up) Sohui, please say a word. Everything was so good. I expressed it that way, but they all tasted similar. Don’t look at me. Thank you so much for this great meal. I was able to shoot with my PR friends so it was a meaningful day. All three dishes were very good. I didn’t tell you earlier, but you really worked hard today. Thank you so much. (A fun meal with young students) “Guesthouse Daughters” and Hanyang University. Cheers! (“Paper Umbrella” by YESUNG)

51 thoughts on “Guesthouse Daughters | 하숙집 딸들 – Ep.9 [ENG/THA/2017.04.25]”

  1. the university looks really good…love the new concept of the show …idk why are people saying bad stuff about it??

  2. 13:05 … The Moment when the Bias you fallin love for is weird but you still love him because he's still charming4You ???

  3. When they were doing the sorrowful stories part, I honestly wondered about what must've REALLY gone through their minds… especially Teuk's. He's incredibly strong and I hope he knows that himself.

  4. .. lol.. poor Siyeon, her partner really silly n funny.. i guess this is her day while she really want to win but her partner the one that play around.. :)) love this eps

  5. I like the first time when they visit the guesthouse at helped the students and the owner of the house. – It kinda reminded me of "family outing".

    Thhe lateste changes makes it more of a cooking show….. no, it is not really a cooking show. It is lacking something?

    The idea of meeting and talking with students is a good idea…. but I think the show lack something …
    maybe more stories, activity and interaction with the students?

  6. OMG Dahae has so many loveable talents I don't even know where to start! This week's highlight is her dancing. She doesn't even have to put too much effort in it and it turned out 'wow'! Dear Dahae, please entertain us with you many hidden charms. Can't wait to see more. Siyeon is so cute like a teddy bear. Feels like hugging and squeezing her every time she lose! Suguen's jokes always put us in a good mood. And that student (Sohui), good choice, guys. She's kind and dances beautifully. Please keep this show going. We love it so much!

  7. Yujin is so pretty!!!! she can be easily be an idol. I thought is hard to find people that looks like idol, I mean with good looks in Korea and with no surgery and just being normal people

  8. those useless peeps complaining about the new concept just gtfo and stop watching…. i miss the old members and the concept too but this new concept is way more entertaining…. seriously tired of all the complaints in every episode….

  9. it's sad how i haven't laughed much now that they changed their concept instead i cry more haha. I miss the other 2 girls so much and the guy

  10. If you guys didn’t know when they were talking about sorrow stories Leeteuk past was actually very sad and I’m sure he was holding it all in and still told a funny army story kudos to him what an admirable guy

  11. It’s weird how quickly they changed the theme of the show. Initially it seemed to have promise but now it’s become a cooking show by celebrities

  12. This is my second episode of this show. I don't know what the other comments are talking about since the first episode I saw was just the same. I love this show because it has Lee Teuk but the concept is not that new. It's a cooking show with a tiny twist? I love it anyways. I love food. ?

  13. Omg that girl Yujin is so cute. About the show i must admit that the original guesthouse concept was more fun than the cooking one tho ^^

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