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Guide du débutant – Quel booster choisir ? | KROSMAGA

Guide du débutant – Quel booster choisir ? | KROSMAGA

Hi YouTube ! It’s gobelyn, Hope you’re doing well We’re back for a new beginner’s guide Today, we’ll talk about Packs How to get them ? Which one is the best ? And I’m gonna explain you why ! The first way to get a pack is by doing quests Well, here I only have Kamas but you have a small chance to get some To get a Bronze pack, a Silver pack, or Gold pack You can also get them into the shop And buy them directly a Bronze pack is 60 kamas, a Silver pack is 120 kamas, a Gold pack is 300 kamas There are 2 more places where you can get a pack It is in the offerings, in the treasures (i give you the treasure’s list so you can see which one are available) You will get Gold pack etc, and here comes the real deal, if you want to xp you infinite cards and you want to get some packs, don’t forget to look what’s interesting to level up your card level 9 ! About the infinite, i will show you a video exclusively on the topic If you didn’t see it, you can watch it there when it will be published and you can also get packs in quests So quests are, for exemple : win 10 matchs, 100 matchs, 1000 matchs It could be to add a friend, look a friend, complete as many as requested an ecaflip challenge Make travel cells to the invocations, get level 30 in ranked There are a lot of possibilities to win packs, especially Gold one Now i’m gonna talk about a tricky thing It is the rate of the Bronze, Silver and Gold packs Technically, a gold pack is better than a Bronze pack Because you have an infinite in it, so he has more value In comparaison, the Gold pack is better than Silver, which is better than Bronze BUT If you talk about kamas, how much do they cost ? a Bronze pack is 60 kamas a Silver pack is 120 kamas, which is 2 Bronze packs a Gold pack is 300 kamas, which is 5 Bronze packs Let’s start from here a Bronze pack=at least 1 rare card Silver=at least 1 Krosmic Gold=at least 1 infinite Let’s go see in our collection how technically we can calculate that There are Common and Uncommon card Which give 5 and 20 when they get recylcled and we will talk about rarities from rare to infinite that you get at least in a pack if we recylcle a rare card, we get 50 fragments (dust) 1 Bronze pack is 50 fragments, AT LEAST 1 Silver pack is 2 Bronze packs So 2 Bronze packs are 100 Fragments We said 1 Silver pack is 1 Krosmic at least 1 Krosmic gives 100 fragments when recycled 2 Bronze packs give 100 fragments at least, so does the Silver pack But In 2 Bronze packs you have 5 extra cards, so more chances to get fragments and cards with a better rarity And, in the same way, an infinite gives you 250 fragments and like i said, 1 Gold pack is 5 Bronze packs So it’s 5 x 50=250 fragments You have the same number of fragments minimum and on top of that, you have 20 more cards with the Bronze packs which is really a lot to get other infinit, rare or Krosmic cards If you only talk about fragments, Bronze pack are more interesting but when you start playing, there is less infinit and krosmic card than rare cards so obviously, you’ll end up with a lot of common, uncommon and rare card You will get new cards et not so much fragments it is calculated that way because we talk like if we have all the cards, so it seems more valuable on paper but there are much more normal cards than Krosmic cards and if we look at Krosmic card, there are a lot less than rare cards which exist in x3 copies It can be explained because Krosmic are unique cards and don’t have copies If you get the same card, you will get fragments For the infinite, there are only 30 one of them, you you will get easily duplicates For exemple, i have 29 infintes out of 30, it is nearly impossible for me to get the last one So it’s useless for me to buy a Gold pack That is what i wanted to explain you, so you can understand that if you start playing Krosmaga, there are 2 solutions: either you buy a lot of Bronze pack and you will be cost effective in the long term or you wich to have stronger card but you will have less cards and less choice to build a lot of decks You need to know, that if you absolutely want to have 5 infinites it is useless, because the infinite you will get are 1 star (1*) and 1* cards are not gamebreakeret les cartes 1* ne sont pas gamebreake unlike Hearthstone, here the legendary card wont make you win the match at least 1 Dofus here is an exemple : Adamai 1* He is good, but isn’t worth the shot to sacrifice 300 kamas to TRY to get him If you want him, craft him ! You can try to have the luck to get him in a Gold pack, but don’t force your luck ! As for me, Ruel Stroud, i still don’t have him in at least 100 Gold pack So if you are looking for Adamai, you may never find him ! Craft the card that you want by making fragments And with some luck, you’ll probably unlock very interesting cards in a Bronze pack The 1* card which are interesting : Lou is good but better in 2* Noximilian 1* is not played a lot Alibert 1* not that great Evangelyne 1* not that great Khan karkass 1* neither Indie is good Kerubim is good Marline 1* is way too weak, 2* and 3* are good tho Remington smisse it’s the same Adamaï is good in 2*, 1 isn’t really helpfull Amalia 1* is shit Counte harbourg isn’t played a lot (shit) Atcham, too much random Lilotte is really good, but only in 3* When you will have your infinite cards, it will not change your deck it’s not gonna be AWESOME, it is just a card a little more powerfull than a normal card 1 from 45 So it’s not really profitable, what’s interesting is to synergize your card to get combo, strategies And when you have it, then you focus on you infinite and xp them But in the meantime, don’t ruin yourself and waste your kamas you’ll end up in the game like shit Here it is, that’s the end of the guide for today, i hope you enjoyed the video I hope it will help you to spend your kamas in a better way and to buy packs I will talk about infinite in an other video See you next time and be well ! Ciao !

32 thoughts on “Guide du débutant – Quel booster choisir ? | KROSMAGA”

  1. Hello, je suis ta chaine depuis 4/5 jours depuis que j'ai commencé krosmaga.
    J'aurai une question, étant donne que je viens de commencer et je remarque que les carte krosmatique sont pas mal fortes, il vaut mieux que je prennent des paquets bronze ou argent ? Sachant qu'il me manque plein de commune/rare/krosmatique. Cependant avec un pack bronze peu de chance d'avoir des krosmatiques et pour les craft c'est 700 poussières ce qui est assez énorme quand il nous manque plein de carte.

  2. Ah super merci beaucoup 🙂
    Par contre dans un paquet bronze j'ai choper Ush et comme je l'avais déjà ba … jackpot ^^

    Donc si on a déjà pris le pack du débutant a 5€ avec les 5 paquets or, après c'est que du bronze pour craft ce qui nous manque donc 😮

  3. C'est vrai que pour quelqu'un qui a quasiment toutes les cartes, les paquets bronze ont un meilleur rendement. Personnellement j'ai commencé par quelques paquets or histoire d'avoir quelques infinite (oui, même une étoile, certaines valent la peine. Je joue Goultard, Indie, Bakara..). Puis pas mal de paquets bronze pour avoir un stock de carte assez rapidement, et là je suis passé aux paquets argent parce qu'il y a pas mal de cartes krosmiques que j'aimerais récupérer (Megathon, Rupuce, Arakne, Gigli, etc.).

    Donc pour moi choisir un booster dépend aussi des cartes qu'il manque à la collection.

    – Prendre des boosters OR vous permettra de générer des fragments plus rapidement car vous aurez "rapidement" des doublons et donc vous pourrez créer UN deck fort plus rapidement en craftant les cartes que vous souhaitez.
    – Prendre des boosters BRONZE sera plus rentable sur le papier car AU CALCUL FINAL, vous aurez plus de fragments, mais sur le long terme. Les cartes krosmiques et infinites seront plus rares mais vous aurez plus de cartes et donc plus de possibilités de faire différents decks et parcourir toutes les classes.
    – Prendre des boosters ARGENT n'est PAS vraiment un juste milieu, les cartes krosmiques sont trop nombreuses pour être rentables équitablement. Je ne vous conseille pas ces boosters, à vous de choisir comment vous souhaitez évoluer !

  5. Salut Gobelyn 🙂

    Tout d'abord merci pour tes vidéos qui sont accessibles pour tout le monde! 🙂

    Dis moi, comptes tu faire un top des krosmiques à avoir (un peu comme ton top infinites^^).

  6. j'ai ouvert 7packets bronze et rien d'autre que des rares et parfois 2peu commun, manque de chance ou le booster ne donne jamais de krosmique ?

  7. donc moi qui commence tous juste je peux me contenter des 5 infinite offerte avec les code beta et nowel, et de spam achat bronze pour un deck plus complet et polivalent ?

  8. j'arrive meme pas a en gagner un je tombe TOUJOURS sur des types qui ont des amalias, des adamaï et cie alors que JE DEBUTE serieux !!! même en classé j'arrive meme pas a faire "les premiers pas" et même en classé les mecs en face ont TOUJOURS des infinites avec des krosmiques et tout le tralala et moi le starter de base :s

  9. Quand je pense que j'ai packé Evangelyne en pack bronze et Adamai en booster or a mon tout début xDDDD

  10. Don't know if they intentionally changed it but what version are you playing? Your game looks very different compared to mine. I bet you got that one where the gods fly over some stand and in my game the gods are only tiny images. Can someone explain?

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