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Guys Try Cheerleading

Guys Try Cheerleading

– I had never thought about
trying cheerleading at all, but, you know, I had a free night. (intro music) – I’m pretty excited about
being on an all male squad. – I’m nervous about the live performance that we’re going to have to do. I falter under pressure. – The only other cheerleading
experience I’ve had was watching Bring It On. – Bring It On. – Bring It On. – Ahh, yeah, Bring It On, right? – As a kid, when I would
go to sporting events, I would always look at the cheerleaders. But I would wish, maybe,
that I was a cheerleader. – Any other kind of male
sport has this like, really like dominant
aggressive thing to it. Where I think cheerleading is presented a little bit more as graceful. – So I think girls thrive in that, and guys kind of step away from that. – I think it’s definitely
going to be hard for me to tap into being what a cheerleader is. – I think if you’re a male cheerleader, that doesn’t make you any less of man. – Cheerleading goes against my own personal idea of what a man is, which again I think speaks more
about me than anything else. But maybe I’ll learn something new today. – CheerLA is an all adult, nonprofit team, dedicated to raising funds for HIV and AIDs awareness charities. – [All] Wooh! – [Voiceover] We are part
of a large organization known as the pride cheer association. The aim is to raise
funds for local charities through our cheer for life program. – One of the things that I absolutely love about cheerleading is
the athleticism of it. The thrill of being physically active and cheering and making people happy and smile, you can’t beat that feeling. – Cheerleading takes a lot of strength but it’s generally not just
one person holding the stunt. So you’ve really got
to rely on each other, learn each other’s
strengths and weaknesses, and together we can do
these amazing stunts, that we can never fathom to do on our own. – It’s been a great way to
make lifelong friendships because there’s no stronger
bond than a cheer mate. – And if it’s something
that you truly want to do, never ever ever give up. – And you’re never too old to do it. 51 years old, still doing it. – What are you guys thinking? – I think we got this. – So the basics of stunt, there’s a couple different
positions to go through. There’s the back spot, which
is the gruel of the stunt, but the most responsible job is making sure whoever
is on top is always safe. If you get hit, it don’t matter, you catch it no matter what. There’s also two bases, provide most of the power in the foundation. Then there’s lastly,
the top, or the flyer. It’s the person going on top, and puts their life in people’s hands. You guys are based on
body line and strength. – [All] We got you. – Sounds really good, if
you go for it, they got you. – If we don’t got you,
the padding got you. – And we’re going to
teach you a dance today. Hop one and two and three hold four. Put your right wist over your left one. Ready? You’re going to reach around. – [All] Three. – One two down drive. Down drive. And settle. That was really nice. This is one, hold two. – And two down up, one two down up. – No no. – You’re there, you’re there. – Alright good. Let’s
try from the beginning, real quick, from the top. Alright guys so that’s the dance. So you’re on your own. – [All] Three, four, five, six… – Alright so we’re at our
first team practice here. Try to, try to practicing
counting out with these guys. – We struggled when it came to the lift, we got a lot of work to
put in if we’re going to nail this for the performance. – So Collin and I just worked
on the new cheer that we have, and we’re kind of putting a mix of what the CheerLA taught us and
what Bring It On taught us. – Hopefully we can pull this off. – Are you ready to cheer? – Man it’s been long day, it’s hard to find the motivation to cheer. So we’ve only had one practice, and we skipped like four or five days and this is our second practice, so hopefully we remember stuff. – Yeah what comes after this? Uh, oh! One and done, and then we’re
ready, we’re ready for it. – We’re really not though. – So the performance is tomorrow, and we just did a rehearsal. – A pre performance if you will. And I think it went pretty good. – Yeah. – There were some hiccups but I feel like from now until the performance,
we’ll get it right. – Yeah, you totally improved. If any of us mess up it’s
going to be pretty obvious, so we all individually have
to bring it, bring it on! (cheers) – Alright boys, nothing
hits the floor, we stick it. I said – [Together] Whoom! (clap) it’s dreaded in here, it must be those heaters in the atmosphere. I said B-U-Z-Z, let’s go, Buzzfeed. – Roll call! I’m captain Carl. Yeah! – My name is Kayne! Yeah! – And I am Robert. Wooh! – And I am Ryan. Yeah! and I’m still, Edgar. (crowd cheers (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – I mean we nailed it. – Brought the sass and the sexy. – When you’re younger like,
cheerleading and peppiness sounds a little corny, but as an adult, being positive is a good thing. – I didn’t think that
I had to like turn down my masculinity or anything
like that for this. Like, when it came time
to shake the booty, I was like yo, I’m going
to shake the booty on beat. – I think that doing cheer
definitely didn’t decrease or increase my masculinity. I think
it made me more self aware. – Ever since high school,
it was difficult for me to, to perform in front of people. I don’t think it hurts my masculinity, I think it just makes it more solidified. – I really do think that more
men should try cheerleading. I feel stronger because of
working with these guys. – I think if you want to
like, prove how agile you are, how strong you are, how quick you are, how competitive you can
be, fuck with cheerleading. (end music)

100 thoughts on “Guys Try Cheerleading”

  1. I'm a jv cheerleader for the brainerd warriors in Minnesota and we have 3 guys on our team it is actually really fun to have them around

  2. Okay I can't even do a cartwheel yet these guys are doing back handsprings and aerials??? And that toe touch jump?? I'm not even close as they were oml it was so good!

  3. Cheerleading originated at Ivy League schools like Yale and Harvard, and was originally an all male sport. It was only when women started doing it that men became more uncomfortable with cheerleading and it became a female sport. It's great to see men taking a new side of masculinity because if men are more comfortable with doing things girls do it brings equality closer.

  4. Him: I feel stronger because of… of…
    Me: Having somebody stand on your hands?
    Him: Working with these guys.
    Me: Oh…

  5. One time my bases popped for a cradle turn and i didnt lean back and just jumped to the ground from an extention lol!

  6. I have been doing all star cheer since I was 8 and I find this soo funny I hate when people say cheer is a sport they need to watch some of the world teams

  7. Dude had a feminist shirt on but says male cheerleaders are less of men (or at least in his eyes).
    I hope he's learned! Cheerleaders in general are awesome!

  8. I have been in cheer for 3 years and my team is the best come to MN and my team will teach you. CHEERLEADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I love cheer I have been doing cheer for 5 years I’m 9 and I started when I was 4 and for 4 years I have been a base now I’m a flyer I’ve always wanted to be a flyer and I’m good at it

  10. Um… I’ve been cheering for a only a few months, but how in the HECK did they slay those toe touches in 4 practices? WTH
    Also: did they already know how to do backhand springs and Ariel’s? That’s awesome
    They’re amazing.

  11. I honestly love this because as a cheer leader a lot of the boys at my school say it's not even a sport then when I ask them why they say it for girls which makes no sense at all

  12. Cheer isnt gracefull tho because unlike football where you throw a ball we throw 100 lb girls in the air and we actually catch what we throw

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