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Gymnastics & Tumbling Lessons for Beginners : Lead Ups & Beginner Gymnastics

Gymnastics & Tumbling Lessons for Beginners : Lead Ups & Beginner Gymnastics

With the help of a tumble track, we are now
going to show you lead up skills for forward tumbling and backward tumbling. Ready Mariah,
straight jump up, good control, arms by your ears, nice and straight, stop and forward
roll. Dahlia ready? Very good Mariah. And go, jump, nice and tall, and stop and forward
roll. Now, we are going to do the same thing backwards, ready Mariah, jump in control,
right, straight body, legs together. Better Mariah, keep going, keep going and stop; and
this is called the back handspring timer, jump to your back, nice and tall, very good.
Dahlia please, good, and start and jump to your back, excellent.

13 thoughts on “Gymnastics & Tumbling Lessons for Beginners : Lead Ups & Beginner Gymnastics”

  1. lol why am i watching this im a exspert i have taken gymnastics since i was 4 and i can do all sorts of crap i bet they cant do an ariel if you people out there cant do it you suck

  2. Yes. Why the hell are you watching it? Furthermore, why the fuck are you commenting on it? If you don't like the damn video then get the fuck out. And "if you people out there" can't spell "expert" then you must be complete shitheads.

  3. That lady is just a joke !!! I don't know where is her club, but If you want to learn proper gymnastics technique, please don't go there !
    (plus, what a horrible nasal voice !)

  4. My god, the world is filled with jealous haters! How can anyone be critical of any of the people on these videos, girls or teachers? What i see is two brilliant teachers and two great little girls doing stuff i wish i had done more of (and am still contemplating). Way to go! Don't listen to the jealous haters! And Dahlia seems to get more than her fair share of criticism. Here's the tip Dahlia: the more vicious comments you get, the better it means you're doing!

  5. Ok, Great video. A few questions….what part of the body is this supposed to stretch. I missed two years of cheerleading and I am worried that I will not make the team, I really hope I do though, answer back and wish me luck!

  6. How come the one in the pink leotard gets all the attention and the other one doesn't…you never know the one with the blue leotard in the future can be way better than her

  7. hmm im 14 i always wanted to be in gymnastics since i was like 5 but never got the chance too my mom says i can go into it now but idk i think its a lil to late ? is it . help..

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