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Half-Time CHEER with YoyaFabulosa — Crossdresser Cheerleader

Half-Time CHEER with YoyaFabulosa — Crossdresser Cheerleader

Hello and welcome to my channel I am YoyaFabulosa
and in this video I wanted to wish you all a happy Superbowl Sunday although
I’m not very big on sports I thought this would be a great opportunity to
dress up as a cheerleader. How do Iook? So this video is actually gonna be quite straightforward
I just wanted to take some time to say hey follow me on social media I have
Instagram I’ve got Twitter and I got a Facebook page so please take some time,
you have time now to follow me on these platforms I’ll be included a link in the
description box below and Um..yeah just feel free to interact with me because
I’m not always going to be making youtube videos but I’m always willing to interact
with you all and if that doesn’t really suit your needs
or if that’s not something you want to do just feel free to continue commenting on the comment section down below. Whoo! And don’t forget as always subscribe to my video! Give me an S-U-B-S-C-R-I-B-E Did I spell subscriber right? I spelt subscribe. Anyways. Also I am considering making more live videos so I’m going to include a poll in this video to kind of
gauge what time works best for you whether it’s morning evening or noon now
I operate on U.S. Eastern Standard Time so keep that in mind when answering the
poll because I want to be able to gauge more of you viewers at a good time so
that we can kind of create a dialogue so let me know and as always. I am YoyaFabulosa, thank you for watching!

40 thoughts on “Half-Time CHEER with YoyaFabulosa — Crossdresser Cheerleader”

  1. So cute. I love doing this too but also schoolgirl uniform. Admitted to woman I love this and my dream is be sissy babygirl,so she made my dream real and put me in pink check baby dress and nappy and pink satin frilly knickers and every time I see her she make me be lil sissy babygirl and even make me special guest toy as sex party she held and letโ€™s just say I was sticky mess and unable to walk for a while,it was so worth it and I desperate todo it again

  2. Hi, where did you get the cheerleader outfit at? I like you in it and I would love to have one too! I would love to see how you put on the cheerleader outfit to! Please contact me back talk later!

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