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Hamstring and Quadricep Strengthening for Soccer Players ⚽️ (Download Free Workout)

Hamstring and Quadricep Strengthening for Soccer Players ⚽️  (Download Free Workout)

We are here doing a workout with my friend Rodnei. A superstar football player. I hope you enjoy the training. OK? Let’s do it! We are going to go up and down, fifteen times. OK? Let’s go. Start on the floor in the running position. Look forward always. Let’s go. Great job, keep going. Excellent. Change your leg. Beautiful.
Well done Rodnei. Do it slowly. Five more, let’s go! Come on. You can do it! Excellent. Perfect. Quality. You’re going to lie down again. You’re going to raise your bum as high as you can. You’re going to stretch your leg. Go down and then up OK? Ten times. After that, you are going to hold it here for thirty seconds. OK? Let’s go. Up. That’s perfect. Go down. Hold now and stay for thirty seconds. Lift your bum. Perfect. Stay in the same line. Good job, keep going. That’s it, have a rest.
Nice job. Lift up your bum again. Perfect. Go down. Hold there for thirty seconds Rodnei. Fifteen seconds left. Ten seconds to go. Beautiful, have a rest. Relax your leg. Relax a little bit. Now, I’m going to leave your legs up. Place your right hand over there. This arm here is up. Your head is up as well. You’re going to touch this foot. Ten times OK? That’s perfect, let’s go. Stretch your legs. Stretch your legs, come on. Change. Great job Rodnei. Relax. Excellent. Beautiful! You can have a water. It’s not easy to get there.
It’s a hard job, a lot of work. Let’s go to the next one. Let’s keep going… It was a bit exhausting
but you feel great after the training. I’m happy to have successfully finished this workout. Now I am relaxed and calm, excellent!

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