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Hand Throws for Goalkeepers – Soccer Tips

Hand Throws for Goalkeepers – Soccer Tips

Hello, this is Stefano from best soccer
tricks dot com. Today, we will be showing you how to do proper hand throws as a
goalkeeper. Alright, so there are four types of goalkeeper throws. The first one
is when you’re going to be throwing it underhand to the player’s feet. Secondly,
is underhand in motion. Thirdly, is overhand to the feet and fourthly
is overhand in motion. So, you want to make sure when you throw that ball
you have a good grip and not slip it and give it to the opposing team. So
the first one that you’re going to do is you’re going to give it to the player’s feet.
So you’re going to be going and you’re going to have the ball right. You’re going to go and you’re going to look. If there’s no players, you kick it obviously. But when you have a player, you want to
keep the possession in the boss easy as possible. So you’re going to go, you’re going to
put your left foot forward, bring the ball back and when you go, make sure your
knee goes down a bit, it’s going to make sure the ball stays down, you’ll have a
bit of power on it and you’re transferring your weight to giving it
the ball some more power. So once again, you’re going to have the ball, into the feet so
you’re going to go… [Goalkeeper making an underhand throw.] And it goes to the feet. Alright. Third ans last time. You have the ball, and to the feet. Next, is going to be you’re going to be giving it to the player in motion. If they have
a weak spot or they’re missing, there’s a nice spot in the in the turf on
the field for the other team, you want to take advantage of it and give it to your
player in motion, get that attack going as easy as possible. So in this case,
you’re going to be going. You will anticipate where he will be running. You
should know how fast your players run. He’s a pretty fast runner, so I’m going to try
and give it about 10 to 15 feet in front of him, to make sure he gets to that ball.
So same technique as in the feet but in front of him by anticipating where he’s
going to go. So on three, he’s going to start he’s going to start jogging. You’re going to know where he’s going. [Goalkeeper making an underhand throw.] Right in his feet. So once again, he’s going to be jogging. You go on with the underhand hand-throw… [Goalkeeper making an underhand throw.] Last time. He’s going to be going. [Goalkeeper making an underhand throw.] So the
underhand throw, has a bit less power when you go overhand, the ball will have a
lot more power because you’ll be able to transfer your weight a lot easier. So
when you throw the ball overhand, what you’re going to want to make sure, is you get
it nice and low. Don’t aim at the head, aim at his feet,
it’s going to be a lot easier for him to control and this way, you’ll have the time
to attack and not worry about people coming at him.
So same logic, you’re going to be walking your left foot forward, you’re going to bring the
ball back, when you throw it, it’s going to go up and you let go of it about
here. Once the ball gets here, you let go of it, it’s going to make sure the ball
stays low. So an example of this, you’re going to be going, start walking and it goes
directly to his feet and he’s good to go. So once again, you have the ball. As you can
see, this one has more power so you go. Back and throw. [Soccer goalkeeper making a hand throw.] Into his feet and he’s good to go. So I’ve shown before, that’s in the feet and then once again, there is obviously
your player is going to be in motion. You want to spark the attack as fast as
you can from the back end. So he’s going to be jogging. [Soccer goalkeeper making a hand throw.] And you give right to him. As you see, there compared to
the one underhand, I was able to get to the sidelines easier and faster because
it’s an overhand throw. Alright, so once again, you have the ball, look around,
He’s going to running. [Soccer goalkeeper making a hand throw.] And it’s directly in his feet, look at that, he’s
almost at half field. So from there from you starting the ball, you almost got the
half field with one easy throw. I hope you enjoyed watching the video. It’s very
important to practice your hand throws as a goalkeeper, a lot don’t. You want to
make your defenders life as easy as possible and believe it or not throwing
them the ball, makes it very easy for their lives.
For more information, just go to Best Soccer Tricks dot com. Thank you for
watching. [Best Soccer Tricks]

13 thoughts on “Hand Throws for Goalkeepers – Soccer Tips”

  1. I think you should learn what an overhand throw is because you just showed us how to do a javelin. Also you could've included sidearm throw. No hate.

  2. thx bro for making this video, and trying your best to show us these hand throw techniques
    but u didn't make it in the proper way

    particularly the overhead hand throw

    ur throwing hand used to be completely stretched
    and non-throwing hand used to be pointing out the area that u want to throw the ball to
    and they used to move paradoxically
    when a hand is low, the other one used to be high
    both at the same angle

    I know that this won't help so much
    I recommend u to check ARS Goalkeeping channel
    "Alberto has made a great video about "how goalkeepers throw a soccer ball

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