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Harley Quinn Pigtails | DIY Halloween Costumes | DIY Halloween Hairstyles

Harley Quinn Pigtails | DIY Halloween Costumes | DIY Halloween Hairstyles

(rock music) – Hey everyone, I’m Mindy
from Cute Girls Hairstyles, I’m here today with Brooklyn. – Hey guys! – Otherwise known as Harley Quinn, today. – Mhmm. – And she’s gonna help me to show you how to do this awesome Halloween
spook-torial hairstyle. If you love this stuff that
we’re doing on the channel, be sure to give us a thumbs up, leave a comment below
telling me which hairstyle in our spook-torial series
you guys like the best or which one you’d like
to see in the future and let’s go to the hairstyle. Okay to begin this hairstyle,
all I did was put some soft, really soft curls
in the end and I parted her hair straight down the
middle into two sections. Now before you do anything else
as far as hair-styling goes, I’m gonna spray her hair pink
and blue to match her eyes. So we’re gonna do that. (rock music) Okay and when you’re all
done spraying the hair, it should look something like this. I’m gonna take this off now. It’s dry and ready to go. And we’re gonna start the hairstyle. Now the first thing we’re gonna do for the actual hairstyle is
pull each section of hair up into pigtails, just a
few inches above the ear. So we’re gonna start on this left side. And make sure that you leave
some hair out in front. Harley had quite a bit
of hair just kind of randomly falling in front of her face. And then pull it up into a ponytail, you can use some hairspray if you want to but don’t slick it too much,
like she was like fighting, in the, you know, movie,
so her hair looked a little rough and ragged,
and that’s totally Harley. And you can see that that
shifts the pink a little bit which is kinda what we want, we just want ragged-looking ponytail
like she’s been fighting. I am gonna take a piece now and make sure that it has some pink at the ends and I’m gonna take it and wrap it around until this pink shows like this. And then you can just use a bobby pin to secure it into place. (rock music) And then just for a little
added fullness at the top, I’m gonna go back and just
back-comb a little bit right at the top and make sure we get lots of pink showing through and that the ponytail
kinda just looks ratchet. And there you go. Now, you’re gonna just
repeat on the opposite side. (rock music) And there you have Harley Quinn through the majority of the movie. Woo, woo! The Harley Quinn piggytails. Okay, let’s do the final
spin for Harley Quinn. That rhymed! She is one tough, crazy cookie. Now if you guys wanna
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  2. If I had a quarter for every girl that destroyed the Harley Quinn outfit I would be a millionaire even this girl ruined it wtf!!!!

  3. I needed thissss!!!!!! This year I was gonna be a cheerleader, but my mom said I can't get my cheer outfit dirty cause I'm a real cheerleader this year my costume couldn't even fit! But I had to go with it

  4. I love it so much OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE THE STYLE Brooklyn is perfect for the look 👏🏻👏🏻😍😍😘😂😂😝😝😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. That girl is acting nothing like Harley Quinn and looks nothing like her also Harley Quinn only wears one glove dummy

  6. I love Harley Quinn I was Harley Quinn for Halloween 🎃 this year and this vid slay and Brooklyn slay in this outfit!

  7. "How to Look Like a Retarded Harley Quinn." There. I fixed your shitty title. The eye makeup is backwards, but you wouldn't know that because you don't read comics or even know what the character is like.

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