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Harvard Ballet Company: Community and Excellence

Harvard Ballet Company: Community and Excellence

(violin playing) – Harvard Ballet Company has been a really huge part of
Harvard for me actually. Just finding all of these dancers here in a really nice community. – I see dance as like, an outlet that I get to enjoy. I’ll often like, just go into
an empty studio by myself and just move around during the day, even if its in between classes. – Hi, I’m Ali Garber, I’m a sophomore at Harvard. – Hi, my name is Illiana Riveron, I’m at senior. – Hi, my name is Sara Chou, I am a first year. – Hi, my name is Catherine Qin, I am a senior at Harvard. – Hi, I am Anna Antongiorgi, I am a sophomore. – My name is Lia Kaynor, I’m a senior. – I’m Alexandra Caffrey, and I’m a sophomore at Harvard. – So, when I was looking at colleges, actually it was pretty important to me that I would have a good dance program. – It actually was a pretty big reason why I decided on Harvard. Just knowing there was already
a community of dancers. – The level of intensity
can definitely vary, depending on your own interest and this can be as little
as two hours a week, just coming to our weekly class, or it can also involve being in a variety of different pieces that are then shown in
our semesterly show. – What makes Harvard
Ballet Company so unique is that everyone sort of
brings something different to the table. There are so many talented dancers and choreographers with so
many different backgrounds, which I think probably is the best thing because you can learn from
so many different people. I definitely feel that being part of HBC, I’m apart of a family, were all very close to each other. I feel as if I can just go up to anyone and just talk to them about anything. – Its really warm and loving and it still has that
drive towards excellence that I think we’ve all
experienced coming to Harvard, but surrounded by this
like, nurturing environment and this commitment to creativity as well was really just such a
valuable group of people to walk into I think. – In high school, dance
can be very competitive and I feel like before coming to HBC, dance had so much pressure on it, I had to be certain way, I
had to do a certain thing. You lose a lot of the love
in that kind of environment and I think HBC was a
place where I was able to find that again because its just so supportive. – Once dancers have
spent at least a semester in the company, they can often times run or
apply to be on a board position, so their are two co-directors and there are people
responsible for the finances and the costs and everything. And then also within the company, we select student choreographers who will help us put on our shows. – Learning how to run something that like, a lot of people were involved in and learning how to make
sure things happened with the ballet company
and our shows happened and just the leadership
that came along with that has also been really important for me. – The opportunity to really
create something of your own, I think was a really wonderful experience. – Through my experience
in being the company, I think I’ve definitely made a lot of my closest
friends here at Harvard. I think its definitely given
me a lot more confidence in my own abilities, not just as an artist, but also as a leader and as a friend, and as someone who can sort of cheer lead and create and shape an entire community. – I have this love for ballet that I know will never go away. It’s always apart of me, and I think that’s the same for anybody who’s made it such a
huge part of their life. – If you’re interested
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  1. I went to Harvard and I still never discovered this amazing community! Crazy to think most universities have more than 300 clubs and probably a lot of them are as intimate and intense as this one!

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