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Harvey’s Hundreds: Cheerleading Section

Harvey’s Hundreds: Cheerleading Section

– Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
– Oh my God. – How you doing? Come on.
– Oh my God. – Yeah.
– Oh my God. – This the whole section up in… This the say, prayer work for everything! (crowd Applauding)
(laughing) – Oh my God. Oh my God.
(crowd cheering) – All right, what’s your name?
– I can’t even talk. It’s Kathy. – Kathy, what do you do for a living? – I’m an executive– – Yeah.
– Administrator. – Okay, where you from?
(crowd laughing) – San Bernardino.
(Kathy laughing) – Okay.
(crowd cheering) – So who’d you come with? – My daughter.
(crowd cheering) – All right, you wanna win some money? – Of course I do!
(Kathy clapping) (crowd cheering)
– Okay, look. Well, this what we gonna do. We gone put 20 pictures up on the board. I want you to look at these pictures. I want you to memorize ’em. Every time you match these pictures… This the funniest thing
ever happened to you. (Kathy laughing)
Every time you match one of these pictures, we’re gonna give you $100.
– Okay. – If you match all 10
of those pictures up, you walk out of here with a $1000. – Yes!
(Kathy and crowd cheering) Oh my gosh.
(Kathy laughing) – Okay.
– I can’t believe this. – Now flip ’em over. – And scramble them up.
– And scramble them up. – Okay.
– Now the way this works, I want you to call out
two numbers really fast. – Okay.
– We flip ’em over, they match, I give you $100. If they don’t, remember where they are. – Okay.
– Call out two other numbers. Okay, so let’s go. Your time will start after you
pick the first two numbers. – One, six.
– One, six. (buzzer honking)
– Two, seven. – Two, seven.
(buzzer honking) – One, two.
(crowd yelling) (cashier ringing)
Three, eight. – Three, eight.
(buzzer honking) – Four, nine.
(buzzer honking) 5, 10.
(buzzer honking) 6, 11.
(cashier ringing) (crowd cheering)
7, 12. – Come on.
(buzzer honking) – Three, seven.
(cashier ringing) 8, 13.
– Come on, girl. (buzzer honking) 9, 14.
(buzzer honking) Okay.
– [Woman] 9, 13. – 9, 13. No, no.
(buzzer honking) (crowd yelling)
Five, Nine. (buzzer honking)
Okay. 12, 13.
(cashier ringing) – Boom.
– Okay. 9, 14.
– 9, 14. (buzzer honking)
– Okay. 10, 15.
– 10, 15. (buzzer honking)
Okay. 5, 10.
– Yeah. (buzzer honking)
Okay. 4, 10.
– I like that. (buzzer honking)
– [Woman] 4, 14. – Okay, 4, 14
(crowd yelling) (cashier ringing)
Okay. 16, 17. (buzzer honking)
Oh, that’s me. Okay.
(crowd yelling) 17, 18. (buzzer honking)
– 15, 16. – 15, 16.
(cashier ringing) – 18, 10.
– 18, 10. (cashier ringing)
Okay. – Five…
– Nine, eight. Nine.
(buzzer ringing) Oh, oh, oh!
(buzzer honking) Oh (laughing). – Okay.
(Kathy laughing) You got $700.
(Kathy and crowd cheering) – One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. (Kathy laughing) Flip over number 20.
(Kathy pants) – Match it, I’ll give it to you. (crowd yelling numbers) – Eight.
– Eight. (cashier ringing)
I gave it to you. (crowd cheering) $800. Thank you, Kathy. Hey, we’ll be right back y’all. (Kathy cheering) (crowd cheering)
(jazzy upbeat music)

22 thoughts on “Harvey’s Hundreds: Cheerleading Section”

  1. workaholic, dey love 2 work. My mama loves 2 work but d thing is shes old now but its still in her head she rewashed clean dishes all d time nd falls asleep while washing it. #comedyhustle #OneLove #ThankGod Will love to work with you

  2. Steve Harvey is so rich his show makes $13 million per episode, Steve Harvey net worth is $70 million. Now, he just made someone’s day by giving away $800. I would love to see him and his show doing way more for the community. He could buy $20k newly built homes for the homeless and almost homeless, he could take a homeless person, make a story, and give him a whole new life with money. Steve Harvey is a blessed man by God. I’d love to see Steve Harvey use his own money on television!! I think that would bring us all home Steve. ✌️✌️

  3. LOL Steve resembles Coach from Left 4 Dead 2 so much

  4. I’m going through all of your videos and commenting all the reason you are my role model. I guess this one will have to be how humble you are after all your successes in life

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