Heroic Cheerleader Leaps Off Homecoming Parade Float To Save The Life Of A Choking Toddler

>>>I picked the kid up and tilted him downwards and hit two or three times and started spitting up and getting everything out.>>That’s Texas cheerleader Tyler winter describing her life-saving maneuver to save a 2-year-old boy Clark choking on a piece of candy.>>I love this. A very grateful mom shared her account of the frightening ordeal. Well done.>>He was just physically just choking, just gagging and just gasping for air. She came running and she just started performing what I believe is the baby Heimlich. I feel so useless as a mother. What’s the most terrifying thing in my life?>>It was super fun and I just handed the kid back to his mom and jumped back on the float before I missed it.

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