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welcome on my channel if you to the channel I’m Joe nice to meet you so good morning to y’all except for the bitch that casted a spell on my fucking nail every person has their own favorite film Jenna then the options are carve this but what happens when you want to watch a good horror movie so today I’m gonna give you some recommendations for horror films of the 21st century I’m gonna recommend six films as their horror princes that I am antipholus our ads the ratings of I am TV and Rotten Tomatoes about each film I’m probably going to do a part two and part overhead movies of the 20th century because you don’t wanna consider yourself a horror film expert and you haven’t watched the classics with like the shitty effects and all that kind of stuff we’re going to begin with a film called under the shadow it’s a horror film that takes place in Tehran the capital city of Iran in the late 1980s it shows the story of a mother with her daughter that struggled to cope with all the terrorists and at the same time an evil power that haunts the house you know like it has all the jump scares and all the kind of things but it still maintains a political character too much and I’m now moving on to a film called it follows it shows like the race of a girl that is battling with a supernatural force after we’re sexual encounter it actually has some messages underneath about sexual viruses and HIV it is agreement we actually in meetings it’s good old American horror film character moving on to a film called sinister and it is about a true story writer that actually moves to the house that is the crime scene of the murder that he writes about and he discovers a box of also made films evidence of who the serial killer of the murder huge writing about is back at it again with the Americans jump scares and pluck tweeze and all the kind of things it’s a good concept yes a part – to be honest I did not enjoy it as much as the first one because it is practically the same story and you know it gets pretty boring [Applause] movie right so we going to a film called hush one of my favorite my absolute favorite horror films it is about a deaf writer that has chosen to live a quiet life in the woods and the film shows how she has to fight for her life when a killer with a mouse rakes into her house it shows all of her feelings and it had some great and powerful messages and definitely watch it again I am obsessed [Music] next up we got one actually no one for me to do movies it was a big box office back in the day it still is a same story again and again and again and again I all said I don’t know I usually don’t like when the story repeats itself to a second in the third movie and the four movie because I get so lost but it I’m like I’m going to explain the first movie and it is about a family that has to protect their children from some evil supernatural spirit Hecky not fucking wait for number five and so ready you have no ideas not the house that’s hardened it’s your son and last but certainly not least we’ve got a film called train to Busan it is about a zombie virus that attacked South Korea and the passengers of a train trying to survive during the trip from Seoul to Busan to be honest I’m not all about like zombies and all these kind of things I’m more of a like you know ruined ghosts and evil spirits and evil dolls just like the one I had there but I moved it as soon as I started watching horror movies because I’m a pussy it keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time why yeah so that was a video for today hope you enjoy hope you like this video if you did please don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe to this channel new videos every Sunday and also please don’t forget to check out my is around please tumblr and I will see you next week [Music] the sweet air of terror and shittiness I I hate my life

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  1. thanks for this lol every time i wanna watch a good horror movie i usually end up watching a shitty netflix one bc im always too lazy to search lmao

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