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Hot Cheerleader Hoax

Hot Cheerleader Hoax

deseret jennings is a woman who said that
she had a terrible reaction to the flu shot inside edition cover that story earlier apparently the state on her case and it turns
out that the story might be a little different than you suspect let’s go to the d_o_t_ panel covered eating is one of the most talked about stories
we’ve ever had on inside edition a young woman who claims she was suffering excruciating
symptoms after having a seasonal flu shot well we have an update today and disarray
jennings and that they that raises just as many questions as before because story created a national firestorm deseret jennings is the pretty ambassador
for the washington redskins cheerleading squad who claims she developed a rare neurological
disorder called this tonia after receiving a seasonal flu shots causing
dramatic spasms and slurred speech don’t postpone fought not and also no for ups to the site where what made the story so startling is that her
symptoms seemed to disappear when she walked backwards or ryan it back in october temporary and her husband
told me they worried they’d never find a cure but
look it doesn’t rain l we found her walking normally playing with
their dogs going shopping even getting behind the wheel of a car and driving hard to believe the woman we’ve been discreetly
observing over the last few weeks is the same woman we met during the height of the flu
shots care so we wanted to ask her about her remarkable improvement we were trying to reach
in and have not been return of hong kong alright hormone it looks like you’ve made a complete
larry well i don’t think of what you have a cell
like plummeted culminates in a series of so what happened the death rate in eggs really suffer one-in-a-million
reaction to the seasonal flu shot as she says or is it also i’m kind of elaborate folks or is it something else is finally take a look at this it’s a special report on to as a race case
by the centers for disease control it states the admitting neurologist felt that there
was a strong cycle jenna components are her symptoms psycho genic means that there is
a mental or psychological cause for her spasms the dramatic symptoms of movement and speech
that that has changed is displaying is certainly not a reaction into the vaccine doctor steven novell as an
assistant professor of neurology at yale who treats patients with the story of which is what is the rate claim she suffered
from after the seasonal flu shots he hasn’t examined as ray but is convinced after viewing
our video at her affliction is not just dona just from looking at the video a trained and
experienced discussing this is not just any updates or
a finds the idea that her illnesses all in her head rediculous companies are getting
some people money into the suburbs i mean a main people afraid tags that they
believe evident that the learning player i would have been done in fair i know
it sounds like it and it is not a heads-up by now you may have noticed something that
surprised us there’s a rate is now speaking with a foreign accent she never had before or come from a variety not talking figure
from a story that’s ok recently at a time staying in bed and sandbagging existence that
concerns me an inability to panel square there’s no way
of flu shot can cause some interesting to change that so they’re not so how did this
really go from this service secretive this doctor an alternative practitioner to proceed the
tar he claims he refers to many of her symptoms
in less than forty eight hours using controversial therapies including a
hyperbaric chamber intravenous injections of nutrients and synthetic amino acids she
is well on the way to physically recovered buffet r has come under fire for his practices the north carolina medical board claims he
engaged in unprofessional conduct for charging cancer patients exorbitant fees
for unprofor been and ineffective treatments some of the very same treatments deseret received
he denies any wrongdoing are you concerned at your place has generated so much interest
in particular it has politicize the poor issue vaccines men are really slot have risen a we need to
point out one other things when we first saw disarray in the shopping
center parking lot she seemed to be walking normally but as she
left to get into her car she was walking sideways she says it was because of the dust dona right
now and i think i doubt that as a traitor thank you that enough not desolation is also assault of day uh… no australian exit just put it that
way or the top i’d love that this this story up with vote by the way the report
it like he did a great job story valium cried especially for following up yet
absolute by the same time you can go a little harder ok she’s honestly picking some say it might be cycle janet or it might be a hoax uh… come on the people that like a blocking it was are
straight accent roast really accent which he describes as
the inability to pronounce words casting densities copied and she what payment and she went out of the consecration ninety cal here it alters that that is a very good point or you know about you i have got the stormy up uh… plateau it distorted experts comet hotel
i can see that they should be hopping again everybody unit called the club there but it
was given to this story today the value for credit ami she was invented apartheid love is look at the beginning which
is the largest what some of our blue okay uh… but when i walk backwards as far phuket
or whatever i loved i deliver have the uh… the uh… output that promise there’s a serious issue which is that people got scared i remembered
yes it was all about the story and people got scared from doing the flu shots workgroup flu shots and then some people get
sick et cetera senecas the you know one because this crazy f supposedly started check i mean i don’t care about this story uh…
utopia orca blackest ok we can’t have this and she’s gotta realize their consequences
and let their other some sort of scary movie i
don’t know the rashid but karnar in on it together etcetera an eightieth units upon a story but it also
serious consequences of analytic answers are but for you to know you
look into charges of fraud i don’t want it is but as actually read it

100 thoughts on “Hot Cheerleader Hoax”

  1. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever get vaccinated. You are going to die of cancer if you keep getting those shots. The reason you get sick when you get the flu is because your body is fighting off all the toxins your body was exposed to during the year. Getting the shot locks those toxins in your system.

  2. Thing is, long before this story broke the doctor identified it as psychosomatic, (She apparently had a genuine reaction to the shot, not hugely rare, but it got out of control from there and after visiting an unqualified doc who mentioned dystonia, here we are.) Ill trust the original report and Im willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Shes crazy not malicious, and probably embarrassed and having difficulty explaining it away herself.

    There is no indication that she was working with that quack, in fact she apparently relapsed on tape while leaving the office, not really something you do while trying to sell horse crap miracle cures. Shes currently searching for answers elsewhere.

    The media sought this case out made a huge deal out of it, while anti-vaxers got in contact with the girl who clearly doesnt want to admit shes a nut bar. Shes ripe pickings for them.

    Really, it seems a pretty sad story about a mental issue being used and sold by every side to make some cash.

    For some uplifting news though youtube search for Dystonia Deep Brain Stimulation. There you will see a real case of Dystonia and the absolutely amazing treatment that real scientists have come up with.

  3. It's almost a certainty that as a result of her fraudulent claim, people avoided the flu shot causing people to get sick and possibly even die. What she did was criminal and people like that are utterly reprehensible.

  4. Hoax or not. I have never had a shot and I'm almost NEVER sick. When I was in middle school most of the kids were at home sick most of the week. Vaccines are FATAL. I know kids that have autism, cerible pausly (i don't know how to spell this) because of vaccines. And the ingredients are: aborted fetus tissue, monkey, and other dead animal and dead baby ingredients. 'Yeah! I want to stick viruses and crap into my child that could kill them or severly injure them!' I just pray you research vaccines before you stick them into your child

  5. Hey Butt heads, she ain't faking, Dystonia, including the Jackass male commentator you shouldn't be commenting on something you know nothing about, it is because of completely dumb asses like you that Doctors felt the same thing about me!!! I would love to smack that ass half, yeah he ain't smart enough to be an ass hole!!! would love to smack him upside his stupid head….everything she has done in the previous 20/20 story, and guess what I do the same thing when it comes to speaking, sometimes my voice will have an accent, and then like someone switching a light switch it goes back to normal. If you are going to report and put shit out there, then do the research and get your facts straight, and to that Doctor they interviewed and said it ain't Dystonia, you need to go back to Med school, or sue the school who taught you, cause you have no Idea what you are talking about!!! Now in defense of the flu shot reason, probably had nothing to do with it, just may have been a trigger that started it, but is her Symptoms real, HELL YES!!! sometimes they even go a way and you feel like nothing is the matter. As for her symptoms getting worse after they accused her of lying, guess what, Dystonic attacks or storms are brought on by stress, you all are some DUMB ASS REPORTS and SHOULD BE SUED BY HER!!!

  6. btw that comment took me about 15min to write because of my tics and was pretty painful to do.. so if there is any errors. .my bad

  7. aye mate, I believe hur. I had the ful shat adn I wook up Austrlain / poor accent impersonator. lol, which for some reason now causes me to type in accents. lol. its funny.

  8. i took some pills i thought were benzos, that turned out to be neuroleptics and i went through an dystonic reaction, it was the most painful and scary thing thats ever happened to me

  9. The flu shots are bad for anyone!! And If you check she went to a doctor and got help the accent you don't know you are assuming ..walk in her shoes first..go to the doctor with her all you do is throw out what you think with no proof.

  10. I think it's nuerogical, but she doesn't know it, she believed in a special doctor and it worked because she believed in it, her brain just is a little mixed up, shes not trying to do it but it's happening.

  11. Sorry everyone, those reporters making fun of Dystonia and Desiree's issues are pathetic and should do a little more research. I couldn't walk after a flu shot three years ago. I didn't have Dystonia but I know a few people who are having issues. There are terrible additives to flu shots and if you have an underlying condition, it can bring it to the surface. I know two people who ended up with Aphasia which lasted only hours but still happened. The CDC is notorious for denying any issues could happen – they're in bed with "Big Pharma" who manufacture the serum for flu shots. They should be investigated!!! In fact, I believe they are in some areas.

  12. I knew a girl who actually went to school with her.. she said she is very weird. she told the girl that she had bad anxiety and  the only thing that makes her relax is her boyfriend farting on her face..

  13. There is actually a thing that people is diagnosed that they would speak a foreign language even though they didn't learn it.

  14. Put yo arm in the air try to break yo wrist then across yo chest try to bite your ear and go nyyuhhhhhh nyyuhhhhhh nyyuhhhhhh nyyuhhhhhh

    nyyuhhhhhh nyyuhhhhhh nyyuhhhhhh nyyuhhhhhh

  15. People will do anything for money ..she's prob suing the flu shot company …I've even seen people do this just so they can collect a disability check..

  16. She just wanted attention. If she couldn’t walk right, she wouldn’t be capable of driving and no one with dystonia develops an accent. Anyone who said it could be psychogenic needs to get some balls and just call her out for being full of shit and scaring people about vaccines.

  17. ok i think she was a plant by CNN to destroy this dudes reputation cos he was curing cancer without Big pharma's permission.

  18. i got a flu shot 1 hour ago, now i can fly, shoot laser from my eyes, i have super human strength, can run faster than a speeding bullet!!

  19. I know I’m late on this, but I do have dystonia and can say that certain things will trigger spasms and then doing the opposite will not trigger it. Example I can hold something in my hand pointing down but I can’t hold anything with my hand pointing upwards without spasms. I do HOWEVER believe she totally faked all this and dystonia is a horrible disease to live with and shouldn’t be made a joking matter for publicity!

  20. So this girl thought that acting this way after a shot would give her attention when really it's caused more damage and has created more antivaccers intelligence 100

  21. I actually have dystonia and I hate that this is what people see about it. It's become a joke and now people think it's ok to make fun of a disability. Yeah she's crazy and obviously faking the accent but we're over here with the real thing and when I say I have dystonia, people are automatically going to see this. Do some research, find someone that really has it to expose her.

  22. Come on now! Your an investigative news channel who breaks a story about a girl with a disease that oopsie dupsy I did no investigating on and it turns out its
    Just some ding dong bimbo cheer leader pretending to have a disease she doesn't and It's her fault for me not doing my job and hoaxing the world? I'm sorry but either you have damaged your reputation beyond repair or this is a conspiracy. It's one of two.

  23. Sometimes the only way to treat crazy is with a double dose of crazy. That is what the doctor did. Placebo effect is 100% real.

  24. Couple things about this. 1) Maybe the girl was faking it, can't say for sure. 2) I have Dystonia and my particular kind, paroxysmal kinesigenic dystonia, is triggered by movement essentially. Having to go from sitting to standing up, from standing to running, etc. It is FAR more likely to occur (it is episodic and not a constant thing for me thanks to having a milder form of Dystonia) if I am nervous. This, combined with skeptical and just flat out unaware doctors, led me to think maybe it is all psychogenic myself. Until I met with a neurologist and he knew what was wrong right away after a couple years of stumped general practice doctors. The reason I bring these up is her running seeming to fix her temporarily and her walking worse once she knows they are recording her and accusing her actually makes sense. The running being kind of the opposite of how it affects me, but it still seems related enough to be plausible.

    I trust vaccines and even if there is a one in a million chance of something like this happening, so be it. There is a one in a million chance of a shitload of things going wrong in your day to day life and not dying of a preventable disease is the overall safer choice. But her story isn't so unrealistic based on my experiences. Also, just googling the doctor, Steven Novella, tells me he is most famous for being a skeptic essentially.

  25. So she had nothing to gain, why would she humiliate herself on camera to the world. If it’s a hoax, why?

  26. I find it strange that her Australian accent disappeared right before she was gettin in the car??

  27. When i saw this video in 2010 i became scared to get the flu shot. Ive never had the flu before so i dont get shots? (btw i just found out it was fake?)

  28. Anybody who believe d this story i bought michael Jackson's neverland ranch and iam selling it for 20billion dollars

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