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Houston top stories revealed: Texans cheerleaders & arrogant winners

Houston top stories revealed: Texans cheerleaders & arrogant winners

Hey Houston, Nicole Hickl here and it’s time
to get you up to speed with our hottest stories. Can you take a guess as where I am? Three
letters. HTC. Yes that’s right. We are at the 2014 Houston Texans Cheerleaders finalists
practice. There are 50 girls here as you can see strutting their stuff and they are shaking
their poms to hopefully be one of 35 girls who will make the team. And coach Alto Gary
says that she plans to take those girls to the Super Bowl. But you don’t have to hear
it from me let’s see what she has to say about the upcoming season. I definitely think this is one of the biggest
turnouts and the one thing other NFL coaches say like, you know, how do you get so many
people? Why are there so many people there? I am just blessed that, you know, I am honored
to have this many people show up at our trial and it’s been consistently throughout this
whole program for the past 12 years. So many girls, how do you narrow it down to
50 finalists? That’s probably pretty tough, so what are you looking for? You know, that night there are so many people
and there are so many things going on, like the first round we are just weeding out, like
okay, what looks the part. And then at that point just have to go off a quick look. Yes.
No, in my head. Because if I sit there and talk myself into it I can talk almost all
those girls into being on the squad. She’ll be nice, I can do this. No. Yes. No. And I
just have to be just blunt with myself and just cut. It was kind of harsh this year because there
were so many people and so many good people. So when we got to round three, you know I
haven’t done this before, I kind of did the whole American Idol thing. This line come
up, and, you know, five, six, seven, eight, thank you, your trip ends here. Good bye. So you know, with so many people, I had to
do that. Because I had to just make that quick decision. With the new team, you know, coach Bill O’Brien
basically cut everyone, like everyone is gone so it’s a new football team. Do you expect
it to be a new squad like, do you have big things planned for this 2014 squad? I definitely have big things planned. I have
some, I am waiting, I can’t even spill the beans tonight I want to so bad. I have to
get the final, you know, okay. But I am looking to always be bigger and better and this program,
we are one of the newer, ah, programs in the league so we are stepping up with the big
dogs and doing big things and so I definitely have a lot of plans for us. And far as having girls, you know, around
for a long time, I always tells my vets: Let’s be a vet, why are you here for? You are not
here just to look cute I need you to be a vet. And then the longer you stay, I need
you to be a leader. So I’ve noticed in the past couple of years,
social media, you have really helped put the Houston Texans Cheerleaders out there, get
a lot of publicity, is that your goal to try to, even though you are kind of new to the
NFL, you know, cheerleading team, is that your goal just to get out there and have everyone
know okay this is HTC and we are ready, we are coming. You know with social media, it’s so new and
I was looking at it and at first I didn’t like it, but I was, wait a minute, this is
free. You know let me use this to our advantage, and then we can be more personable to our
fans through social media. And it’s just grown and we communicate to fans and to other girls
who want to try out and we always try to give entertaining content. HTC episodes. Just to keep them coming back. We are number
one in social media and that’s just, you know, us sitting here doing hard work and, you know,
it’s me and a couple of other alumni and we are just push push pushing, and it’s paying
off. So I am really excited. While these girls keep sweating it out, you
can actually vote for who will be on the official squad. Voting will end April 15 and then the
final squad will be announced April 16. And speaking of finals, the final score for
the Yukon versus Kentucky game still has people talking. Wait, we are talking about basketball on a
football field, hold on (snaps). Oooh. Okay. Much better. So at the NCAA championship game the Huskies
proved that their bark came with a big bite at the end. Yukon is the best college basketball
team in the nation after beating Kentucky 60-54. Former Yukon Ray Allen was in the middle
of the celebration, taking a break from the Miami Heat to party with the next wave of
Yukon guards. And one Yukon guard had a lot to say at the trophy ceremony stage. Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the
hungry Huskies. This is what happens when you ban us last year, two years. We work so
hard for it, two years. Arrogant or was he speaking the truth? We’ll
let you decide. For getting up to speed, I am Nicole Hickl,
visit the links below for more hot stories. Until then, we’ll see you next time.

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