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How Frozen Should Have Ended – Reissued

How Frozen Should Have Ended – Reissued

Ya Ya Ho Way Ha Hey! Heya Howa Heya Howa Heyaaaaa! This style of music doesn’t fit… anywhere else… anywhere else in the movie! But makes you think Lion King! How Frozen Should Have Ended She will be okay.
But she wont remember I have powers? It’s for the best.
Listen to me, Elsa. Your power will only grow. There is beauty in it, but also great danger! You must learn to control it.
Fear will be your enemy. So you’re saying we should lock her up in a castle until she’s safe to be around. What? That’s not what I said, that’s a terrible idea! No!
So you’re saying we should teach her to be scared of herself. Are you even listening? I just said fear is her enemy.
So you’re saying to teach you to bundle all her feelings up until she gets this.. freedom complex? And wait and see if she
gets over this whole powers thing? Oh wow. You guys are bad parents!
No I’m not saying to do any of those things. Sooo you’re saying…
Stop saying sooooooo! Every time you say that you say the wrong thing!
…. Conceal don’t feel? Oh my gosh! The answer is love! Okay?! Wow! Love thaws, pure love heals! Okay just… come with me. I know a place that can help. Hello, Elsa. My name is Charles Xavier. Welcome to
my school.. for gifted youngsters. Where’d it go… Where’d it go! That other song is gone! Here I am.. Here I am! and my claws are grey! This girl’s named Storm! obviously ice doesn’t bother me. Yeah! Thank you for watching! And a huge thank you to our guest voices of Hank and Jed Subscribe for more. And follow us on the
socials. Best of HISHE’s now available on
iTunes and Xbox. What else? I guess that’s it. Now, Let’s Dance!

100 thoughts on “How Frozen Should Have Ended – Reissued”

  1. Ur super smart i love that you correct the movies in super funny ways XD you make my dieing laughing

  2. Stop teasing YouTube Algorithms. Writing an Algorithm is not an easy task. Besides may be your choice of videos was very different in 2014 that's why it was not suggested.

  3. A round of applause
    👏 👏

    That’s as big a circle ish thing that I’m going to make

    Anyway, better than the actual movie

  4. All the Neebs Gaming fans would realize that Doraleous (Nate Panning), Jon Etheridge (Appsro), and Brent Triplett (Neebs) are voices in this HISHE.

  5. i just realized that I found hishe cuz of this, and that was 5 years ago
    i v e b e e n w a t c h i n g h i s h e f o r h a l f a d e c a d e


  7. um here is a fact at the end anna and olaf say "yay" but olaf is not alive yet sooooooooo…….. because elsa learned to bring snowman to life when she was on her way to the ice castle so cut that part out and why is anna ifen there

  8. I agree! The parents did not listen to Grand Pabbie at all! They did the exact opposite! It's their fault for everything that happened in Frozen!

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