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How the NFL Exploits Its Cheerleaders – The Jim Jefferies Show

How the NFL Exploits Its Cheerleaders – The Jim Jefferies Show

The NFL have been having a rough
go at it recently. First, we found out that playing
football can make you mentally
disabled. Then, they had problems with
civil rights. I know…annoying. Now the NFL is caught up in an
ongoing scandal about how they
treat their cheerleaders. “When the organization took the
Redskins cheerleaders on a trip” “To Costa Rica for a calendar
photoshoot.” “Five cheerleaders who talked to
The Times” “on the condition of anonymity.” “Told the paper, even though the
calendar will not show nudity” “Some of the women were required
to be topless” “Or wearing nothing but body
paint in front of guests.” Now I’m not a scientist but that
sounds like sexual harassment. Wow! I remember when the
Washington Redskins were just a
team with a racist logo. And don’t tell me it isn’t! Native Americans were the
victims of genocide. It would be like me supporting a
rugby team called “The Sydney
Aboriginals.” Answer me this… Would you support a soccer team
called “The Munich Jews.” And if so, why? Join the conversation on
Twitter. But when it comes to
cheerleading, these women are
asked to do a lot more than just
cheer. “Some of the cheerleaders were
then required” “To attend a nightclub event as
escorts for some of the team’s
male sponsors.” “The cheerleaders said there was
no sex involved but…” Let me stop you there. Nothing good follows the phrase, “No sex was involved, but” Nothing positive comes after
that. No sex was involved but I did find out I have a cousin. No sex was involved but The hospital will reopen next
week. No sex was involved but We do need to restaff the show. This kind of abuse is happening
throughout the NFL. Many cheerleaders are restricted
in their use of social media, They can’t date players, If a player contacts them, or is
even as the same public place as
the cheerleader, She’s the one who gets
penalized. The Bills cheerleading squad,
The Buffalo Jills Were reportedly given a guide
book that included rules for How often to change tampons, How to properly wash intimate
areas, And how to eat soup. How to eat soup? How bad did one girl screw up
eating soup to ruin it for
everyone? Of course that’s ridiuclous!
She’s using a salad tampon. To be fair, the Buffalo Jills
aren’t mistreated anymore. Because the program was ended. After they filed a lawsuit and
attempted to unionize. So it’s all sorted! For everything cheerleaders have
to endure, they also get paid
absolute shit. The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders Get $150 dollars per game. The Buffalo Jills earn as little
as $150 dollars for the entire
season. Of course they don’t change
their tampons often enough! They can barely afford a year’s
supply! Then again, they are from
Buffalo. For 150 bucks you could afford a
nice four acre farm
Then again, they are from
Buffalo. For 150 bucks you could afford a
nice four acre farm Where they can run around and
free-bleed. Professional cheerleading is a
demanding job. But many teams still treat it
like a hobby instead of an
integral Part of the money-making machine
that is the NFL. “According to analysts,
cheerleaders appear on TV
screens” “for an average of 7 seconds per
game.” “That airtime is worth $8.25
million per season.” With those kinds of numbers,
minimum wage doesn’t seem so
much to ask. No! It really doesn’t. Meanwhile, some mascots are paid
as much as 65k dollars a year. And they’re allowed to eat soup
however they want! It’s just not fair. I think football is stupid. And you know what else? I also
think cheerleading is stupid. No other place in the world has
it. You know if you go to a soccer
match in England, You know what happens at
halftime? Fuckin’ nothing! But I can’t deny cheerleaders
work hard. They train for years, They shouldn’t be exploited by
their teams. At the very least, they should
earn a living wage. The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders
may $150 per game. Because of union rules, if I
hired a cheerleader to appear on
my show, I would have to pay her 5 times
as much as that. So tonight, I’m very proud to
introduce. The highest-paid professional
cheerleading squad in the
country Please welcome, The Jim
Jefferettes! I’m paying these professional
dancers five times as much as
the NFL. And they don’t have to be
topless. And I won’t tell them how to eat
soup! They can eat it however they
want. And they are allowed to date
anyone on the staff! Even me! CHEERLEADERS: No thanks! Okay, that was very quick to
answer… It’s a bit hurtful, why don’t
you let it marinade a bit? I’m a nice guy, we can be
friends! I’m not going anywhere. It doesn’t matter! You’re still getting paid! Because we treat our
cheerleaders properly! Thank you, Jefferettes!

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  1. Where I am from people use to sign contracts or agreements or whatever before they move a finger for their employer 😉 Well, unless someone is working illegally. So those girls decide to cheer for their teams as their regular job and don't have any kind of document proving how much should they earn ? I could think that if it was about porn or prostitution girls would sink into it because they may not have much other choices and it is relatively easy job, but cheerleading isn't something you choose as a job when you have limited options. Therefore how did that happen so cheerleaders earn that shitty money and are still doing it ?!

  2. It's not true that cheerleaders are no where else in the world, South Korea has cheerleaders at their baseball games.

  3. 150 a game sounds bad but you never mentioned the 1.2 millions for out of game appearances and product endorsements ( thats for the cowboys cheerleaders other teams may be less)

  4. The humour is disgusting and for someone that's not 18 years old you offend me in so many ways is unreal, u look like the biggest sexual harasser online so how can you be representing women

  5. So I dated an NFL cheerleader for a quick spell (pure luck, and I agree with you… "really? YOU dated a Ben-gal?"), and as long as she was in uniform, I wasn't allowed within hearing distance of her. She would have to go out with execs and players and coaches, and if I came along, she'd get in HUGE trouble. I was basically dating an escort girl.

    One time, we got caught in the parking lot sharing a good luck kiss (you know… me being a boyfriend and saying "have a good day at work, honey"), and the…. coach I guess? Basically grabbed her by the arm and was yelling at her as he dragged her in. The NFL see's these women as products to sell and benefits to their moneymakers.

  6. People who are surprised: What, you thought they were the most grossly profitable organization in the US because of their family values and the American public's caring appreciation of their athletes?

  7. It's such a shame that the NFL forces all those women into slavery. Wait…..they aren't slaves? So they don't HAVE to be NFL cheerleaders? They can leave anytime they want to? Then what's the problem?

  8. The USA is so fucking fucked. You ain't no rolemodel for anyone anymore. It would be funny if it wouldn't be so fucking dangerous because they're still the most powerful country there is. And we know what they do if they run out of answers, starting a war!

  9. How long is a football game, like 3 hours? 50/hour to kick you legs and wave some pompoms. Decent really. I don't think that the ladies went into the gig thinking it was a life profession with a big 401k coming.

  10. So much for land of the free, eh?
    Even in "3rd world countries" as i come from, we have a fuck*ng minimum wages. That must covered basic living expenses in respective city you live in. Suck that, USA.

  11. How the fuck does this video have 600.000 views and 3 comments? xD

    Love your fucking show btw, it's awesome!!! Love from Denmark 😀

  12. "If the dingo at a Muslim baby, it would vomit." -Jim Jeffries 2019. If American citizens are dump enough to import and listen to a drugged up left wing shill from Australia and literally jizz their pants every time he opens his lying mouth there's no hope. Wake up America this guy is a pile of shit, he's lying to you

  13. Show us the picture of Muhammad you drew. And please retell the joke you told about a dingo getting sick if it eats Muslim babies

  14. Not if it's in the contract jim…… guess they should have read The contact… if you don't read the contract and you sign it you CAN'T BITCH

  15. I'm pretty sure they all have very lucrative modeling careers. It's something that looks very good on a modeling resume.

  16. In Buffalo for $150 they can afford to buy a little farm and walk around and "free bleed" . That one landed hard with me. Hilarious stuff Jim.

  17. dont worry, the men are getting stupider than the blondes, as we glorify chronic brain damage with a ball that you arent supposed to touch with your foot most of the game

  18. This is the typical case of dumb but trying to be smart arse Yankee ! …..first they make/create something which does not even make sense (in this case ''Cheerleaders or cheerleading !) and then create a controversy out of that nonsense and than seriously held talk shows/media news etc. to solve the problem which should not even exist in the first place !!

  19. There are two realities with NFL cheerleaders.

    1. No one needs them.

    2. If teams asked for volunteer cheerleaders, they would have no trouble finding them. In fact, there are probably women out there who would pay to do it.

  20. 150 per game? That would likely be OK if they got paid for practice and had full medical. Unfortunately some fat ass fucking perv master bates to their photos while wiping his ass with hundred dollar bills.

  21. These cheerleaders know the deal! They are just for show aka soft porn! to keep the male audience to keep watching

  22. I actually have a serious question. The 150/game is horrible, but are there some other sources of income for a cheerleader? I mean, the Lakers show hundreds of girls who show up to be a Laker-girl which makes me think that maybe there's secondary money.

  23. Welllllll, it's not surprising. USA has a legacy of taking advantage of the weak and exploiting them for benefits.

  24. They didnt have problems with civil rights. The problem in the US whether you believe that it is real or not is a societal one and is currently illegal so therefore is not a civil rights issue. Do not lie please people go to yoy for information.

  25. Tbf all they need to do is stop doing it, I doubt sexual harassment is worth $150 so I call bullshit and theres something else going on

  26. But like if she accepts it then wheres the problem
    Sure they are treating them like ass but these women are adults and they should know when to quit

    Oh what the fuck they control tampoon usage? Yoooo wtf

  27. Minimum wage over 150.00 per game? Are you a fucking idiot?
    A game could only possibly last 4 hours…… Take 150.00 and get another job shaking your ass at a strip club if you want more $.

  28. Jim: I remember when the Washington Redskins were just a team with a racist logo
    Crowd: Hahahaha
    Jim: It would be like me supporting a rugby team called Sydney aboriginals
    Crowd: Hahaha
    Jim: Would you support a soccer team called the Munich Jews?
    Crowd: Wooooooaahh!

    Ironically, the plot exposes the entire audience as utterly racist.

    Billionaire and would-be Presidential candidate is running ads online,
    (YouTube,) asking for donations!! WTF?!!! THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE

  30. Jim has upped his game, again!
    I was surpized when he did not get shot after his epiic and hilarious rant on guns.

  31. Oh great, can I shout sexist insults at the couch until the ladies get fair treatment? As a man, you know I know all of the best insults.

  32. Getting rid of cheerleaders, sideline reporters, announcing teams (one voice is enough, no one has to explain to me how the game is played or what so and so had for breakfast…), pregame shows, halftime shows, commercial time outs, exploding scoreboards. The game doesn't need any help or anyone to tell us what we are seeing. As long as we have the ability to see, our eyes will tell us all that we need to know about the action on the field. If you are listening one radio, one skilled commentator will easily suffice.

  33. Fuckin sickens me that they were made to be escorts for the evening. Thar shit should be taken through the courts

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