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How to Be a Cheerleader | Cheerleading

How to Be a Cheerleader | Cheerleading

How to be a cheerleader. That’s a good question. There are a couple different ways that you
can become a cheerleader. First, you might want to ask your principal,
athletic director, or teacher if there’s a cheerleading team at your school, and if there
is, you’re going to want to get the coach’s contact information. You want to ask them when tryouts are and
what skills you’ll need to make the team. Some schools have clinics leading up to tryouts. You’ll definitely want to go to this. You’ll probably learn a cheer, sidelines,
and the dance for tryouts. If you need additional help, you can contact
your local all-star gym for private lessons. All-star gyms have classes for every age group
and level. If your school’s already had tryouts, don’t
worry. You can look up either a local rec league
or an all-star gym near you using the Yellow Pages or Google. And if you’ve never seen cheerleading before,
visit for articles and videos of cheerleaders in action.

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  1. All of yall saying you want to be a cheerleader you should!! Go for it. Im a cheerleader and i think its really fun!

  2. I my school cheer do competitive cheer and games so and HIGH school cheer is horable and boring but I'm not in high school

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