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How to Be a Great Cheerleader | Cheerleading

How to Be a Great Cheerleader | Cheerleading

How to be a great cheerleader. Cheerleaders show leadership not only on the
sidelines but also in the school and the community. A great cheerleader is a role model, a motivater,
an athlete, a great teammate and an inspiration to everyone around them. For school based cheerleading teams the main
role of a cheerleader is to support school athletics. A great cheerleader knows that their responsibilities
include spirit raising, crowd leading, athleticism and entertainment. Being a great cheerleader combines all these
components. There’s balance between all these responsibilities
and you can’t have one without the other. Within your role as a cheerleader, you need
to take your commitment seriously. Show up ready to work, maintain your high
GPA and stay healthy. Show you’re a leader at your school and community
by being a great role model. Supporting athletics and your community as
a whole.

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