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How to be Your Inner Cheerleader

How to be Your Inner Cheerleader

Hi! My name is Lucy Griffiths and I’m
talking how to be your confidence cheerleader. Very often, we are in a
situation where we have to be our own source of confidence. It might be that in
real life that we have of a supportive boss or our mom or our husband, someone
who is our usual cheerleader. And if that person is no longer around or they’re
just not they don’t happen to be around that day, we need to find our own inner
source of confidence, and that’s what I really want you to develop and motivate.
And it’s really easy. You just have to be kind to yourself.
So when you are your own inner cheerleader, start recognizing that
negative voice. So it might be that you have a voice in your head that says you
can’t do it, you’re not good enough, you know it might be the voice that tells
you you’re stupid or the voice that tells you like what are you doing, you
don’t know anything about this. That negative voice that talks to you and
makes you feel like you’re rubbish. So start tapping into that voice and being
aware of it. So when you hear it start being conscious of it and start thinking
okay I don’t have to listen to that voice. It’s just a thought
and recognizing that the thought is just the thought. And so when you recognize it
to be merely a thought, it’s not who you are, it’s not absolutely the embodiment
of you as a person and it doesn’t actually represent or reflect whether
you are confident or not. It’s just a thought that’s happened to have popped
into your brain. So recognize it as that and then say I’m
gonna look at that and I’m gonna move it out to one side. So I’m just gonna bat it
away. And in the same way you know in the summer, you have the bumblebees that go buzzzzzz.
That’s your thought. You can just bat it away and when you bat it away, you’re
saying, you know what it’s not useful. I don’t want to listen to that thought and
instead you can embrace and accept something else that’s very different,
that is you know very much about you now, where you are and accepting you for who
you are and when you start accepting yourself as the person you want to be,
and having the confidence that you want to have, then it’s much easier if you get
rid of those negative thoughts. So you push them to one side, become aware of
them and then you can start recreating another thought to fill that void. And
start writing down those thoughts. So write them down on a piece of paper. You
know I love myself I and it’s not like oh I think I’m amazing and that’s the
end of it. It’s really self-love. It’s practicing an awareness of yourself and
why it’s important to love yourself and be kind to yourself. And so writing down
those thoughts, I’m really writing them down, writing them down a hundred times
and tell you it’s really in your brain and it’s part of a new mantra that you
say and then sticking them on post-it notes around the house or listening to
that and you you can record your own voice and listen to your podcast. Your
own personal podcast where you say I’m amazing because I can do all these
amazing things. I’ve traveled the world. I’m I have a great job, a great career
and I love my children or whatever you want to say. And so when you are saying
those things it’s much more positive and much more aligned with who you want to
be and so the more you say those things the more you start believing those
things, that’s what your reality will be because you frame your reality, you
create your reality. So the more that you can create your reality,
the more that you can you know just accept it and be like okay, that’s who I
am and be really accepting of you as an individual and where you are with your
confidence. Okay, I am going to love you and leave you. But you know really start
digging into your your confidence and thinking about how you can tap into your
inner source of confidence so you feel better about yourself and more aligned
with the person that you want to be. Okay. Much love.

14 thoughts on “How to be Your Inner Cheerleader”

  1. Yes, sometimes I focus too much on the negative side of any situation and the negative voice inside my head. Thanks for sharing…This is very helpful.

  2. 6am crossfit class – my way to put my head to the right place and be proud of me 🙂

  3. Lucy, thanks for sharing these super awesome tips on how to be your own inner cheerleader. This was so great!

  4. This is very true, for me it's reading or listening something motivational so that I refocus away from the negativity. Great vid! Self doubt can be paralyzing. Side note, I like our background!

  5. Excellent tips Lucy – really enjoying listening to this and look forward to checking out your other videos xx PS – Thank you for subscribing to my channel xx

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