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How To BREAK ANKLES With Basketball Footwork: Part 1/2

How To BREAK ANKLES With Basketball Footwork: Part 1/2

How To Break Ankles – Basketball Footwork: Part 1 so you want to know how to break ankles today we’re going to get into the nitty-gritty of footwork and how that’s the biggest key to breaking ankles in basketball hey guys coach Jesse Muench here, thanks for checking out this video if you haven’t yet make sure you leave a comment down below let me know what else you guys want to see from the channel one of the things i think it requested a lot from people is that they want to see how to break ankles and they want more tips on footwork so I figured let’s bring both of those together in this video again if you guys have anything else you want to see the leave me a comment down below that’s what I’m getting a lot of ideas for these videos for ok so there’s a lot to talk about we’re talking about footwork and breaking ankles and basketball and just for work with your handles in general this isn’t just about breaking news about having solid footwork for your ball handling ability being able to create space get past your defender all that stuff so I’m gonna have to do two videos for this basically taught so the this is going to be part 1 we can just talk about some of the main keys you want to pay attention to with your footwork and and how you’re executing your footwork and then part two we’re gonna get into some more details the more the nitty-gritty asar as far as techniques what types of footwork movements you can use so make sure you stay tuned for part 2 again if you haven’t hit that subscribe button to make sure you catch that that’s going to be coming in about a week from today so let’s get into the details of footwork and some of the main keys first we want to talk about with your footwork is staying low to the ground okay and you want to keep this in mind because in basketball milliseconds matter right you that split second of not being able to move or stop or change direction or get going when you need to is going to matter and again a game of basketball as far as being able to have that angle to beat your defender or get into that Lane that you see in the to get to the hoop right so getting your feet and keeping them close to the ground be able to get them back on the ground quickly is important and so the difference between having your foot here on your footwork vs here right next to the ground that’s a big difference right so you want to make sure at any time are you doing your footwork that you’re trying to keep your feet close for the ground so you can move . right react quit that’s going to allow you to make those quick split-second decisions step all right change direction stop go all that stuff you watch the best ball handlers like Kyrie Stephan curry Chris Paul their masters of this now there’s going to be times are you gonna want to kind of cortical break this you know so so-called rule but for the most part whenever you can try to keep your feet low to the ground that’s going to allow you to move more quickly and again make more you know changes in Direction make quick decisions all that right number two we got to talk about staying on balance right your foot works no good if you’re not on balance because the problem if you’re not on balances everything gets or on a whack and anything you’re trying to do number one trying to change direction if you’re off balance isn’t going to work for you try to stop quickly if you’re off balance you could fall over right trying to go if you’re not a balance is going to work trying to take a shot at them off balance is gonna isn’t gonna be as effective whether we’re talking to jump shot laughs doesn’t really matter your dribble moves our goodies effect because if you’re off balance but it’s hard to control the basketball right so you have to stay out balance on one of the main things to focus on the kind of help with this is the make sure you’re not over extending your torso pass what do you know basically I like to think of it my chest is like a focal point I don’t want to get that chest past my or my knee is that’s where a lot of players tend to get off balance when they’re trying to overextend on that arm or if say you know you’re trying to really sell fake and you take a step further than what you’re comfortable right so if you try to really extend on a fake and it’s so far that you can’t produce sports to come back this way that’s not a good movement for you to make now that’s something you could definitely developed through you know developing your strength and your flexibility and your balance but you want to make sure at the end of the day that when you’re executing your moves in game that you’re staying on balance and a couple things again to pay attention to is making sure your chest doesn’t go past one of your knees and then on top of that not over extending your legs are trying to you know stay you know maybe shoulder-width apart maybe i’ll tell you no one and a half times shoulder-width apart and if you have a good range of motion and it really good balance and strength you could maybe go up to twice shoulder-width apart anything past that though you’re really trying to overextend and it’s going to be really tough for you to you know stay on balance make quick changes direction stop go all that stuff unless you really develop that that extended range of motion alright the next thing we want to talk about is where you want to focus on putting the weight of your feet and ninety percent of the time i would recommend trying to put most of the weight of your feet on the ball of your foot which is basically right here okay not all the way on your toes more MORE right on that ball your foot because that’s going to allow you to stay more on balance and move quickly on generally speaking you can I know you could keep your heels on the ground but i would say to try to keep your weight shift a little bit more towards the ball your foot that’s the way you move more quickly and again make changes direction more quickly start go stop all that stuff more quickly and on top of that again it’s going to help you stay on balance so pretty simple tip right there on 90% of time you want to try to stay on the balls of your feet so these as far as your weight distribution again your heels can be touching the ground trying to keep your weight a little more towards the front or you could even keep your heels off the ground and then pass that you know there again there’s going to be like that ten percent of the time were still certain movements or whatever the case may be where you maybe you want to put your heel onto the ground but for the most part where you’re trying to be quick and shifty with your footwork you want to try to keep most of your weight on the balls of your feet so we talked a little bit ago about how you know ninety percent of time you want to try to keep your steps you know within a certain range of motion well the one time you might want to kind of break out of that and i would actually kind of recommend it is when you’re trying to get past your defender a long low first step is huge for beating defenders so what I mean by that is when you’re going to take a step you want to try to really step long and low ok not that’s not every single time but i would say about that I get ninety percent of the time that’s the kind of stuff i would try to take the beat my defender because what that’s going to do is gonna get my shoulder low so again if if I’m stepping and and let’s talk a little bit too about details here if I’m gonna drive to the right side i want to stop with this left because that’s going to mean protection over the basketball from my defender but again by taking that long low step and getting my shoulders now my defenders trying to get in towards the basketball here i have my shoulder to help protect the basketball and I’m on good balance for him to check you know if he tries to knock me around if i get my shoulders won’t take a long low step my whole body is being directed in this direction so you know even though i was talking about before how you normally would want to take along little step because you’re off balance with your know you’re going to go in a certain direction want to continue in that direction that’s the exception to the rule so when you know you have that you know ability to get past your defender with a long low first step go ahead and take that real long little step and then the other situation where you might want to kind of incorporate that is when you’re really trying to get your defender to go flying ok and the reason for that is again if you’re going to try to be your friend you’re going to take a long low first step right so if you want them to go flying what you want them to think that you’re going to drive to the basket hard so by taking that same kind of a step there gonna be that much more likely to go flying so coming here and no doing between the legs like that right that could be a good way to get your defender to go flying finally let’s talk variety you gotta you mix your foot work out you can always do the same exact thing otherwise it’s going to start to make a predictable ah but if you’re incorporating all these keys again you like all these things i said like ninety percent of time you want to do this or you want to do this you gotta get that ten percent of the other thing in there here and there to kind of keep your defender guessing but more more than that this comes back to switching up the types of things you’re doing with your footwork and and a little bit with your body positioning to which kind of ties in with your footwork which we’re going to get into in part 2 of this video so you got to have that variety in there with your footwork and again part through the video of this video that’s coming to really go into detail this as far as they all different types of things you can do with your footwork different you know foot patterns and stuff like that that you can do and specific techniques so make sure you stay tuned for that video hit the subscribe button make sure you catch that video and it’s going to help you quite a bit with this part of the you know how to break ankles and your footwork with your ball handling this your footwork in general look below this video helpful and you want to take your handles a whole new level and break even more angles makes you click this link in the top right hand corner screen that’s a 100-percent full free workout otherwise if you’re on mobile devices click the top link in the description down below you just pop in your email and also that you instantly for free also be found this video helpful just make sure you hit that like button for me hit that subscribe button and get on their notification squad if you haven’t yet to catch the news tips tutorials and drills just like this and again leave a comment down below let me know what else you want to see from the channel thanks for watching stay tuned for more and break some ankles today How To Break Ankles – Basketball Footwork: Part 1

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