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How To BREAK ANKLES With Basketball Footwork: Part 1/2

How To BREAK ANKLES With Basketball Footwork: Part 1/2

53 thoughts on “How To BREAK ANKLES With Basketball Footwork: Part 1/2”

  1. So that's my idol thank you for teaching me all your moves cause ican now break ankles because when iwas 10 years old idont do ankle breaks but now im 13 ican now break ankles TY

  2. is it possible to combine kyrie's crossover and steph's shooting moves ? if yes, please do one because if it is possible it would be an unbeatable combo…. hope this will give u a new idea

  3. Coach Jesse Snake, during practice yesterday, I felt fear of executing a move like between the leg, behind the back, crossover, etc on my defender on one of the drills we did. And during the drills I felt like if I did a fancy move I would get hate sometimes by my teammate and coach, but mainly I fear of executing a move on my defender. Lastly, when I tried to drive in the lane, I got blocked a lot.. I know I talked a lot but I need help, without you Jesse Snake, I don't know how I'll solve this problem. Thanks.

  4. Hey snake! I absolutely love your videos and I was wondering if you could make a video and what areas to train and certain drills I could do considering I am very short 😀 thank you very much for these helpful informative videos

  5. Any tips on finishing in the paint for a guard type? I have height but no muscle, and need tips on how to force myself in there and finish in the paint. Thanks!

  6. any tips im 12 and 5'4 1/2 and i weigh 110 and my arms look small and i look scrony any tips on getting my weight up or getting my arms bigger

  7. i'm a frosh and got put in basketball with a bunch of
    older kids and i'm by far the shortest there (5'6 compared to
    like 6' for everyone else) and i'm so stressed until it's over in a few months. this shit better help lmao

  8. I'm new at basketball and I can't get the drills down and it's frustrating because all my friends have been playing for years and this year I'm trying it out.Do you have any advice on maybe a simpler way to get down game plays.

  9. Kyrie irving is an ankle breaker and a snake get handles is an ankle breaker , a fan of kyrie and his shirt says snake

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