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How to Catch from the Body & Counter | Boxing Lessons

How to Catch from the Body & Counter | Boxing Lessons

When we catch a punch to the body it’s best
to come back and retaliate with an uppercut. So first, we’re going to work the catch. He’s
going to catch it to the body. Heavy shot’s coming, and then the uppercut counter’s going
to be right there. Instead of coming with a hook punch or straight right to the head
we’re going to retaliate with an uppercut. Catch, uppercut. So, we’re going to put that
together with the defense and counter. Catch, two. Catch. One more time. Catch. Again. Nice
work. All right. Now, we’re going to work the other side. So
he’s going to catch this punch, and, look, the chin’s right there. He’s going to take
it out. Catch. Catch. Catch. So watch how he scoops
for ice cream. He’s going to catch. Crack! That’s a nice scoop. Think he got himself
some ice cream there on that shot. Ready? Scoop for ice cream, D. Nice. Perfect. Now we’re going to add a one-two to that.
Stay right there in position. One-two, catch, scoop for ice cream. One-two, beautiful. One-two,
catch, two. One-two, beautiful. One more time just like that. One-two. One more time. Feet
right there. That was perfect. When we work the other side, remember, we
have to add one more punch. He’s going to send three down the pipe, he’s going to catch,
and throw two attacks. Three down the pipe, catch. Three down the
pipe. Three down the pipe. Again. Perfect.

15 thoughts on “How to Catch from the Body & Counter | Boxing Lessons”

  1. aaaaaawesome!!! its nice to put this to a combo becoz its a counter but the combo should predict the punch that will be countered then the combo will be fatal.

  2. I love the way he compliments his boxer. You know for sure he is proud of this lad. Great coach, great demeanor

  3. I didn't like that he didn't hit or make a good sound on that body shot!! You have to practice seriously! ! That was a cup cake$$

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