98 thoughts on “How To Chip A Soccer Ball – Master Chipping A Soccer Ball”

  1. I truelly think you're videos are well worth the watch. It has helped so much and thanks to you I made it to the team thanks so much!!!

  2. Hi, really love all your videos… awesome man! as a beginner, I like to know what do you mean by " Begining 3rd of the ball "? I am going to go out and train on mastering this chipping…could you show in a soccer ball in your hand to explain please…or more explaination if you can and are free.. will highly appreciate that… sorry for the trouble…

  3. i know your an offensive player but is it possible that you could make a video for tricks that defenders should know? Or would it be the same and offensive tricks

  4. Thank you so much! For this tutorial I tried to chip my soccer while I was watching this and I Actually chipped it thank you! 🙂

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  7. Great video. It's the only one on lofting the ball, I have seen, that makes the important statement that you should hit the 1st third of the ball. Again, North American coaches are putting the world to shame on technical videos. I say that as an Englishman. Thanks mate.

  8. Jesus christ there are more worries about a pencil on the floor than there were in the Mariana joyce videos about a hostage

  9. Is this really the ONLY Video about this kind of chipping the ball on YT?
    not that its bad (its actually pretty good) but it'd be nice if there were more

  10. that crossbar chip was bomb lol. I was shooting free kicks and was like let's hit the corner crossbar and hit it. positive I could never do that again. thank you for the tips man. very helpful

  11. Thanks for the tips,i`m kicking for $1000 dollars this weekend,if i hit the cross bar i`ll donate it cancer council.Thanks for the advice.

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