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HOW TO CLOSE OUT ON DEFENSE! Basketball Tutorial from Shot Science

HOW TO CLOSE OUT ON DEFENSE! Basketball Tutorial from Shot Science

Close out… to Shut Down! Hey Team Shot Science! Coach Tom
here and today I want to show you how to close out on defense. When you’re playing off of your
man in help defense and they receive the pass on a ball reversal, you need to be able to
close the gap between the two of you without letting them get the offensive advantage. The reason why this is such a delicate
situation for YOU is that you’re trying quickly to get back into on-ball defensive
position, while they’ve already received the ball and have the option to shoot or drive. Which is tough enough to defend when
you’re NOT running out to challenge them. So the solution for hedging all offensive
attacks while getting back into position for on-ball coverage is to use what’s called
a “Close Out.” And here’s how you use it. From your off-ball positioning, you’ll
see the pass headed to your man before he catches it. You should begin closing the space
between the two of you as soon as you see the ball in the air and you should use this
formula: Two thirds Run-Up, one third Breakdown. The Run Up is where you’re going
to make up two thirds of the distance by exploding full-speed towards your man. You’re going
to stay low and sprint. The Breakdown is the last third of
the distance where you’re going to do several things simultaneously to slow your momentum,
stay on balance, and challenge the ball handler. First thing is your last few steps
are going to be short and choppy, which will slow you down AND give you the ability to
counter if your man takes off on the dribble. If your shoes are squeaking, you’re
probably doing it correctly. At the same time, you want to swing
both of your arms up over your head, while still staying low and balanced. This’ll shift your center of gravity
and help slow you down, while also cutting off the zip pass over your head into the post
and challenge the shot. Once you’ve closed the distance,
you should quickly Reset to On-Ball coverage by falling back off your man a bit, giving
yourself a good cushion to defend. So just remember, from Off-Ball Defensive
position, you Close Out to Reset into On-Ball Defense. From there you should be in great
position to make life difficult for the ball handler. Alright, make sure you stick around
for the comment question in just a second, but make sure you check out all of
our tips and tutorials right down here. And if you need more help with defense you can
click on our Defense 101 video or the “Defensive Playlist” right up here. It would also be awesome if you could
take a second to “Like” and “Favorite” this video. And while you’re down there,
answer today’s question: Which NBA player would you LEAST
like to have defend you in a game? Pick someone that’s just a nasty and makes life miserable
for the people they guard. Let us know your answer down in the
comments and I’ll see you next time! Thanks for watching! Okay Team, you can click right here
for our Intro to Defense or right here for our playlist of defensive videos with some
special tactics to give you the edge. Our tips and tutorials are right
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100 thoughts on “HOW TO CLOSE OUT ON DEFENSE! Basketball Tutorial from Shot Science”

  1. If these players are blocking you, then you did not have an opens shot in the first place. See our video on "What is a good Shot!"

  2. thank u coach,:) wat about making a layup in front of a big man…how should i increase the chances of bucket in that lay up

  3. We recommend that you check out our video "Finishes at the rim!" This will give you some really good finishes to use.

  4. Let us reference you to one of our videos for some help. The video is titled "The Hammer!" This pretty well takes care of the hand-checking!

  5. Coach , Man to man defense is not much used here in the Philippines. the 2-3 defense is more functional here. Can the close out be used ?

  6. Defensive players of all time (personal choice)

    C – Dikembe Mutombo
    C/PF – Ben Wallace
    SF – Scottie Pippen
    SG/SF – Tony Allen or Bruce Bowen
    PG/SG – Gary Payton

  7. Hey coach, so I usually street ball( as in no fouls, but we try and play fair) and this kid does this thing where I'm guarding him and he just backs his way to the rim. I don't know how to stop him or what to do, when he gets close he just turns around and tosses it in. Think you could help me?

  8. hey, Im in tryouts right now and we do plays where we have to do 2 against one and its really hard to defend both of them! can you please explain how I can defend them both

  9. I have been taught to close out with one hand up high, does it matter if the close out is down with two hands opposed to one? And if so, how and or why?

  10. I'd say Avery Bradley or Pat Beverley. They like to guard you full court at times so having them pester you the entire damn time can get extremely frustrating.

  11. Hey shot science people im really bad at defense and this video was good but now and days they always find a way to break down the defender instead and I wanna get better any tips…

  12. I have like the best tip to improve your defensive foot work just run up lots if stairs like to the 11th floor but backwards and in a defensive form so you are low and stuff and it also improves balance its like the best way try it cause I did and it worked like my comment if you like the tip

  13. For some reason, this is very hard for me to do. I don't know exactly why. I always tend to stumble while closing out. Maybe, my footwork is bad, but me legs seem to foot fire instead of chop, any advice?

  14. As a guard I’d have to say pat Beverly the guy is just a force and flat out gets in your head.
    Not to disregard the likes of Tony Allen, k. Leonard, klay.. etc heck even lebron but just watch pat Beverly go to work.. it’ll make you never want to show up to work if you know he’s on you.

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