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How to Create a Fan Bun | Updo Hairstyles

How to Create a Fan Bun | Updo Hairstyles

ALRIGHT”] Hey everyone. I’m Mindy from Cute
Girls Hairstyles, and Brooklyn’s here
helping me today. Hi, guys. And we’re going to
show you how to do what we’re calling the CGH fan bun. Now this one’s a great hairstyle
for a second or third day do, or just a day like
today with Brooklyn, where you’re just
wanting to hang out in your t-shirt and
some comfy jeans. You can see Brooklyn’s–
show them your arm. She had surgery this
week, so she’s still recuperating from all of that. So simple do’s are
perfect for her. So let’s get going. Now you can see that we’ve
started her hair just in a ponytail. We don’t want it too-too
high on her head. Just kind of right at the
very back point of her head. And we’re going to take
the ponytail holder and just give it a tug
like this to loosen it, just a couple inches
away from her head. And then you’re going
to reach in and sort of make a hole, like you’re
going to flip the whole thing inside out. You’re going to flip this up. Reach two fingers
through the hole. I like to use my
thumb and pointer. It’s just easier for me. And grab the hair. Now when you grab
the hair, you want to make sure that you leave this
bump right here sitting here. You do not want that
to come through. You only want the
ends of the hair to fall through the
hole you just created. And you’re going to
take this and give it a tug to tighten that
elastic back down again. And you’re going
to fan the hair. And you can make this as big
or as small as you really want. I just like it to
fan until you can see that it just kind of flops
on it’s own to the sides. Back here with this, we’re
going to just comb out the ends. Divide it in half. And wrap one side up like
this, and around the base. And then secure the
ends with a bobby pin. Then I’m going to do
the same this side. Strap the hair up, and around. And take it and hide
it with bobby pins. And then you can
just pin as needed to make sure all
those ends stay put. Go ahead and give this
all a big tug again. And then I’m going to take
it and tug those sides down to bottom part of her hair. And just grab the edges of
them and bobby pin those down as well. And you can flip to
the front and anything you’re concerned about– she
has some layering in her hair, so I’m just going
to put a bobby pin or two right here
in the front to help hold all those pieces in. You can also use a little bit of
spray wax to just help secure. Everything Keep it
laying nice and flat. And you’re finished. Let’s do the final spin. Do, do, da, do. What did this hairstyle take? Like 30 seconds? Yeah, like a minute. The funny thing is, today I’m
getting kind of like Audrey Hepburn vibes with it. Totally like fanned
so perfectly. But normally I really do–
like, I wear this to the gym. And instead of bobby
pinning the ends around, I just tuck them
back into an elastic, and it looks like
a great gym do. This one today, I feel like
you could put on a dress and it would look really cute. So I guess it’s
dress up, dress down. You get to choose. It’s cool. But it’s super
simple either way. It’s a simple world. Easy, easy. So be sure to give
this video a thumbs up. Leave a comment
below if you’ve ever had to have a sad
surgery like Brooklyn. I know. Poor thing. And be sure to go check out
their latest video– well, it’s not your latest video,
but it was the funniest video. It was pretty funny. It was a end of the school
year what’s in our backpack– Tag-ish video. And it was pretty funny to see
some of the crazy things Bailey and I had in our backpack. So if you all relate
to that in any way, you should check out that video. There will be a box
somewhere here, or a link in the discussion box below. You got it. And we’ll see you
guys next week. Bye you guys. Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING] You have erasers. I found all my erasers. Because look at this sadness. I have a very special
thing I have to show you. The one pencil I have left. This is the one I found
on the floor in Spanish. It’s all chewed up. I don’t want to know whose
mouth has been on this pencil.

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  1. her hair looks so thick and heavy… i have short and thin hair and i can’t imagine how much of a headache it gives her

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  4. I have surgery before when I was around 2-3 years old because of congenital ptosis on the right eye

  5. It looks so pretty! I love it.
    I have a tutorial on how to make a bun in a different way. It would mean a lot if you check it out. 🙂

  6. Omg this is so good I am gonna wear this at my 60th anniversary for my school cuz i am a performer and my group is choir and all girls hair need to be a bun

  7. Anybody's hair so thick that when they put their fingers thru the hole at the beginning you can't get your fingers around your hair?!?

  8. This year I'm gonna look so snatched! Also on my first day I'm gonna wear a backwards bandana, so this bun will look so good with the outfit!

  9. I wish I could do cute hairstyles like this but my hair is around medium length, curly and thick and every time I even pass a brush through it it becomes frizzy and I hate it sooo much and I can’t do anything to it without it looking bad so I keep it in a bun 25/8

  10. I think when females wear their hair in a bun,a fan bun and a bubble bun I personally think its adorable. 😊😊😊

  11. I tried so many times to do this and every time it fails does anybody have tips for how to not make it all fall out when you pull the hair to the back?

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