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How to Curve a Football/Soccer Ball – Payet Free Kick Tutorial

How to Curve a Football/Soccer Ball – Payet Free Kick Tutorial

Hey and welcome to a new video! Today you’ll learn how to shoot curve free kicks with dip. Soon you’ll all shoot free kicks Dimitri Payet. Let’s go to watch the first step. There you saw a very Payet-like run up: five steps back and two to the side. He likes to make the angle even bigger when he runs towards the ball. I’d say you shouldn’t worry about how many steps you take. Try what feels the best, but remember to have enough angle for the run up. Without having any angle you won’t get a good shot. After all this is not rocket science, but kicking a ball into a goal- and the run up isn’t this technique’s most important thing. You should kick a little bit underneath the middle of the ball so you get enough height to the shot. You don’t have to worry about the shot going too high if you do everything else right, because the spinning movement should make the ball drop quite quickly. Depending on which footed you are, you should kick a bit to either side of the ball. If you’re right-footed, then kick a bit to the left side and or a bit to the right side if you’re left-footed. Then you’ll get a good curve. When you strike, hit the ball with the instep of your foot. Someone might like to kick a bit more with their toes, but I think the instep is definitely the best spot. With almost every technique, including this one, it really matters how you do the follow through. If you want to shoot a curve free kick you should make a half circle in the air with your foot after hitting the ball. It might sound stupid that what you do with your leg after the contact on the ball actually matters, but believe me and try it. It gives a lot more curve to your shot. Now a couple of tips for training. If the ball goes too high, lean more over the ball. If the ball doesn’t get enough height, lean more back. Remember to keep your ankle locked when kicking. You won’t get a powerful shot if it’s loose. Like always, practice makes perfect. Don’t give up if you don’t get it right at first. This technique is quite difficult to learn. It might take months until you learn it well. If you enjoyed, give this video a thumbs up, share the video with your friends so they can learn this too. If you haven’t subscribed yet and my videos interest you, make sure to subscribe now. See you next time, bye!

92 thoughts on “How to Curve a Football/Soccer Ball – Payet Free Kick Tutorial”

  1. This is a more power curl kick, I recommend beginners to go a more accurate and less power free-kick and then do this more advance tech.

  2. Pretty nice freekicks but im sure you're not the right person to teach hes freekick, i see some diffrence between yours and hes.

  3. Ya dude.this technique help me to score 4 goals on my interschool football compitetion .but it needs a lot of training.

  4. Messi best freekicker in the world messi is better than ronaldo ronaldo shoot free kick with power but messi shoot with less power and curve so,

  5. Stop with the fucking english title. the video isnt Even english. In trying to learn something, But all i learn is shakdbkdbflwbffkbxdknxldnxldnxndnfldnfndldnfn.

  6. Do you need to point your toe up during kicking ? A lot of tutorial here saying you need to point toe up . But I found it is hard to lock the ankle if toe is up.

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