100 thoughts on “How to DIY long range usb free wifi antenna satellite dish booster tutorial 2019”

  1. Hi guy cant get it , did everything like you showed , but can't get it , maybe I'am doing something wrong to get wifi, can you tell me ,

  2. I bet this would work with dji phantom drone if make antenna from the remote controller take stock antenna to the dish and make wire go long and point dish at phantom drone i bet it can go alot more range then windsurf paper made antenna.

  3. man that music doesn't add any value to your video. not only that, it makes it difficult to hear what you are trying to say and it's hard to concentrate on what you are saying.. seriously.

  4. does anyone know if you put a plastic bottle as a cap to protect the dongle from water will the plastic cap mess with the wifi signal?

  5. Can you hook that up to router and use multi devices? I'm trying to pull internet from house into my building and using my WiFi printer and computer

  6. I built the dish, but how do I connect it from the dish to my router to my computer.  I connected it to the USB dongle to my Netgear router, so where and what do I use to connect it to my laptop?

  7. WOW that usb dongle is designed to be omni-directional so about 80% of the signal doesn't even hit the dish/reflector.
    You should really consider a more directional feed arrangement like a cantenna or biquad , even punching a hole in the can for the USB dongle would improve performance 500%.
    It's also aimed at the sky that is the same angle you see them mounted for satellite use .
    Try sticking some squares of shiny aluminum tape to the dish and use a pocket laser to see where the dish is pointed.
    If it's pointed at the location of the laser, the beam should reflect off the dish and hit the USB dongle right where you think its antenna is.
    From all the ones I built I am sure the "armature " (sic) should be pointing down not up.

  8. you really did not need that TV adapter box thing. Nor did you need to tear up the end of that satellite bar. A simple thick metal strap, about 12" long, a drill and 2 self-tapping metal screws – from home depot – would have worked, just fine. The metal strap would be thick enough that it will not bend easily, but not so think it is too difficult to bend. Simply bend the strap to the shape you desire, drill holes where needed and screw it to the metal rod of the dish. The cable from the wifi receiver would simply slip into the rod, as you indicated, with no demolition necessary.

  9. Unfortunately 99% of wifi is password protected. How do you get around that? You don't explain things right.

  10. So this is great and I have an old direcrv dish and lnb (maybe lna?) all cleaned out. So I have a quesiton: will it work if the antenna doe NOT stick out past the cover???

  11. Your music sucks… it's absoluting taking away from the video. I could not make it past the sound distortion

  12. I agree. You have a wonderful idea here and it works but it's hard for people that have never done this before to see what you're doing and hear how they do it I would suggest if you want to add music to your ears video is to record the video you just talking and explaining how to do the project put it into a computer editin

  13. There are thousands of people out here with severe hearing problems.  When you put music or any other sound it will make it extremely hard to discern what your saying thus we can't get the message.  I know Hollywood thinks its neat but it isn't.

  14. I saw your hole setup in PVC 1/2IN and base was 2in fill with sand. AND STAINLESS STEAL bowl. And same wfi ant u have. It traveling wfi.. ant. Buy your is cool as well.

  15. Ok good video, but dude, you need to turn the music off in the background!….it’s sooo distracting…and please just sit your vid recorder on a desk or something and just do it with 2 free hands.

  16. your dish is an offset dish so basicly you are pointing it almost straight up https://postimg.org/image/x282u0coz/

  17. It's so funny that every one of these videos I watch with offset dishes they always have the dish aimed up into space, or in this case the ceiling.

  18. What a babbling foolish video. This guy sure seems like he knows what he is talking about, but his communicating skills and camerawork SUCK. WHO KNOWS WTF HE SAID? other than "Ooo Ooo, there it is, there it is". "How simple". Slow down Mr and explain wtf you said. I wish he would have written his words on the screen, like the components and where he got them.

  19. good idea…but when we try to increase the signal strength, is the signal really safe especially to human health for the long term?

  20. Question, does the wire that connects to the wireless adapter go straight in to the computer ? Or does it go in to a router first ?

  21. re-shoot this video using a tripod please, your views, subscribers your like ratio will skyrocket, you seem to know what youre talking about…. hell if you simply took pics and used this as audio it would be a massive important improvement!!! ANYTHING WORTH DOING IS WORTH DOING RIGHt!!!

  22. You seamed to have missed the point of the feed horn and wave guide.
    There was an antenna inside the lnb and it was set to get maximum signal from the reflection of the parabola.
    Setting the dongle outside the feed horn put it outside the area where all incoming signals are focused.

    If the dongle was also attacked with the same vigor as the lnb and the dongls antenna set to the focal point of the feed horn then your signal could be an additional 10dbm higher. But all the effort of installing it into the proper location within the feed horn could also detune the antenna on the dongle.

  23. Good concept but poor video quality, please use Hd Camera at a right angle with clear explanation. The music is not needed.

  24. You could of cut a less larger hole.. in the cap..and use a silicone caulk to seal it instead of a plastic bag and tape.

  25. Dude, awesome video, but with this music and the way you present you sound like a guy nearing the climax of a porn movie going "Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!" (slap, slap)

  26. I’m looking to send my signal like 10km away from my house, any idea on how to use my dish and push the signal out 10km


  28. Why do I need to buy ? I already have the Dish .but I'm looking to install it in my garage to go on ruku. and use YouTube so I won't hate to come inside the house and see YouTube when I'm working on cars. Can you pls help me? By the way. Love your Idea. Your amazing man! That is crazy. I saw your video on YouTube.

  29. Hi awesome idea man but honestly watermark in the center of the video 'come on' you need some assistance with esthetics & quality I suggest 🙂

  30. Dude!!! Love this stuff man great job, Can I stick a nonostation2 to replace the LNB and bounce the signal like that?

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